Remarks on verses from Surah Yunus

Remarks on verses from Surah Yunus (30.03.2014)

Remarks on verses from Surah Yunus
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March  30th, 2014

In verse 82 of Surah Yunus Almighty God says, “God confirms the Truth by His words, even though the evildoers hate it.” Look, they have done wrong and sinned, but they do not want it. Do not want what? The truth.

In other words, He will produce the Mahdi who brings about the reign of Islam. He will bring down Jesus the Messiah. Look, God says He will confirm the truth by His own words, even though the sinners do not want it. God is bringing about the truth now by His own words. They evildoers do not want it, but there is nothing they can do about it.

In verse 83 Almighty God says, “No one believed in Moses except for a few of his people out of fear that Pharaoh, and the elders, would persecute them. Pharaoh was high and mighty in the land. He was one of the profligate.”

Only a very youthful community had faith, because of the fierce repression by the state at the time. 
"Pharaoh was high and mighty in the land. He was one of the profligate.”

One must seek shelter in God against profligacy, despotism and pride. God will destroy you if you are profligate or despotic or proud. One must not forget that. But a handful of young people have no fear, masha’Allah.

"Moses said, ‘My people! if you believe in God, then put your trust in Him, if you are Muslims’.”
Look, people are Muslims in all periods. The names of the time are Muslim ones. Jewish Muslims, they would say ‘La illaha illa Allah Moses Rasulullah’, meaning ‘there is no god but one God, Moses is His Messenger.’ That was the attestation of faith of the time. Later they said ‘La illaha illa Allah Jesus Rasulullah’, that is to say ‘there is no god but one God, Jesus is His Messenger’.  And now people say ‘La illaha illa Allah Muhammadan Rasulullah’, ‘there is no god but one God, Muhammad is His Messenger.’ They are all true.

Submission to God is the greatest luxury in the world. He says he wants to live in splendor and wealth. My brother, you cannot be happy and at ease in your great palace. You will be miserable. May God forbid. Then he hangs himself from a lamp in the palace. A palace cannot make you happy. Submission to God will make you happy. Submission is the greatest luxury. Once you have submission, all your sufferings cease. Because human beings are weak. Someone wants to hold a banquet but many problems arise in his head; has such and such come? Are the plates in the right place? Is the table set right? Is the porcelain a good brand? He becomes totally confused. He suffers terribly. He suffers over everything because God has taken away his submission. Did they enjoy it? What do they think of me? Are the backbiting? He worries about all that. Look at the suffering because of a banquet. There is none of that when you have submission. One will come and go in a state of happiness. I am giving very minor examples. There is no end to them.

He develops a mole on his hand and thinks he has cancer. He hears a wheezing in his lungs and thinks he will die. There is no end to his worries. Submission is the greatest comfort. God has created it as a blessing.

They say that God wants things from us. God wants us to be happy. God tells you to pray because you will be happy when you pray, or when you make the required purification prior to prayer (ablution). You will be happy when you submit to Him. You will be happy when you remember God and when you read the Qur’an. Because you are a weak creature. God created you in such a way as to need these. You will suffocate if you do not live by these things. These things are blessings, life belts that save you from drowning. The commandments in the Qur’an are all life belts. Otherwise one will drown. Life will drown one. One is already living in the water. But one lives without drowning in it because there are these blessings. One will drown without them, without these blessings. One will sink to the bottom. 
All people are like people of Noah. "They said, ‘We have put our trust in God. Our Lord, Do not make us a target for this wrongdoing people, and rescue us, by Your mercy, from this unbelievers’!”
In other words, they say, do not test us with this wickedness, O Lord. Numerological calculation value [abjad] value gives 2018. So believers will be freed from this suffering in 2018, insha’Allah.

Without germination marks the abjad value is 2018. With them it is 2021. These are very important dates. Look, very clear dates are given in the Qur’an. God has given a great sign, masha’Allah.

"We revealed to Moses and his brother: ‘Settle your people in houses in Egypt and make your houses places of worship."

So what must a Muslim do? He must prepare his home as a place of preaching. God tells them to make their homes places of preaching and worship.

"and establish prayer…” Do it right. Do it sincerely. Prayer is a very easy observance. Some fanatics insist you should do a certain position with your toe when you pray, and do that with your leg and separate your feet by this exact distance. They produce all these details, so people end up saying they cannot pray at all. They write books of 370 pages full of details about purifying oneself. Since people cannot implement 370 pages they stop praying entirely. This is a trick of satan’s. It is easy to abide by the faith. What does Almighty God say?  "He has selected you and not placed any constraint upon you in the religion – the religion of your forefather Abraham." If you write a book of 370 pages, how can it be easy. Fanatics imagine that details are a sign of faithfulness (takwa). Then you drown in what you assume to be faithful. Drowning in details is a disaster described in the Qur’an.

"Moses said, ‘Our Lord, You have given Pharaoh and his ruling circle finery and wealth in the life of this world,"

He says You have given wealth to the system of the antichrist. 

"Our Lord, so that they may be misguided from Your Way. Our Lord, obliterate their wealth and harden their hearts so that they do not believe until they see the painful punishment’.”

The two important things, says Almighty God, are to obliterate their wealth and harden their hearts. He says they will not believe until they see the painful punishment. They believe when they see that, and that is when the test is over. So one must not depict prayer as hard and make satan’s work easier. Millions of people have turned away from religion since prayer and purification [ablution] are misrepresented as very difficult. They have turned millions of people away from the faith and ruined them.


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