Adnan Oktar Says 2012-11-13,14,15,18

A9 TV; November 18th, 2012

  • It is not possible to clear away the damage caused by Darwinism through fikh [the canon law], a scientific and philosophical explanation is required for that.
  • The most beautiful cure for the human soul is to feel trust and submission to Allah.
  • Buying presents for a child is a very important beauty.
  • Girls should be given priority everywhere, they should be protected very well. When they are happy, the world becomes tasty.
  • Israel should approach the incidents with the maturity of the Torah and Palestine should approach with the dignity and nobility of the Qur'an.
  • While advocating peace, it is not acceptable to use a language that would disrupt the peace. Peace has a special language; an annoying language, a bullying language would not work.
  • The truce in between Israel and Palestine should be enforced mutually.
  • People of Israel should pray loudly to Allah. They should ask Allah for the appearance of the King Messiah. The Rabbis should pray saying "O Lord, show us the King Messiah".
  • Antichrist will shed blood and the King Messiah, that is the Mahdi (pbuh), will stop the bloodshed.
  • The reason why unity could not be formed up until today is because this task is assigned to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).
  • With all these incidents, Allah aims to show the need for the system of the Messiah.
  • Israel should take the methods of the King Messiah (pbuh), the methods of the Torah as basis.
  • For the establishment of peace, everyone should avoid bullying each other.
  • Israel should act in a way compliant with the spirit of peace in the Torah.
  • If Israel, Egypt and Turkey unites, the region becomes a sea of peace.

A9 TV; November 15th, 2012

  • What is needed is the Islamic Unity. It is to unite all Muslims. Israel will then attain that happiness awaited for the last 3,000 years, and peace, tranquility and security will be built in the whole region. Trade, art and science will all grow to their fullest extent. Democracy will be fully installed and the external threat will be totally eradicated. People will live a peaceful beautiful life in peace in love and brotherhood.
  • What Israel should do is to constantly ask Allah for the Mahdi, ask Allah for the appearance of the King Messiah. What Palestine should do is to constantly ask Allah for the Mahdi (pbuh) and to strive for the Union of Islam.
  • If the Palestinians were to approach Israel with peace and brotherhood, if they were to pray together with the Jews for the appearance of the Moschiah, for the coming of the Mahdi, if they were to turn this region into an abode of peace, then they will not be remain in the position of a captive. Those lands would also belong to the Palestinians anyway. There would be no need for those borders, for those walls. They would be tearing down all of them and live brotherly in peace and that would be very good. No one can ever be able to say anything to the Palestinians. No country could be against them.
  • There is a blind fight, a blind combat in the conflicts of Israel and Palestine. This can disappear with a reasonable mind, with a reasonable logic. And that can only be the system of the Mahdi. It can only be possible through the rational of the system of the Mahdi.
  • No unity will ever be formed among the Islamic world in the sense of a spiritual identity. A body can survive without a head. A headless body is a dead body. They try to do things using a body with a severed head. You cannot do anything with a spiritual identity. A spiritual leader is needed at the top of the Islamic world. And that is the Mohammad Mahdi (pbuh) that all Muslims will accept.
  • The fights will increase, the incidents will increase. People will be left desperate. Allah will show people that Mahdi (pbuh) and the Jesus Messiah (pbuh) is the only solution. These two blessed individuals will appear -I do not say they will come as they have already come- they will appear and by the Will of Allah they will bring peace and safety, welfare, beauty and abundance to the world, insha'Allah.
  • The system of the Mahdi is referred to very comprehensively in the Qur'an through implications. For instance the Surah al-Kahf refers to the system of the Mahdi from the beginning till the end. The Surah Joseph refers to the system of the Mahdi, the story of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) refers to the system of the Mahdi.
  • It is not acceptable to say "Damn Israel". Israel is the name of a prophet. This way you would be insulting a Prophet may Allah forbid. It is satan that makes them say such things. It is not right to say such things. Israel is the name of the Prophet Jacob (pbuh). The name is referred to in the Qur'an. Instead of saying that, why don't they say; "Oh Lord give us Hazrat Mahdi, Oh Lord create the Unity of Islam"? Is not the Unity of Islam the fundamental solution?
  • There is a code in the Qur'an. There is a sign in it. All verses of related with conquests refer to the times of Mahdi (pbuh). All the statements about the prevail of Islam refer to the times of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). And they exactly give the same date. That is really very surprising.
  • A Muslim would of course want to be Mahdi, all Muslims should be wanting this. That is stated in the verse, I seek refuge in Allah from the satan; Muslims pray to Almighty Allah saying "make us leaders of the righteous." Muslims should want to be leaders and make good services. Yet of course I do not have any such claim to be the Mahdi.
  • I swear that I will never claim to be the Mahdi. I will never ever claim to be Mahdi my entire life. I swear an oath on Allah.

