Adnan Oktar Says 2012-11-19,20,21

A9 TV; November 21st, 2012

  • One other characteristic of the Mahdi (pbuh) is that he will be instrumental in people's health.
  • Along with the Islamic world, Mahdi (pbuh) will save Israeli people as well.
  • Bashar Al-Assad should ask for the Unity of Islam. The scorched and dead systems should be removed in Syria and the system of the Mahdi should begin to develop.
  • The system of the Mahdi and the Unity of Islam is the only solution Allah shows people.
  • Nothing can be attained through demagoguery, the clear solution is the Unity of Islam.
  • Beside the humanitarian aid, Palestine most crucially needs the Unity of Islam.
  • People in the time of Mahdi (pbuh) will say "How come we could not understand Allah," and they will be baffled at themselves.
  • The understanding of love and compassion in the system of the Mahdi will be above everything.
  • Antichrist wants conflicts and war, and designs incidents to that end; but King Messiah, Mahdi (pbuh) stops them, masha'Allah.
  • The truce between Israel and Palestine is established with the request of the King Messiah, that is Mahdi (pbuh).
  • We are the only ones to give a scientific struggle against Darwinism in the world.

A9 TV; November 20th, 2012

  • We will not let Israel have a war with Palestine.
  • According to the Jewish sources; 2012 is the Jewish year that King Messiah, that is the Mahdi (pbuh), will set the world in motion for peace.
  • Israel and Palestine will turn into a heaven on earth under the justiceship of Mahdi (pbuh).
  • While we have the warm and friendly spirit of the system of Mahdi these sufferings are all needless. Let us, Israelis, Palestinians, all of us be friends and brothers.
  • There is a call of Allah to the system of the Mahdi in all these Israel-Palestine incidents.
  • As a solution, Allah has given us an immaculate, neat plan for the system of the Mahdi.
  • Mild mannered words should be used in between Israel and Palestine and annoying, harsh statements should be avoided.
  • A broad scaled prayer was made in Israel for the coming of Moschiah, that is the Mahdi (pbuh). That is really very good masha'Allah. Muslims in Palestine should also gather and pray saying "O Lord send Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) to us." Both in Israel and in Palestine people should pray to Allah saying "Lord, turn the whole region into a sea of peace."
  • Allah will urge people to until they take the system of the Mahdi seriously.

A9 TV; November 19th, 2012

  • We would never appreciate persecution. We are against all those who persecute. We are the students of the Mahdi. We would always be on the side of peace, love, compassion and brotherhood.
  • Palestinians are the children of the Prophet Ishmael (pbuh) and Israelis are the children of the Prophet Jacob (pbuh). We are obliged to show compassion to all of them.
  • Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will put an end to the violence that is lived in the End Times.
  • Crying for martyrs would make the antichrist happy. It is not acceptable to cry after the post of martyrdom Allah has praised. We consider all those who cry out of excitement clear of this.
  • Martyrdom is an honor. Mourning after a martyr will be impertinent towards that exalted rank.
  • Allah wants us to be in love with Him.
  • Women are the flowers of this world. When a woman enters a room, everyone should get up out of respect.
  • Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is a cheerful person. He is from the line of the Prophet David (pbuh) and his voice is beautiful just like the Prophet David (pbuh).
  • We see good in everything. Joy and happiness is the characteristic of a Muslim. A weak, weeping mindset would be unbecoming for a Muslim.
  • With Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) the world around will be calm and all conflicts will come to an end.
  • The Collection of Treatise of Light is a most beautiful work, it is very endearing. It is most beneficial for all Muslims to read it.
  • Getting attached to this world would be an unbecoming attitude towards Allah. Allah does not want us to be attached to this world.
  • With our calming attitude we are being instrumental in bringing calm in many incidents.
  • Muslims are even-tempered and wise and would not be provoked.
  • We are trying to prevent Muslims being oppressed. We would not give way even a slightest bit against those who believe in Allah.


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