Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation with Mr. Vaad Attai, the representative of Iraqi Al-Itijah TV for Turkey (A9 TV, October 4th, 2012)

Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation with Mr. Vaad Attai, the representative of Iraqi Al-Itijah TV for Turkey (A9 TV, October 4th, 2012)

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated October 4th, 2012

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TARKAN YAVAŞ: Mr. Vaad Attai of Al-Itijah TV will do an interview with our Master Mr. Adnan Oktar. Al-Itijah is a news station in Iraq that broadcasts in English and Arabic to Europe, Asia and Africa. Please you go on my Master.
ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, that is one of the big, important channels of Iraq. Yes.. Welcome. You've brought pleasure
VAAD ATTAI: Thank you very much.
ADNAN OKTAR: Masha’Allah, you've brought honor to us. Masha'Allah, masha'Allah.
TRANSLATION: Master, before all else he thanked you for receiving us. He addressed you as Sheikh Adnan in Istanbul. He said that he thanks you very much for receiving him and that he is honored by this.
ADNAN OKTAR: May Allah be pleased. Our brothers honoring us in this way in Turkey, our being in contact with them and talking with them are blessings from Allah. Go ahead, let me take your questions.
TRANSLATION: Master his first question to you is this; he is curious about this tension between Syria and Turkey. "Could the reason for this tension be the work of the great imperialist powers and the masons?" he asks. Then he goes on to say, "Could this tension have been created so that Muslims in the region be weakened in relation to Israel and for American interests to function more smoothly?"
ADNAN OKTAR: Well if we consider the truth of the matter the whole fault lies entirely with Muslims. They should love one another.  They should feel affection for one another. Wahhabis are radiant Muslims. Shiites, Alawites, Bektashis and Sunnis are all radiant Muslims. Muslims must love one another. Some of the ulema (scholars) are very arrogant and pleased with themselves, they look down on other people. And they encourage Muslims to be arrogant and pleased with themselves. For instance, some Sunni scholars preach to hate Shiites and to regard themselves as far superior. And some Shiite scholars teach their people to hate Sunnis, and to regard themselves as vastly superior. The same goes for Wahhabis. Some Wahhabi scholars regard themselves as very superior. They encourage the belief among their people that states; “You are real Muslims, but they are not.” These things are all artificial and unnecessary. They are all radiant Muslims. For example, my brother here is an Arab. He is a dear brother of mine. And you for instance have Turkish origins and you are my brother. I have Arab blood and Turkish blood and the blood of sayyids, for example. We are all descended from the Prophet Adam (pbuh). There is totally artificial, satanic duplicity going on here. Masons would not be involved in such a thing. I know all about Freemasonry. I know all its details. We even enter their lodges. We know all about everything, right down to the finest detail. This is not the work of masons. It is the work of Muslims. And there is such a self-centeredness and arrogance. Pride is one of the greatest problems in the Middle East. They are all very proud people. Most of them have this terrible arrogance. For instance some Kurds have a formidable pride. Turks also have a formidable pride. Arabic proud is freakishly strong among some of them. That is what underlies the matter. There is no reason for us not to be friends with Iraq, for instance. There is no reason whatsoever, it is all totally artificial. If we could organize an intermediary and meet Maliki and find an intermediary among Turkish officials and have them talking. This would all be resolved very easily all at once. A totally artificial tension has grown up. It is the same with Syria. Al-Assad is afraid now. He is now in a state of panic. There is a civil war. Strange things are going on. People are tense. The dissidents are out for revenge. And because the others are worried for their own skins, in order to avoid that revenge they think that they should kill them and annihilate them at all costs. And these ones believe that the others will kill them if they don't kill the others before.  Look, do you see how satan has brought them to a deadlock? A crazy rage and hatred prevails. They hate one another. But if there were an intermediary to say, "What is happening here? Wait a minute and come here.." If they all sat down and asked "what is it that you cannot share?" the matter would be resolved at once. Al-Assad is not the kind of person who will not listen to reason. He is in fact a compliant person. Yet of course the secret state organization in Syria is encouraging events as well. These secret states are a real scourge. The Iranian secret state is a grave scourge as well. And so are the Russian secret state in Russia and the American secret state in the US. They do not listen to freemasonry or anything. They are completely separate. These are the organizations of assassins, assassination organizations. I mean these are Mafia organizations. They use the masons when necessary of course. They use some of the masons. They cannot use them all, but they use some of them. People who want love and friendship must come to the fore. It is important not to engage in pride. For example Maliki, let us take Maliki to somewhere.. He should come, and not be proud. He must not say, I am a head of state, I am this and I am that. Where should he come for instance? Let us say to Jordan, let him come to Jordan. Somewhere neutral. Let us call in officials from Turkey. We can even call al-Assad. Nothing bad would happen. And say; "Well, what has gotten into us? Why are we fighting with one another? Look, the economy has collapsed. Our trade is on the ropes. We are tense psychologically, we are suffering. We are suffering deaths. Let us stop all that, let us establish Islamic Unity. But there has to be a modern