A9 TV; November 14th, 2012

  • Allah tells us to be quiet and to listen when the Qur'an is recited. So one should not speak in the mosque. One should not speak even in a whispering tone. The Mosques are not places to speak. When the Qur'an is recited, it should be listened to quietly. I see this almost in a great portion of all mosques. And that –people speaking in a high tone while the Qur'an is recited- is also sign of the Last Day and the portent of the appearance of Mahdi (pbuh).
  • "Do not be despondent, Allah is with us." (Surat at-Tawba, 40) That means Muslims will live through very difficult times but they will not be despondent.
  • The feeling of peace and tranquility in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is attained through the finding of the Casket of Sakinah, insha’Allah.
  • Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be supported by the angels; by Gabriel, Michael and three thousand angels.
  • "Those who pledge you their allegiance pledge allegiance to Allah" (Surat Al-Fath; 10) Companions pledged their allegiance to the Messenger of Allah (saas) and we will all pledge allegiance to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) insha'Allah. The abjad calculation of this verse gives the date 2025. The calculation gives only one date and it is 2025. That is a miracle. The abjad calculations of all the verses related with the End of Times and the world dominion gather around the same date. Masha'Allah.
  • When Islam prevails in the world, will there be fear among people? No, there will not be. I mean there will be no poverty, no terror, no anarchy, you will not be crying, you will not be sad you would not be grieved.
  • Allah tells us that if there is an attack against a Muslim, all the Muslims should form a union and stand out against that altogether as a whole. As a characteristic of a Muslim, Allah has deemed that an obligation upon Muslims. (Surat Ash-Shura, 39)

A9 TV; November 13th, 2012

  • When Mahdi (pbuh) appears, people assume that bigot mindset, fanatic mindset would appear a hundred times harsher than before. Actually the bigot mindset will disappear a hundred times more profoundly than before when the Mahdi (pbuh) appears. Democracy will come, love will come, peace will come, economic welfare will come and so will justice.
  • A communist, an atheist, a Darwinist is a potential Muslim. Their becoming Muslims is hoped for. If that doesn't happen it is in their destiny. We would feel pity, we would feel mercy for them. And pray for their salvation.
  • Religion would not prevail through bigotry. People ask me; "Why are you cheerful? Why is there music in your programs? Why do you use pictures? Why do you have fun?" Religion would not prevail any other way.
  • Islam would not prevail without love, with an understanding far removed from aesthetics, with a ragged, shabby and pathetic appearance in an introverted world where there is no music, no art, no democracy, no enthusiasm, no excitement. Allah wouldn't deem such a horrible system an obligation on us. People invent such horrible systems, such atrocious systems on their own.
  • There is no compulsion in religion, no coercion in religion. People can think as ever they like. Allah puts us in a trial, what does trial mean? You decide with your free will.
  • The year 2082 will be the most glorious, the most beautiful years of the Jesus Messiah (pbuh) insha'Allah. And of the system of the Mahdi of course.


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