Explanations of various verses from Surat Al-Hijr by Mr. Adnan Oktar

New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (24 April 2014)

Explanations of various verses from Surat Al-Hijr by Mr. Adnan Oktar  
Surat Al- Hijr; Verse 26   
We created mankind out of dried clay formed from fetid black mud.
What kind of mud is this? It is a mud used in ceramics; mud used in the production of porcelain. 
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 27
We created the jinn before out of the fire of a searing wind.
So that is something like electricity. 
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 28
When your Lord said to the angels, ´I am creating a human being out of dried clay formed from fetid black mud
Look, “… dried clay formed from fetid black mud…” so God says, “I will create a human being out of porcelain.”
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 29 
“When I have formed him and breathed My Soul into him, fall down in prostration in front of him!´”
Almighty God makes a perfect statue of a human being out of porcelain. When that porcelain is given life, that porcelain statue starts walking all of a sudden; that is how humans are created. God formed that statue looking just like a human. When God breathed His Soul into him, he starts walking, saying “Bismillah”. That is the creation, that is how it happened. 
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 30-31 
Then the angels prostrated all together, every one of them except Iblis. He disdained to be one of the prostrators.
Because of egocentricity and arrogance. Among people there are also some who refuse to believe in the Existence of God, in the beauty of His existence, in the Wisdoms of God and His Artistry. 
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 32
He said, ´Iblis, what is it that prevents you being among the prostrators?´
So God says, “Why do you not prostrate with them?” 
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 33
He said, ´I will not prostrate to a human being whom You have created out of dried clay formed from fetid black mud.´
That offends the satan, he acts arrogantly. 
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 34 
He said, ´Get out from here, you are accursed
“A'uzu billahi minash shaitaanir rajeem”: We seek refuge in God from the satan.
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 35-36
The curse will be on you till the Day of Reckoning.´He said, ´My Lord, grant me a reprieve until the Day they are raised again.´ 
So the life it is given is long; for instance, if the life span of the universe is 100,000 years, if the life span of humanity is 200,000 years, it is given 200,000 years of life. But when satan is asked; “How long have you lived?” he will say, ”I lived for a day or for a part of a  day.” So 200,000 years feels like that for him. And that is why it says this; that is how it feels like. 
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 37-38-39
He said, ´You are among the reprieved until the Day whose time is known.´ He said, ´My Lord, because You misled me, I will make things on the earth seem good to them and I will mislead them all, every one of them, 
He said; “My Lord, because You misled me,   I will make things – rebellion against You and worldly ambitions- Darwinism and materialism – seem good to them.” So he says, “I will make them seem good, so they would appear to be good.” “… and I will mislead them all, every one of them.”
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 40 
“except Your servants among them who are sincere.´”
So the satan says that he cannot mislead sincere servants of God. Satan says, “I will mislead every insincere servant of Yours.”
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 41
He said, ´This is a Straight Path to Me.
God says, “That is right. You are now telling the truth.”
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 42
You have no authority over any of My slaves except for the misled who follow you.´ 
For instance, see that they are now trying to instill doubts and fear in Muslims by saying, “The PKK is inconvincible,” this and that. 
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 43-44
Hell is the promised meeting-place for all of them. It has seven gates and each gate has its allotted share.
It has seven Gates; those might be magnetic doors, doors maybe people cannot differentiate or it might be an iron door that can easily be seen. We do not know the characteristic of that door.  That is a door people will pass by in masses. But hell is forbidden for Muslims and Heaven is forbidden for unbelievers. When unbelievers come to the door of Heaven, they cannot pass by, the door of the Heaven would push them out. And the doors of the hell would push Muslims out, Muslims cannot enter hell. “… and each gate has its allotted share.” So God says that the door for each group to pass by has been determined.
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 45
Those who have piety will be amid Gardens and Springs: 
Those who have piety, those sincere servants will be amid Gardens and Springs. 
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 46-47
´Enter them in peace, in complete security!´ We will strip away any rancor in their hearts — brothers, resting on couches face-to-face. 
“… We will strip away any rancor in their hearts…” Muslims do not have any rage or anger against one another. “-...brothers, resting on couches face to face.” They are sitting face to face on couches. 
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 48
They will not be affected by any tiredness there and they will never be made to leave. 
“They will not be affected by any tiredness there.” In this world when night falls we feel sleepy but that would not be the case in Heaven. “They will not be affected by any tiredness there,” says God and “… they will never be made to leave.” For how long? For all eternity. 
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 49
Tell My servants that I am the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Merciful, 
So God says; “Even if you commit a sin, even if you make a mistake, I will forgive you, I will protect you.”
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 51
And tell them about the guests of Abraham. 
You know that the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) was very hospitable. 
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse  52
When they came in to him, they said, ´Peace!´ He said, ´Truly we are afraid of you.´ 
When his guests came they said “Peace” to him and the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) said, “Truly we are afraid of you.” Why is he afraid? He is not afraid of them when they first came. They tell him that they’ve come there from very far away. For instance, they are coming there from hundreds of kilometers away but the clothes they have on are all clean and shiny, their skin is very well groomed and it is all very clean. There is no dust, no soil, no dirt. “Come in,” he says, “have a meal.” He brings in a roasted calf without delay.  And they say, “No, we won’t eat.” He asks, “Why?” And they respond, “We do not eat, that is why.” And then the verse states that the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) was afraid. That is because he understands that he came across an extraordinary being. Later on they say, “We came to take revenge. We came here to take revenge from that perverted nation.” There were people who engaged in perverted relations back at that time as well. And the angels say, “We came to raze them to the ground. You should leave this place, you and your wife.”
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 72
By your life! They were wandering blindly in their drunkenness! 
“By your life!” God takes an oath to the life of the Prophet (saas). “They were wandering blindly in their drunkenness!” God says that they are fool, stupid, mindless, thickheaded and bigoted. God says that “They were wandering blindly in their drunkenness!” They are blind, they fail to see the truth. They were addle-brained. They were inciting depravity with their mindless, foolish character, says God. 
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 73
So the Great Blast seized hold of them at the break of day. 
The break of day refers to the system of the Mahdi. God says, “So the Great Blast seized hold of them.” That scourge seized hold of them. 
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 74-75
We turned the place completely upside down and rained down on them stones of hard-baked clay. There are certainly Signs in that for the discerning. 
“There are certainly Signs in that for the discerning.” God says that there are Signs in that for those who have a good head on their shoulders. 
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 76
They were beside a road which still exists.
They are still there as a warning. 
Surat Al-Hijr; Verse 87 
We have given you the Seven Often repeated and the Magnificent Qur´an.
Almighty God really conceals a secret in sevens.  For instance, look, there had been a drought in 2007. There had been another drought in 2014. No rain fell. For instance, in Hijri 1400 Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) appears. When we go back in time with multiples of 7, we find the foundation date of the Ottomans; when we go back a little more in time with multiples of 7, we go to the time of Oğuzhan. We reach the dates that Turks have founded states. We come across the multiples of 7 throughout history. 7’s will be very important in the system of the Mahdi; the figure 9 as well. Our Prophet (saas) informs us about this in his hadiths. When Hazrat Ali (ra) is asked about the Mahdi (pbuh),  he makes the sign of the figure 9 with his hand. 7's and 9’s are important.


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