conception of Islam. We don't want to bring bigotry in. Let us bring in democracy and human rights. Let us emphasize art and science. Let us approach matters with the spirit of the way of the Mahdi. We are in the time of Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Let us display such a spirit of fervor asking Allah to show us Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) insha'Allah. If you do not fervently want the Islamic Unity, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and Jesus the Messiah (pbuh), then that means you do not want Allah. What do you want then? It means that you want afflictions. And Allah will then provide that. Love originates from Allah. We must love Allah very much. And when we love Him, we will love those who Allah loves. Allah loves Jesus the Messiah (pbuh). We must talk about him and love him. Allah loves Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Rasulullah [The Messenger of Allah] (saas) says; "I saw Mahdi on the Mi'raj. He shone radiantly among them. Everyone was there. I noted him among the multitude." If you attempt to give no consequence to someone whom Rasulullah (saas) praised day and night, then Allah will send you troubles and afflictions. A rocket shell fell on Turkey. It was obviously a mistake. You cannot retaliate to that. Yet there will be no end to it. That is because these people have lost control. They are damaged psychologically. They fire blindly. Like crazy people. That is because they are afraid for their lives, the Syrian government. They say, if we do not kill them, they will kill us. The dissidents say- just as I have previously explained- "if we do not kill them, they will kill us". This is a terrible dead-end. In such a state people do not mind about where their bullets, their cannon balls end up. The men say; "let it go wherever it goes!" and shoot at anything. They have gone mad. Someone needs to step in between them and calm them down. If people ask, "Well brother who are you to get involved?" that would only worsen the tragedy. People of high rank cannot do that. People of superior ranks cannot do this. People of spiritual ranks will do this, great spiritual figures will do this.
TRANSLATION: Who, for example?
ADNAN OKTAR: Well, for instance there are select, well-behaved people among the Iraqi ulema (scholars). There are people everyone loves. They are all very lenient people. There are sayyids descended from the Prophet (saas) among the Syrian ulema (scholars). They are all very lenient, very modest people. There are scholars in Turkey. There are very popular people. There is Sheikh Ahmet Yasin, one of the sons of our Master Sheikh Nazım. He is a most worthy person. He is very lenient. He is a good reconciler of people. He reflects the beauty of the line of the sayyids. They can all come together and a few people from the commoners may also attend. That would resolve the matter. There is no reason to prolong the issue. Nothing bad would come out of that. Then a statement can be issued. We can all clarify the matter together. Otherwise it seems as if this ignominy will escalate being supported by pride. The Iranian economy has collapsed. Iranian economy is at loss. That was inevitable and quite normal. That is because the U.S. has enforced a full embargo. "Nobody must do business with Iran," it said. Syria has also collapsed economically. Iraq is about to collapse. Where else will collapse when those three do? Turkey, may Allah forbid. What need is there for that? Let us must stand up with the spirit of the way of the Mahdi and a spirit of love. Our Arab brothers are delightful people. Let us embrace them. Let us embrace our Kurdish brothers. There is nothing wrong. Al-Assad is also terrified. Let us bring him saying there is nothing wrong. Let us calm things down. The same with Iraq, those soldiers should be withdrawn. Iran could step in. If Iran works together with Turkey, the Syrian army will stop what it is doing. Yet that should be done, on the condition that there should be no campaign of retaliation. If you stand up and insist you want to hang Al-Assad and his family, then they will cling on to the bitter end for dear life. You must say there will be no vengeance. What is done, is done, may Allah forgive what has been done. We must now calm things down and make things right. You cannot have a policy that take no notice of Israel. We must include Israel as well. Let people of love come from there, too. Rabbis who seek love and peace can come. Let people who want brotherhood come. We must build a climate of peace and love. Let us forge an alliance. Pakistan and Egypt can get involved as well. Well, my brother that would be a day's work. It can take maximum one day. Things have spread for no reason. Disgrace and conflict have appeared for nothing. You know those fights in night clubs and so -My apologies to our government and other governments involved- you see people in night clubs drink and then fighting suddenly breaks out. Fighting has broken out here for no reason. The Middle East is already suffering and in pain. It has been suffering for hundreds of years. Especially in this century [it's been suffering severely]. And as if that were not enough, here we are fighting among ourselves. If that mentality of trying to crush one another persists, the result will be disaster. It is wrong to expect those at the top to do it. These things are matters of the heart. How can those at the top do it? The Turkish government is bound to a secular state. Ours is a secular state. The government's hands are tied. The government can only speak so much. The prime minister chooses all his words very carefully. For example he says "Bismillahirrahmanirrahim". And they say, "Why did you say Rahman and Rahim? Is not Bismillah enough?" How can he speak under those conditions? He cannot openly advocate and espouse Islamic Unity. And he does not. He speaks of it, but only indirectly. There are balances in play. I mean, if the prime minister were to say, "We have an unnecessary tension in between us and Israel let us resolve it.." then Palestine will take umbrage. Other