There is no such thing as good killing

Adnan Oktar: There is no question of Turkey supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. Turkey only supports Muslims. Turkey is not hostile to the other half of Egypt. We love them all very dearly. We also feel affection for the Muslim Brotherhood. We have no special approach to them. We also feel sorry for groups in Palestine. We see their violent aspects. We do not encourage that. But they are our children, so what can we do? At most, we can educate them. But you are saying let’s kill them. That means you are engaging in state terror. They throw bombs by hand, you drop them from planes. What you do is worse, because it is more wide-ranging. They kill 10 people, but you kill 100,000. Two million people have been killed in Iraq alone. More than 2.5 million have been slaughtered in parts of Asia. The number of Muslims martyred by America in Afghanistan is about 3 million. Is that not? That is state terror. If you say you can kill, the other side will say it can kill, too. You must do away with killing. You must do away with bloodshed and weapons. There is no good or bad killing. They say they are doing good killing. The other side would then say theirs is ‘good killing.’ There is no good killing. Killing is bad. You must not use weapons. You must not accept bloodshed anywhere. You must not allow one drop of blood to be spilled. You must not waken the sleeper.
There is all this turmoil in the world because we are living in the time of Moshiach, the Mahdi. IS say they are a movement of the Mahdi. Iran also says it is a movement of the Mahdi. Iran has an army of the Mahdi of 1 million members. They all march instep and shout ‘Mahdi’ at every step. The belief in the system of the Mahdi is everywhere in the region. So much for there being no system of the Mahdi! So the hadiths are right. They tell me not to talk about the hadiths. But not talking about them will not change anything.


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