Sunni and Shiite scholars talk about killing one another, and this has to change


Didem Ürer: Our president, Abdullah Gül, has said that the international community must do what is needed to prevent a repetition of this suffering. He said that those who perpetrate such slaughter will be remembered with curses.

Adnan Oktar: There is a Christian world and an Islamic world in the international community. All the suffering end once Muslims unite. Otherwise, the international community can say, ‘This is a problem among your family, so unite and resolve it.’ They can say; ‘Muslims are causing strife and conflict among themselves, so why should we sort it out?’ ‘You unite and sort it out,’ they say. They also despise Christians and call them infidels and deny them the right to life. They say they will kill them wherever they find them. They look for a Jewish involvement behind everything.

How can Jews set Muslim against Muslims? Both sides are Muslim. Are their teachers and imams Jewish? Their teachers and imams set them against one another. They issue religious rulings about killing one another. Wahhabi scholars say that Sunnis are infidels. Are these people Jewish? Sunni scholars say that all Shiites must be killed. Shiite scholars declare that all Sunnis are infidels. Are these people Jewish? Most of them detest one another. These people are not Jews. These people are Muslims. Muslims are killing Muslims. They spread strife among one another. They are Muslims who do not want Islamic unity, to be united. I have spoken with Jews, and they want Islamic unity. They say Muslims must unite. They say let us live as brothers.

From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on A9 TV on 23 August 2013


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