Those who want to arm the PKK and break Turkey up are planning Armageddon in the region

ADNAN OKTAR: It is not the Kurdish people who want autonomy, but the PKK (communist separatist terror organization). We are therefore not against the Kurdish people. We do not want the foul, base and immoral types from the PKK anywhere near our Kurdish mothers and sisters. Which Kurdish mother or father would ever want autonomy? Which Laz or Circassian person would ever want autonomy? Why should we wish such a scourge on ourselves? It is America that wants autonomy, that wants us to be disintegrated. The Kurds definitely do not want autonomy. America and Europe want it. They want a separate state there to ruin the region. I warned the PKK about this two years ago. 'After stirring you up, they will bring you down,' I said. They indeed tried to separate them and are now ruining them all. 'They will round you up from the mountains, and then nobody will help you,' I said. What I said is now happening to them.
PRESENTER:  U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Johnson did not describe the PKK as a terror organization. He described the PKK as an organization that is defending the Kurdish region in Iraq and fighting ISIL.
ADNAN OKTAR: Look, God is showing us the kind of tactics being employed against Turkey. The PKK has martyred tens of thousands of our soldiers and bombed and destroyed thousands of our buildings. Had the PKK done such a thing in America, they would have wiped it out long ago. They have slaughtered and martyred mothers and children and tens of thousands of civilians in Turkey. But how does America describe the PKK? They describe it as a 'very useful organization.' These people will soon have the PKK awarded the Nobel peace prize. These people are now devoid of all logic. Besides they regard Turkey as expendable. They sit in their own countries and issue instructions saying; 'Let Turkey go and fight ISIL, we cannot send our own young people.'
The PKK and PYD are on America's list of terror organizations. That is why America is not arming them directly. It is using other means. They keep telling Turkey to arm them and send its own troops to the region. That stems from their regarding Middle Eastern countries as expendable. This is such an atrocious behavior.


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