Prophets has interceded for many people

Prophets has interceded for many people (08.05.2014)

Prophets has interceded for many people
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated May  08th, 2014

Our brother from Azerbaijan asks about intercession. Almighty God will forgive a person, but He says that in the hereafter the forgiveness of someone depends on a person He loves, that is the Prophet or the Mahdi. 'If you say it, I will forgive,’ He says. If our Prophet or the Mahdi bear witness, they will say, ‘O Lord, forgive him.’ This is created as a source of goodness. Almighty God will in any case forgive. But our Prophet has interceded. God asks the Prophet if he will bear witness, if that person is a good person. God already knows whether or not His servant is good. This is created as a beauty of paradise. There are many people left to intercession. The time of the accounting and the status of some people are revealed indirectly. Our Prophet intercedes. Or Jesus the Messiah, the Prophet Moses or the Mahdi intercede, insha’Allah.

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