Hazrat Mahdi (as) will also show compassion to unbelievers as potential Muslims

Hazrat Mahdi (as) will also show compassion to unbelievers as potential Muslims

"He will fill the earth with fairness and justice just as it had been filled by oppression and injustice.
The inhabitants of the heavens and earth will be pleased with him.
He will distribute wealth equally."
At this point a companion asked what 'equally' meant so the Prophet (saas) replied:
"Equally, between the people, and Allah will fill the hearts of the nation of Muhammad with richness and his justice will satisfy them until he sends a messenger saying:
'Who is in need of wealth?'
None except one man will stand and say, 'Me'.
So he will say: 'Go to the treasurer and tell him that Al Mahdi orders you to give me wealth.'
So the treasurer will say to him:
'Fill with your hands!'
And he will put it in his clothing then tie it.
Then he will become contrite and say:
'I was the most greedy among the nation of Muhammad, and he will attempt to return it but it will not be accepted, and it will be said to him:
'We do not accept what we have given.'
And so he (Al Mahdi) will remain seven, eight or nine years -- then, there is no goodness left in life nor yet in living after him.
(Reported by Abi Said Al Khudri in the reference of Abi Dawood, Al Hakim, At-Tirmizi, Ahmad, ibn Hibban, Muslim, Al Tabarani, Al Barudi and Abu Nuaym in his forty Hadith concerning Al Mahdi.)

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