groups and many countries will take umbrage. That is not something the prime minister can do. The prime minister has many enemies. The government rests on delicate balances. The government cannot easily do that kind of thing. But the ulema can get involved very easily. Scholars can easily get involved. There are most lovable people we hear about from the Iraqi ulema. There are very great and holy scholars descended from his highness Abdul-Qadir Jilani (ra). You know these people they call the wise men, they are the wise men. Let us bring all those blessed people together. We would kiss their hands and ask; "Master, is there the need for all this conflict?" No, there is not. We can ask them to call Al-Assad over. We will act as guarantor and bring him. Turkey will be a guarantor, so will Jordan. Let us call him over. There is nothing wrong with that. Then you can say "we have been fighting over nothing. Come on, let us embrace one another." And that will be that. It is as easy as that. Forty percent of the Iranian economy has collapsed, in one day. That is a huge event. What does 40% mean? Everything is disordered. And that is all arbitrary. Satan is having fun. He is enjoying the run of the Middle East. We are in the End Times. Descriptions of the End Times by Rasulullah (saas) are coming true to the letter. No country is an enemy. This is a pity, a sin to assume that. The Israelis are also servants of Allah. They are descended from the prophets. Let them live in the region, let them live there quietly. Why try and oppress them? But they must not try and oppress anyone else, either. All right, we can do this with Islamic Unity. Let us eradicate anarchy, terror and conflict. Let life be rich and plentiful. Let people live in peace. America has also collapsed. Is that not a great shame and sin? Forty-five percent is the rate of people suffering from this in America. People are going hungry. They are sleeping in the streets. There is no end to the number of suicides. Why should America collapse? What a disgrace! Europe has collapsed, too. The European Union collapsed. Greece is shedding tears of blood. It is in a dreadful state. Look at the scale of the tragedy. Look how Allah shows people the result of turning away from Allah. But they are still spouting all this intellectual chit-chat. My brother, Allah created the world. It is under Allah's control. The world is metaphysical. They fail to realize this. Were it to work out with all your economy experts and so, you wouldn't have ended up in misery like this. You cannot challenge Allah with science. Nor with money. America is printing dollars day and night. And it is still in a miserable condition, it cannot get rid of this crisis. They are at a loss what to do. All the economists and technocrats came together. The bank-note printing presses are working, they are finding gold here and there, yet whatever they do, they still cannot find a way out. The world has been ruined. It has collapsed psychologically. They can only recover with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and with the breath of the Jesus the Messiah (pbuh). What I said is true. Well if you say; "I do not believe." Allah will make you believe. They will be made to believe. Allah will make them believe with His title of Jabbar. They pretended not to understand. Look, they have gradually come to see. I am not joking around, I say these on the basis of the hadiths of Rasulullah (saas). I describe things and people come up and say "So you are claiming to be the Mahdi." Well, I am a poor servant of Allah, a wretched human being. Whoever the Mahdi is, let him appear. I will kiss his hands and feet. What difference if it is Hasan or Mehmet? For example, if they say of our Master Sheikh Ahmet Yasin, "This is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)." I would kiss his feet and follow his lead. What difference does it make? If they say, "He is Master Fethullah Gülen," I will kiss his feet and follow his lead. So long as he establishes that climate of love, friendship, art, science and democracy. The mentality of conflict and scandals must go. That is what we want. I have no such ambition and I have no such care in the world [for this position]. Once we have Islamic Unity it will all be done with. Whoever does it is okay. But of course we cannot remain silent if there is nobody in the frame. We must speak, we must strive. If I keep silent worrying that people will accuse me of claiming to be the Mahdi if I speak, then that will be corruption and an irrational movement. "Do not read the hadiths about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)," they say. Why not? "Because then you would be claiming to be the Mahdi." I read the references to the Islamic Unity in verses, and they again accuse me of claiming to be the Mahdi. So how should we talk about it? Show me the way and we will discuss it like that. Let me pay money and you talk about it. But you do not talk about it, either. So, I have to talk about it, who else will if I don't? That is why, let us talk with Maliki. Let us send news to Al-Assad. Ahmadinejad is a radiant person, very well-mannered. He is a true Muslim. He loves Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) with a passion. He will weep if you talk about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Look, he addressed the United Nations. He gave a fine speech. We've been broadcasting it on our TV channel. Broadcast it every day and let us broadcast it on the internet as well. Ahmadinejad is such a humble person, he takes his shoes off and sits on the ground cross-legged. "I have come to serve as your servant," he said when he came. He said; "I have come as the servant of the nation." He is a compliant person, he does not have any ambition for fine food and worldly things. He wears old shoes. That is the kind of man he is. Let us do this good deed. There is no question of thinking we are not up to it. It has nothing to do with that. It is Allah who knows who is up to it or not. Allah will shape things up. No one else is up for drawing a line for that, insha'Allah.
