I believe I am a pure follower of Mahdi (pbuh)

Adnan Oktar: I am, for instance, the student of Mahdi. I have not seen Mahdi, but I belive I am his closest student. How nice, you are also the close students of Mahdi, just like me, all of us. God willing. We will pay allegiance to him when we see him. He is ghaib (hidden from view) right now; his name is Ghaib. Mahdi is actually not called the Mahdi, but Imam Ghaib. He is in ghaibat, we do not know yet, insha’Allah. And one of his names is Ghaib, you know. One other name of him is Baqiyatullah. He covers himself with the cloth of the Kaba'a, and says, “My Lord, I am the 'Baqiyatullah' (God's remainder) representative and Proof of Allah upon You.” Mahdi’s name is given like this. For instance, he is not directly addressed as Mahdi, but Baqiyatullah. He says, “My Lord, I am the ‘Baqiyatullah’,” remnant from You as he covers himself with the cloth of the Kaba'a, insha’Allah. It is stated that he performs a two-rakat prayer: This is mentioned in the hadiths that Mahdi performs two-rakat prayers. And their meeting him is either in the morning, or in the evening.


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