DNA and protein are interconnected. One cannot exist without the other.

May I give some information about protein? Protein needs DNA in order to form. And DNA needs protein in order to form. Both therefore need to be in existence at the same time. The evolutionist claim that one formed before the other is untrue. The same thing applies to the ribosome. The ribosome is a factory inside the cell that manufactures protein. But it also consists of proteins. It consists of 70% protein and 30% RNA. The factory therefore needs to exist, to be created, at the same time as proteins. There can be no question of one forming before the other.
Adnan Oktar: We need to keep this on the agenda the whole time. This clear scientific fact refutes Darwinism. If evolutionists claim to base their ideas on science, well, science demolishes them.
- Teacher, numerous enzymes are used during the copying of DNA, and these enzymes know full well when and where and in what order to move forward. DNA copying takes place an average of 20,000 times a day in 100 trillion cells, through God’s inspiration.
Adnan Oktar: This is really astonishing. Everything in the world of the cell is astonishing. We are looking at a breathtaking scientific and engineering marvel in every detail.


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