There will be an alliance with devout Jews and Christians in the End Times

There will be an alliance with devout Jews and Christians in the End Times

There will be an alliance with devout Jews and Christians in the End Times

From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on A9 TV on 25 July 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: (viewer’s letter) “This can be done with the unification of the Islamic world. It cannot be done by forging an alliance with Crusader, Zionist armies.” My brother, nobody is telling you to forge an alliance with a Crusader, Zionist army. I am saying, “Forge an alliance with devout Jews and devout Christians.” They will crush the system of the antichrist, Muslims will crush it and Christians will crush it; when they are in alliance. Bediuzzaman says, “Christianity and Islam, which are defeated separately, will be victorious when they are allies.” He says that “Jesus (pbuh), who is in the sky, will appear in physical form.” “When he comes, people will not recognize him.” In other words, they will think he is an ordinary person. “But the select one and who are close to him will recognize him through the light of faith,” he says of Jesus the Messiah. An alliance with Christians is very important. The antichrist is misdirecting and misinforming you. Why? To weaken you. He wants to divide Jews from Christians from Muslims. They are smothering Muslims in Iraq and Syria and Egypt. They are trying to smother Israel, as well. They are already about to wipe Christians off the face of the earth. Churches are being closed everywhere, they cannot perform their acts of worship. They want the three great forces to fight among themselves and disappear, and thus to impose the system of the antichrist on the world. But the antichrist will be defeated as a result of this great alliance. The antichrist currently dominates the world. A huge force dominates it. Indeed, our Prophet (pbuh) says that the military power, the material strength, his own body in other words, “will be that of a child compared to a castle” in a hadith. As little as that. “But it will be great in quality” he says of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). The same with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). His community will be much smaller than the armies of the antichrist, just 313 people in total. That is what our Prophet says. There has to be an alliance, between Christians and Muslims. Yet they keep falling out. They never leave each other alone. They are not united in opposition to the irreligious, the atheists, all the enemies of Islam. A great many of them want Islam to be wiped off the face of the earth. They do not want there to be any more Muslims, Christians or Jews. But that extremism will disappear once Christians and Jews come together.

“At that point,” he says, “when the current appears to be very strong,” in other words, when the system of the antichrist, Darwinism and materialism seem to be very strong, “the religion of true Christianity, which comprises the collective personality of Jesus (pbuh), will emerge. That is, it will descend from the skies of Divine Mercy. Present Christianity will be purified in the face of that reality; it will cast off superstition and distortion, and unite with the truths of Islam. Christianity will in effect be transformed into a sort of Islam.” Christianity will come to resemble Islam. They believe in the one God. “Following the Qur’an,” by binding itself to the Qur’an right from the start, “the collective personality of Christianity will be in the rank of follower, and Islam, in that of leader. True religion will become a mighty force as a result of its joining it.” In other words, by Christians adhering to Islam. “Although defeated before the atheistic current while separate, Christianity and Islam will have the capability to defeat and rout it as a result of their union. Then the person of Jesus (pbuh), who is present with his human body in the world of the heavens, will come to lead the current of true religion, as, relying on the promise of One Powerful Over All Things, the Bringer of Sure News has said. Since he has told of it, it is true, and since the One Powerful Over All Things has promised it, He will certainly bring it about.” Bediuzzaman says that Christianity will literally become reminiscent of Islam. That is what is happening now. They are saying, ‘La Ilahe IllaAllah’ [There is no god but God] Belief in the trinity is fast disappearing among Christians. They are ridding themselves of nonsense and things that were added on subsequently. They are ashamed of such nonsense now.

Let us read a piece for everyone. You read it. Then we can carry on.

TUBA BABUNA: It is even recorded in authentic traditions of the Prophet that at the end of time the truly pious among the Christians will unite with the People of the Qur'an and fight their common enemy, irreligion. And at this time, too, the people of religion and truth need to unite sincerely not only with their own brothers and fellow believers, but also with the truly pious and spiritual ones the Christians, temporarily from the discussion and debate of points of difference in order to combat their joint enemy-aggressive atheism. (The Flashes / The Twentieth Flash / On Sincerity- p.203)

ADNAN OKTAR: Look, Bediuzzaman is saying, “Unite with the Christians.” Because Darwinist and materialist thinking has engulfed the world. Irreligion and atheism have engulfed the world. Bigotry and extremism have engulfed it.

GÜLŞAH GÜÇYETMEZ: It will be the truly pious followers of Jesus who will kill the gigantic collective personality of materialism and irreligion which the antichrist will form -for the antichrist will be killed by Jesus’ sword- and destroy his ideas and disbelief, which are atheistic. Those truly pious Christians will blend the essence of true Christianity with the essence of Islam and rout the antichrist with their combined strength, in effect killing him. The narration: “Jesus will come and will perform the obligatory prayers behind the Mahdi and follow him,” alludes to this union, and to the sovereignty of the Qur’an and its being followed. (The Rays / The Fifth Ray - Second Station - p.108)

ADNAN OKTAR: Bediuzzaman is also saying here that Christians will forge an alliance with Muslims. Devout Christians. He says they will adopt a kind of Islam and be freed from their distorted and corrupted ideas. Yes.

ELİF KIRAL: O my brothers who are here in the Umayyad Mosque and those who are in the mosque of the world of Islam half a century later!

ADNAN OKTAR: Half a century later. He is speaking of the present time.

ELİF KIRAL: Do the introductory remarks, that is, those made up to here, not point to the conclusion that it is Islam that will be the true, and spiritual, ruler over the future, and only Islam that will lead mankind to happiness in this world and the next; and that true Christianity, stripping off superstition and corrupted belief, will be transformed into Islam; following the Qur’an, it will unite with Islam? (The Damascus Sermon / First Word - pp. 35, 36)

ADNAN OKTAR: They do not stop being Christians, but they adhere to the Qur’an. They are still Christians. But they follow the Qur’an. They have become Christians who follow Muhammad.


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