Adnan Oktar: May God reward Sheikh Nazim al-Qubrusi al-Haqqani with the highest levels of paradise

Adnan Oktar: May God reward Sheikh Nazim al-Qubrusi al-Haqqani with the highest levels of paradise 

Adnan Oktar: May God reward Sheikh Nazim al-Qubrusi al-Haqqani with the highest levels of paradise
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated May 07th, 2014

The Sheikh’s work in this world has come to an end. His work was to preach Islam. Almighty God has told him his work is done. Come let Me take you into paradise, He said. My dear one was finding it hard in his old age. Almighty God regarded his merit of old age as sufficient. He received the merit of old age. The merit of old age is highly acceptable. His behavior in hospital was very excellent. Our Prophet (pbuh) says that the end of spiritual guides is the rank of martyr. Since our sheikh was a spiritual guide, he has ended as a martyr. That is very good for him. He used to say he would see the Mahdi. He is with the Mahdi now. Our Sheikh knew the Mahdi. He said that very explicitly. He also used to speak with Khidhir (pbuh). My dear one, he struggled with his self and has now surrendered that fine soul. May Almighty God also make us his neighbors [in paradise].

He is now talking with the Messgenger of God, with the Mahdi and with Bediuzzaman. He is both eating, and asking our teacher’s opinion, Our Sheikh was the sweetest man in the world, masha’Allah. 
May God grant our Sheikh the finest rank in paradise. My condolences to his family. To Sheikh Mehmet in particular. His spirituality will continue with him. All of Cyprus has risen to its feet for our Sheikh. He was the jewel in Cyprus’ crown. 

Our Sheikh is now a saint. He also had such an attribute before. He will come to places in spirit form. Bediuzzaman sets this out in the Treatise of Light. He speaks of 'Guides appearing in the spiritual form" God allows them to watch their friends and loved ones for a time. Our Sheikh now sees me speaking about him. 

I am delighted that our Sheikh has gone to paradise, insha’Allah. He is now very comfortable, insha’Allah. He also has the opportunity to watch us now. There are two dimensions, length and width. We can see outside in the third dimension, but we cannot see other dimensions. Imagine someone who lives in a television screen. He cannot see the outside because he is limited to that screen. But since we are in the third dimension we can see out from that screen. God bestows such a favor on spiritual. The questioning of the guides is very brief. It only happens so that they can enjoy it. You have preached, is that right? You have handed out books, is that right? This is described in the hadiths. The questioning takes place last, but the person thinks it happens first. Yet it takes place last. That is how it is with guides. This happens as a compliment, just to make them happy. 

(Viewer’s letter) "Grieving is a sin, but the death of our Sheikh has grieved me."  We must not grieve, we must rejoice because he has gone to paradise. Our sheikh struggled with his sickly body. That is very hard. He has gone to talk with the Messenger of God in a garden in paradise. I rejoice at that, my brother. He is with the Mahdi, Jesus the Messiah and all of them. 

Oktar Babuna (my brain surgeon friend) was at the front of the funeral, behind the imam. He also carried the Sheikh’s coffin. He waited beside our Sheikh for days. He spent all his time in the hospital. If I phoned at 3 at night, there he was. We were in touch with at least 100 doctors about our Sheikh’s health. The hospital was open to all advice, masha’Allah. As a precautionary measure, the nurses looking after our Sheikh never spoke with other patients. 

I envy our sheikh. What wonderful tables must be set in paradise now. Our sheikh was such a handsome man. Imagine what he is like in paradise now! He loved our Prophet. He is now at table with him. He loved the Mahdi very much. He is now at table with him. He loved all the prophets. He is at table with them now. 

He was bent over double, but still waged jihad. Even when they said, your son is here, in the hospital he would raise his hand to make them happy. Look how lovely that is. 

Kartal Göktan: Foreign Minister Davutoğlu has issued an excellent message. "May our Lord have mercy on Sheikh Nazim al-Qubrusi, who never begrudged his prayers for our struggle. My condolences to those who loved him. May God reunite them all in paradise." 

Adnan Oktar: Masha’God. You see, a real Muslim.

There is a tape of Tayyip Hodga and Erbakan Hodja praying with the sheikh. Let us see it. 
Sheikh Nazim al-Qubrusi: Stand up. Godu Akbar.

Adnan Oktar: what a sweet person. He was amazingly sweet. As soon as he tells them to get up, everyone stands up. Masha’God. 

Bülent: There is also a picture of you talking with Sheikh Nazim. 

Adnan Oktar: I attended one of the Sheikh’s assemblies. Let me see. Yes, we are there with Mehmet Şevket Eygi Hodja. I was still at the academy then. What a sweet person. The lamb of paradise. 
Bülent: He addressed you as his big son. 

Adnan Oktar: 'My big son,’ he said. When he fell ill he said, ‘Ihave a son, I am not alone.’ I am delighted he has gone to paradise. What an honorable life he led. He was a one-off. 

Sheikh Nazim Hodja would have died long ago. But God gave him a long life because he loved Hazrat Mahdi. He granted him honor and beauty. One of his main characteristics was that he loved God, and also his intense love of Hazrat Mahdi. 

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