Many religious scholars support the coup and the slaughter in Egypt


Adnan Oktar: We see that Muslims are massacring themselves. Israel is not doing anything. Israel does not control the army in Egypt. The Egyptians, Muslims, run it. Al-Sisi is a Muslim. A confirmed Sunni. His wife covers up and wears a veil. He is an orthodox Muslim. The same with his staff. A great many of his troops pray and are devout Sunnis. Scholars, leading figures issue religious rulings [fatwas] for them to kill one another. It is not Rabbis from Israel telling them to kill one another. Since it is not rabbis from Israel who run the army, and since it is the religious scholars there who encourage people to kill one another and since their books and works speak of hatred, then Israel has nothing to do with it. 

How can Israel direct a mass of 90 million people? That would still be impossible with one Israeli standing alongside every one of them. Wouldn’t it? So there is a flaw in both ideas, there is a flaw in faith. Some Sunni scholars are injecting hatred for Jews, Christians, Shiites, Alawites and Wahhabis. They shout slogans and talk about ‘Khaibar, Khaibar.” ‘We will destroy everywhere, as at Khaibar,” they say. There is constant talk of hatred. It is currently Sunnis who are ruining people in Egypt and mowing them down with machine guns. Sunni people. And they regard this as a religious obligation. They believe their Muslim brothers are spreading strife. They call them terrorists. They issue religious rulings. Scholars issue religious rulings, and the army goes and kills. Many Sunni scholars back the slaughter. If these people are rabbis and come from Israel, all unbeknown to us, then that is a different matter. But these people are Sunni scholars. 

It is Sunni scholars who say the other side are wicked and spreading corruption. There are no scholars saying we must make both sides brothers, that the two sides must love one another. This has nothing to do with Israel. 

The fact that Muslims are ignorant and ill-informed, that some are extremist, that some are ruthless and cruel and loveless and that some have become aggressive due to sectarianism is the result of intense activity by some Muslim scholars. That is how their books are. Israel does not print them. 

It is natural for America to be uneasy. Because America regards Israel as a very important society on the basis of their beliefs, on the basis of the Gospel and the Torah. It regards Israel having founded a state in that land as important. So America cannot remain silent in the face of accusations against Israel. It may not regard these claims as just. Because it regards Muslims as busy fighting one another. Israel might speak encouraging words, but these are not things anyone would take seriously. If Israel were to say “Shiites and Muslims must kill one another,: it would be very wrong for anyone to listen. It would be illogical to allege any Israeli influence. Muslims want to kill one another without Israel telling them to do so. They did not start because Israel told them to. Would they not have done it anyway? That reality is out there in the open in their books and way of thinking. There is no alternative. They are applying their own doctrine. These things are happening because religious leaders are directing them.

Much hard work is needed. Love does not form easily. People are more open to hatred. They are open to hatred and rage. Love requires patience, will, intelligence and determination. Love can collapse in a moment. You must constantly lend a shoulder and your support. Love can disappear as soon as satan or earthly desires enter the equation. For example, someone strikes his wife of 20 years in just 5 minutes. Instead of building up his love, he has built up hatred. Hatred is like an ocean, and the man and woman literally drown in it. 

They have injected a terrible hatred into the Islamic world. There is no talk of love in large groups. There are vast slogans of hatred. Down with Israel, down with America, down with the Shiites and the like. A dreadful language of hatred. There is an even more crazed and destructive language of hatred in their private discourse. 

For example, there is a policy of hatred toward our Alawite brothers. They have memorized this as a whole culture. They hand it down as a tradition from one generation to another. 

They regard Jewishness as a reason for a huge hatred. They regard it as a source of danger. They avoid moving to a district because their neighbors will be Armenian.

On top of all this talk of hate, Muslim communities harbor a great hatred and rancor toward one another. Tell me where you ever see an expression of love. You see terrible hatred on Facebook and Twitter. Hatred arises on the slightest pretext. Very rarely do people speak of love. They have literally forgotten love. Hard work is needed to bring love back to life. Love is what the world really needs, its source of. Hatred turns the world apart and makes a hell out of it. Love makes it a paradise. The system of the Mahdi will constantly keep love to the fore and reinvigorate it. Through determined talk, love will put down roots and spread across the world. Hatred will die once love is strong. Love will start to crush hatred once 50% of us are inculcated with it. Hatred will have no more power. It is important to reach that threshold. Advocates of hatred will not be strong enough to crush love once the threshold is reached. We must be determined on the subject. 

This picture is very significant in terms of the value they attach to women in Iran. A photograph from a press statement by the Iranian foreign minister. Look, all the men are sitting on chairs. The women are sitting on the floor. They have sat them down on top of one another. Instead of themselves sitting on the floor, they have made young women sit on the floor. And the women regard that as reasonable. They regard sitting on the floor as their rightful place. They do not think the opposite. They think they are only half human. They regard it as right for them to be beaten, despised, unable to stand for election and unable to hold any position. They regard it as right for their husbands to divorce them unilaterally while they have no right to divorce. They regard it as normal for themselves to be belittled in all ways. “This is what our Prophet said,” they say. Does our prophet despise women? Are you crazy? They believe it. May God enlighten them. 

Ebru Altan: The Darwinist thinking they receive in their education reinforces this. 

Adnan Oktar: What does Darwin say about women? He says they are better than dogs. More entertaining. He explicitly says he regards them as being at the level of dogs. 

Didem Ürer: Some people with a fundamentalist mindset told our colleagues who shared this picture with them that this is how it should be. Even at family gatherings, the men sit at the table while the women eat off the floor, they say. 

Adnan Oktar: Look, they are used to despising them. Europe sees these practices and of course tries to get rid of them. God eliminates them. That is nothing surprising. Iran cannot survive with that mindset. Wickedness cannot prevail. And this is wickedness. No system that oppresses women can survive. This applies across the world. 

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 24th, 2013


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