Fear of Allah

New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( July 22nd, 2012; 23:00)

(Photo credit: shawuniversitymosque.org)

Adnan Oktar: FEAR OF ALLAH IS A FEAR THAT STEMS FROM INTENSE LOVE. In other words, it is not a fear like fear of a bomb or something else. FEAR OF ALLAH STRENGTHENS THE LOVER. I love Allah with a passion, and I do not wish to offend  Allah that I love so passionately. His being offended would cause me suffering. I mean, IF THERE IS NO FEAR OF HELL, NO FEAR OF ALLAH, THE ENTIRE ORDER IN THE WORLD WILL GO WRONG. THERE IS A DEPTH IN FEAR OF ALLAH. IT IS A LOVING FEAR. It is a very different kind of fear.


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