Adnan Oktar’s response to the question ‘Are you the Mahdi?’

Adnan Oktar’s response to the question ‘Are you the Mahdi?’ (07.04.2014)

Adnan Oktar’s response to the question ‘Are you the Mahdi?’
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated April  07th, 2014

(Viewer’s letter): I think you are the Mahdi. Please identify yourself. 

What these people are doing is wrong. Declare yourself, they say… They think the Mahdi will be someone extraordinary. That is how they create the system of the Mahdi in their own heads. They imagine someone like a hero in the films. They imagine he will appear, with a bright sword, radiating light, on his steed, from one end of the horizon to another, and he will say that he is the Mahdi. The people will then kneel before him, millions of people will gather. They will all shout in joy beneath his banner. They will recite the greatness of God. 

The system of the Mahdi is not like that. The system of the Mahdi is the teaching of love. The Mahdi is someone who criticized rebellion and arrogance, who shows people the errors in these, who shows people love and injects great love into their hearts. By God’s leave, insha’Allah. 

So I make no such claim. I never have, and I never will.


Please consider this with your conscience. Now let us imagine such a potential mahdi. Having fun and with ladies in low-cut clothes. Before the eyes of the world. He becomes a freemason and gets the 33rd degree from Freemasons. These are the last things you need for a potential mahdi, the most unimaginable things. Rabbis come to visit me. That puts an end to the matter right from the outset. I talk with the rabbis. Someone who believes in the mahdi of the fanatics, who claims to be a mahdi, will try to strangle a rabbi as soon as he sets eyes on him. He would never listen to music. As soon as the word Freemason is mentioned he starts wondering how to kill them. With a knife or the rope? He is certainly going to want to kill them, he just wonders about the details. He would never let a woman in low-cut dresses pass within 100 meters of him. 

Fanaticism is widespread among Muslims in the Turkish-Islamic world. That is why I target fanatics in my community. Now, if I were a potential mahdi, why should I behave in this behavior that would annoy the fanatics so much? It means my heart is at ease. If I were the Mahdi, nobody could stop me in any case. But I make no such claim, and my heart is at ease. I am a follower of the Mahdi. I serve him. You should see the kind of thing that people who claim to be mahdis do. You invite them to dine and they say they are fasting and put on saintly airs, may God forbid. And they keep producing the miswak to brush their teeth with. 

Since my worldly and loving behavior is the exact opposite of the belief in the Mahdi, you can relax. I could offer you hundreds of thousands of other reasons why I cannot be the Mahdi. So you can relax. But the world will never be deprived of a mahdi. The true Mahdi of the End Times is living now. Jesus the Messiah is living and the Mahdi is living.

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