We need to tell America that we, Turkish people, will never agree to being divided

We need to tell America that we, Turkish people, will never agree to being divided (05.05.2014)

We need to tell America that we, Turkish people, will never agree to being divided
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated May  05th, 2014

The PKK is today organized in provinces across the Southeast [of Turkey]. There are hundreds of thousands of members of the PKK in cities, towns, villages and up in the mountains. America wants Turkey to be divided and Kurdistan to be founded. We must talk to American officials about this. Let us write a wide-ranging letter on the subject to American officials. They must abandon this policy of splitting Turkey up. There were some people who decided to split Turkey up 100 years ago. Why do you think splitting Turkey up will do you any good? Why are you so certain. The division of Turkey will make a rod for their own backs. They will establish a new North Korea in the region. Then they will start worrying about protecting Israel and Armenia. The communist Stalinist state they want to establish will be one that spreads terror. We need to tell America of the scale of the threat. And we need to tell it that the public will never allow Turkey to be split up. America is constantly trying to spur the separatists into action. Some politicians are helpless in the face of that. I am not naming any names. They are leaving Tayyip Erdoğan isolated. How can Tayyip Erdoğan fight a global lobby all on his own? Politicians should be supporting him.

The public need to exhibit a wide-ranging reaction against the PKK. A very strong reaction. America must abandon its plans in the face of that reaction. If nobody speaks out, they will imagine that Turkey has been won over. The PKK is acting disgracefully every day. They are engaged in political stratagems.

We must work day and night to bring out a reaction against separation. Because America does not understand the threat posed by the PKK. They fail to grasp that it is a communist threat. They imagine that a simple Kurdish state will be established in the Southeast. Have you not already had bitter experience in Korea and Vietnam and Laos? Why are you looking for new problems and trying to inflict these on Turkey? Why do you want to inflict trouble on the whole region? Whichever genius thought up the idea of dividing Turkey, they are still obsessed with that.

Let us draw up a scientific thesis. Let us publish it and also sent it to the U.S. President, the CIA and the State Department. They must change their behavior on this subject. They must leave our nation in peace.

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