Aerial Bombardment

No bombing from the air is permissible under the law of war. This is America’s century-old error.

Terrorists and buildings are hit when they drop bombs from the air, but the worst thing is that innocent civilians are also martyred. ISIS will not let itself be bombed. They are not so foolish as to hide in buildings. They are all spread out across open land. Since planes cannot bomb open land, they are not going to get anywhere. They imagine they are succeeding when they bomb buildings. My brother, you are taking it out on concrete, you are beating concrete up. You cannot get anywhere by destroying buildings. You cannot get anywhere by martyring civilians.
Many Muslims are supporting the #Airdrop2Kobane hashtag. They say that an aerial bombardment is the only solution. My brother, aerial bombardment is murder. You are killing people en masse. I fail to understand how they can advocate killing. Innocent people are left drenched in blood. Children’s arms are torn off and they spend weeks in bed screaming in pain. Fear God!
These people have become blind. God has taken away their senses. Aerial bombardment is a terrible thing. How do you know who is 5000 meters beneath? Children and young people are being martyred. These people cannot flee anywhere. Grandmothers and old men cannot flee with their walking sticks. Dogs and cats and birds there are dying. Nothing is left alive.  'We have degraded ISIS,’ they say. They have not degraded ISIS in the least. ISIS is about to take Baghdad. Pull yourselves together!
You must first try people who are guilty of crimes, then put them in prison. I have been saying for days that aerial bombardment is unacceptable. There is no legal basis for it. You try the culprit, and if he is guilty you put him in prison. You cannot kill people. That is not allowed under the law of war.
You cannot mistreat prisoners of war under the law of war. Those people must be given troops’ food to eat. There is prisoner of war status in international law. Prisoners are to be tried and then either released or imprisoned. That is what the law of war says. You still could not bomb people living underground even if they were all guilty of murder. This practice is a disgrace.
But America is determined on this illogicality. It is committing the worst murder. It is engaging in mass killing.
- America is one of the countries that carry out the most of the death penalties.
America is committing genocide from the sky, killing all there is on the ground. They have adopted this as a deep-rooted tradition. They need to be told how terrible what they are doing is.
- They attach no value to the lives of their own (guilty) citizens either. A poll last year asked why the death penalty was still acceptable. A great many people replied that it is very expensive to feed a prisoner in prison for all his life.
Adnan Oktar: Disgraceful. Of course you have to maintain them. Convicted people must be punished, but not killed. It is God Who must take that person’s soul.

Since innocent people will be killed in aerial bombardments, that is murder

- Eighteen civilians are said to have been killed during bombing by U.S. forces in Ambar province. Relatives of the dead said that the planes struck residential locations.
Adnan Oktar: That is the result of the error I have been talking about day and night. This is America’s century-old error. They want to solve everything with guns and bombs. They think that will put an end to problems. But no problems will come to an end. On the contrary, they are making a worse rod for their own backs. They are becoming a hated country. Is that not a shame? Why make yourselves hated? Make yourselves loved instead. There is a terror organization there, the product of a false idea. You must put that idea right first. You are not putting it right yourself, and you do not help those who can. 'Bombing is what I know best,’ you are saying. Is it so hard to love and show affection, to read and learn? Drop leaflets and books instead of bombs. Tell them of the error of their idea. They will all read them. But they insist on dropping bombs. They go and kill civilians. That is a disgrace. It would be a shame even if a terrorist were hit, because you cannot be certain he was involved in any killing. Even if he was, you have to try him first. Maybe the family of the person he killed will forgive him (under Islamic law)..  

New weapons such as the F22 are being tried out on Muslims, yet Islamic scholars still see no need for Islamic Unity

