Traditionalist concept of Islam

The traditionalist conception of Islam has changed its form, but the philosophies have not changed
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 07th, 2013

There needs to be humility, and a legitimate person and a legitimate regime. Some who speaks and acts in a crazy way and who has crazy aims will alarm the whole world. People like agreeable cats, but crazy cats are most alarming. One wants them to stop right away. People are troubled by earth tremors, and they want them to stop. Calm is good. Paradise is very calm. Paradise is peaceful, and there is no shouting or noise or insults in paradise. And that is how it should be in this world. Leaders must be calm and tranquil.

The whole world had abandoned the extremist conception of Islam. Then it began growing over the last century or so. The images change, the clothing changes, and they look different. They say upsetting things in upsetting voices. They produce a very odd culture. We could make a film of it. We could describe their general philosophies by showing those types one by one and broadcasting the language they use. Because it is not easy to describe fundamentalism.

Young people think that the faith is what fundamentalists live by. But it is not. These people have totally fabricated it. 


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