If the Western world knew that the hadiths of the Prophet (pbuh) were coming true in the End Times, the entire community would become Muslim

If the Western world knew that the hadiths of the Prophet (pbuh) were coming true in the End Times, the entire community would become Muslim
If the Western world knew that the hadiths of the Prophet (pbuh) were coming true in the End Times, the entire community would become Muslim

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated September 15th, 2013

Twenty-two people have lost their lives in attacks in various cities of Iraq. These incidents are continuing uninterrupted in Iraq and Syria. They are even increasing. The Messenger of God (pbuh) says that “these incidents will continue until the appearance of my child Muhammad the Mahdi”. Our blessed Prophet (pbuh) describes him in great detail. This is a fine thing, masha’Allah. The events that will take place in the time of the Mahdi and his physical features are described separately. Down to the finest detail, masha’Allah.

This is a great miracle. Muslims would be amazed to see the name of God written in an animal they slaughter to eat. Or when they saw a sign on a stone.

Even if they saw any of the hadiths of our Prophet taking place indirectly they would describe it with great excitement. They even excitedly described things not in the hadiths.

Everything our Prophet (pbuh) said about the End Times is coming true in a breathtaking way. For example, 1400 years ago our Prophet said that two comets would appear. And two comets appeared just when he said it would. Knowing that alone would bring the world to its feet. But there is not a peep from the Islamic world. Our Prophet says that one comet will have a double tail and will travel in the opposite direction to other comets. This is a marvelous thing, something never seen before. This is the first time it has been seen. Science has never determined such a thing before.

Such a finding would bring the scientific world to its feet. And the Muslim world. But we hear not a word. People will talk about this in the future. When people see that such grave corruption, insensitivity and collapse of conscience never even occurred in the time of Pharaoh, they will say, “The End Times are really very severe.”

Our Prophet (pbuh) says it will not be like other comets, that it will travel in the opposite direction and will be very bright. How did our Prophet know these details? Masha’Allah. Through revelation. These features were seen for the first time in the comet Lulin. He says the comet will be two-tailed. How can a comet have two tails? It should only have one. Because when a thing burns it leaves a trail of smoke behind it. But if smoke also forms in front of it as it travels, that is something else again.

Our prophet says it is double-tailed, and that is just what happened. All religious institutions and scientific journals should be stunned by our Prophet foretelling that. But people are unmoved. It is unbelievable.

Our Prophet (pbuh) says the waters of the Euphrates will be stopped. And the waters of the Euphrates were stopped by a dam. Such a thing had never happened in the 10,000-year history of the Euphrates. It happened for the first time in the End Times. “And its basin will dry out,” he says. It has happened just like he said. But the world says not a word. There is not a peep in the Islamic world. Famous scholars and teachers show no reaction.

Neither do they say, “These things are not true.” They do not say anything at all. Our Prophet says, “There will be eclipses of the Sun and Moon 15 days apart in the month of Ramadan.” And that happened two years in succession, just as he said. But again, there was not a word.

Such a silence never occurred in the time of Nimrod or the time of Pharaoh. Pharaoh speaks when something happens, he brings it up. He admits that a marvel takes places when the Prophet Moses (pbuh) casts down his staff. He says that his people can do the same thing.

But these days, some of our brothers are completely unmoved. This is a great miracle. Future generations will be astounded. Our Prophet (saas) also reveals that religious scholars will conceal these matters. This is another miracle. He reveals they will conceal the subject of the Mahdi and the antichrist. Our Prophet (pbuh) says, “There will be no talk of the antichrist when the antichrist appears.” He says the antichrist will appear, but there will be no talk of the antichrist in sermons. Indeed, there used to be constant referenced to the antichrist in Ottoman times, right up to the time of Abdulhamid. People knew these things off by heart, But after the 1980s in particular, it was as if the religious scholars were in an alliance and suddenly began not talking about the Mahdi and the antichrist.

Only our Sheikh Nazim and his people speak of it. That is all. Since Sheikh Nazım is one of those foretold in the hadiths. Because our Prophet (pbuh) says, “An individual from inside a turban will foretell the Mahdi.”  Sheikh  Nazim is doing this, he and his followers. Sheikh Ahmed Yasin, Sheikh Adnan, Sheikh Hisham and Sheikh Mehmet Effendi, that is all.

The End Times are an extraordinary age, a marvelous age. What do they say will happen in the End Times? They never speak of the Mahdi. They are afraid. Speak of the miracles of our Prophet (pbuh). Why do you not speak of them? He said a two-tailed comet will appear. And it did. He says it will travel in the opposite direction, and it does. He also says the rains will cease before this comet comes. They say the rains have stopped due to global warming. But that was seen not to be the case. He says, “The rains will increase after the comet, and people will complain then that there is too much rain.” Now they talk about global cooling. So much for warming! Now they say it is cooling.

They are wriggling wretchedly. Their silence is also one of the main signs of the coming of the Mahdi. If they spoke, it would not be an omen of the Mahdi. The fact they conceal the antichrist is another portent. The fact they conceal the hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh) about the End Times is another portent of the coming of the Mahdi. Their writhing will soon come to an end. Then they will all begin speaking as a chorus. They will start wondering, “What were we thinking of?” Their foresight is clouded over for the moment.

They do not talk about one of the Prophet’s (pbuh) miracles. They discuss false hadiths never spoken by our Prophet. They never talk about miracles seen out in the open. They talk about nonsense. For example, our Prophet  says, “He struck his foot on the ground, and the rock broke open. A 100-meter fissure opened up, and djinns flew up out of it.”

But they conceal visible miracles that science admits. What they want is nonsense. They talk about nonsense because they think people will laugh at it. They relate fabricated hadiths in order to ridicule our Prophet (pbuh), may God forbid. But they do not describe the true things. These are miracles that will honor the Prophet and confirm his status as a prophet. Everyone in the Western world would become Muslims if they heard about them. The heavens would open.

Look, the Guardian, a famous daily in Europe, carried a story titled “How did the Prophet foretell a two-tailed comet?” Millions of people believe. Just because of that.

Teachers and everyone try to cover this up. They are trying to depict the Islamic world as helpless and weak and wretched. They are trying to give the impression we have been defeated. This is an omen of the coming of the Mahdi.

The Mahdi is continuing to more forward step by step, as a vital force.


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