Adnan Oktar: Their giving Turkey the job of killing Muslims would lead to terrible strife. Neither ISIL nor Turkey should kill anyone. The two sides should unite and be brothers and live in peace. I watch this disgrace with amazement. It is unbelievable. Iraq, Turkey and Syria should unite and say that they are brothers. They should explain how what is happening is wrong. They should say; 'Let us combine our spiritual and material resources. Let us live in goodness, abundance, brotherhood and friendship.’  But they are not saying that. Islamic Unity is some people’s worst nightmare. They regard killing one another as normal. Now hundreds of thousands of Muslims will be martyred. Hundreds of thousands of buildings will be destroyed. Some Muslims insist on saying there will be no Islamic Unity. They are willing to put up with all kinds of suffering and horror for the sake of opposing the system of the Mahdi.
- The Pentagon has announced it has dropped more than 160 bombs on targets in Syria today.
Adnan Oktar: Iraq's and Syria's national treasuries are being be destroyed. And it is again Muslims who will have to bear the costs. Taxes are taken from poor Muslims. Then the buildings erected with those taxes are destroyed. Muslims will have to pay for those American bombs and for the buildings that are destroyed. They have been putting buildings up all the time for the last 20 years, and they keep being destroyed. Aerial bombardments are going on all the time. They martyred 1 million people in the occupation of Iraq. From what I can see, they will now martyr another 1 million. This kind of corruption has never been seen before. There was no such slaughter even in the time of Hulagu war. At worst a few hundred people would be martyred then. Now the martyrs are numbered in their millions. And Islamic scholars are still saying nothing untoward is going on.  
The number of martyrs in Iraq has exceeded 1.5 million. Nobody cares. If 1.5 million people were killed in Europe, in Norway say, that would be regarded as the worst tragedy in the world. If 1.5 million citizens were killed in Sweden, Holland or Germany, the roof would cave in. But nobody even knows that so many people have been killed in Iraq. People are not interested, and nobody knows. When you tell them, they just say, ‘Oh, really?’ They do not care.
- We have admitted 150,000 Syrian brothers into Turkey in the last 2 days. President Erdoğan announced that $3.5 billion has so far been spent on them. Officials say that 400,000 more Syrians are preparing to come to Turkey.
Adnan Oktar: My brother, instead of spending all that money, would it not be better to establish Islamic Unity and let those people live safely in their own country? Letting everyone into Turkey is regarded as a solution, and of course we will look after these people. We enjoy having guests. But would it not be better to ensure these people can live happily in their own countries? Would it not be better for them to live happily in their own homes and gardens? The solution is Islamic Unity. America and Europe must desire Islamic Unity. There must be no passport checks at the borders. Countries must unite as republics. Why do they regard that as a threat? If that does not happen, the world will be endangered. There will be rivers of blood. Nobody knows how many people have been martyred in Syria. In the millions...  What have you got to lose by uniting the Islamic world instead of all this bloodshed and horror? Is NATO a threat to anyone? No. Was the Warsaw Pact a threat? No. The Shanghai countries are united, but they are not a threat. There are sensible people in the Islamic world. There is no harm in having a sensible person at their head. What problem could there be? In the absence of Islamic Unity, Muslims are going and joining ISIL and al-Qaeda, and then there is all this horror. Would it not be better to unite under a rational leader and avoid all this suffering?
It serves the West’s interests for Muslims to be slaughtered. It serves Western companies’ interests to rebuild all these destroyed buildings. Oil revenues are confiscated. They use up all the bombs and weapons they have stockpiled. Several new weapons have been tested in Syria in the last 2 days. New missiles have been tested. The results of the tests are published in the papers. All new weapons are being tested in Syria. The result of these tests in Syria are shown as reference to  arms buyers. They show them how they can destroy buildings. And based on this reference the buyers then say, ‘Perfect.’ Muslims countries buy one of these new missiles in return for thousands of tons of oil. They say they have bought very advanced technology with costly electronic circuitry. That sad picture has prevailed across the Muslim world.
- America tried its F22s in an attack for the first time yesterday.
Adnan Oktar: I said that new weaponry would be tried out.
- You said the warehouses were full and they would want to try them out.
Adnan Oktar: Because the arms factories say that production has ceased because they have huge stockpiles. They talk about laying workers off. There is a huge purchase of arms going on to stop that from happening. Hundreds of thousands of tons of bombs will be dropped on Syria and Iraq. Then they will demand the oil revenues from those lands to pay for the cost of the bombing via Iraqi oil and cash.  They explicitly requested that the other day. They demanded $500 million. They demanded that to defray costs beforehand. Who are those bombs being dropped on? On Muslims. On martyred Muslims. On destroyed Muslims’ homes. Islamic scholars say there is no need for Islamic Unity, that they are perfectly happy as they are. 'They pay our salaries and we have food to eat, so we are fine,’ they say. An unbelievable impasse has come to the Islamic world.


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