As followers of the Mahdi we have come to crush satan underfoot

A viewer responded as follows to my saying that we want a world with no bloodshed or weapons; ‘There is no such world. God has created us all with different faiths and languages so there should not be too much preponderance, so that human beings should argue with and fight one another.’ He says that God has created people to fight one another. So why is there no fighting in paradise? Because everyone has submitted to God. Everyone has gone through training [in the world] and has been educated. With education, people go to paradise and live perfect lives. This world, too, can be like paradise if you educate people and teach them the moral values of paradise. But if satan is your teacher, of course you will adopt satanic ways, and you will burn, destroy and kill. We have come to the world to vanquish satan. We will vanquish satan in this century. We will personally slay him beneath our feet. That is why we have come to this world, it is our duty.
- Teacher, we all come from different cultures here. Yet with your education we think of nothing negative.
Adnan Oktar: Is it a good thing for people to kill one another, or to love one another? Satan says that killing is good. God, however, says that love is good. We heed the word of the Qur’an.
- God says that He created different peoples so they could come to know one another.
Adnan Oktar: of course. God does not command us to slaughter one another. The first murder appears in the story of Cain and Abel, as you know. A verse tells us that murder was made to seem attractive to him. Satan is making killing seem attractive to people now. But we will slay satan beneath our feet. That is our duty. That is why we came to this world as followers of the Mahdi.


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