TRANSLATION: With your permission, let us move on to the second question.
ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, I have described the most vital part. The next part is free. Ask what you will. Insha'Allah.
TRANSLATION: Master, now this is a subject you are very competent on. This is about the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). He wishes to ask about the battles that will take place before this, and in that sense, he says; "Many religious figures say that the battles will not only be for the economy, but will also stem from religious beliefs. In other words, there will be a great war between Islam and the Jews." The Battle of Armageddon appears in their prophecies, as you know. Some people think the preparations for that are being made now. In other words, the underlying cause of this disorder in the Middle East is the preliminary preparations for this great war between Islam and the Jews. What are your views on this?
ADNAN OKTAR: The Jews have no way of waging war. I am very close to them. They come here and I talk to them. Israel is poor. Its people are poor, too. They have no means with which to wage. They lack the military power. Israel has no position to challenge anyone. People are overestimating Israel. They have the military power of any ordinary Middle Eastern country. Their military power is not even as strong as that of Syria. They have nothing out of the ordinary. And they do not want war. I mean Judaism is not suited to war anyway. It favors peace. They are waiting the King Messiah, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), Moshiach, Shiloh that is. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), Moshiach, is opposed to war anyway. He is coming to stop bloodshed. It is the Mahdi who will stop bloodshed. And the Mahdi of the Muslims is the same as the King Messiah. He is the same person as Moshiach. I have also met with Jewish scholars and chief rabbis. They all agree. They unanimously say that these are the names for the same person. They say that Moshiach will not come from Israel anyway. Their sources tell them to "Seek him at the gates of Rome." Rome meaning Istanbul. "Seek Moshiach at the gates of Rome," they say.  They say that "Moshiach will not come from our country." They believe he will usher in an age of peace, an age in which wars will end. Armageddon has taken place in Iraq. What happened in Iraq was the Armageddon. The troops of all countries came together. Blood was shed there. Millions of people were killed. The Iraqi Army was annihilated. And a strange, persecution system was established in the region, a system of suffering and then they withdrew. And this was the end of Armageddon. This was Armageddon. Armageddon is that not wide-ranging as they assumed. These people want no Muslim to be left. And then to whom can Islam come? They say that no Muslims will be left behind and then that "Islam will come, after that." There will be no Muslims left in the Armageddon they speak of. There will be nobody left. No Jews, no Muslims, and no nothing. But that is not the case. Armageddon has already happened. Secret knowledge related with Syria revealed by our Prophet (saas), has also been realized. The destruction of the dome of the mosque. The dome of which mosque? Even down to that detail. Which bridge in Iraq will collapse? Even down to that detail. In which regions will fighting intensify? Even down to that detail. And what direction will the violence take in Syria? That is set out in the hadiths down to the finest detail. We have talked about it day and night. That is still continuing as well. This corruption is about to come to an end, I mean this portent has come to an end as well. After that comes the age of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), the age of Islamic Unity. There is very little time left for the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Everyone is aware of this. Even those who most oppose it are well-aware of the extraordinary nature of the phenomenon.
A few days ago, there was this old comedian. He said it quite explicitly. Let it happen, but in that form. It was a Marxist who said that.

TRANSLATION: Master, this is a very important question. He says; "Turkey, the Ottoman state, served for a long time as the Islamic caliphate."
TRANSLATION: In other words, a significant part of the world belonged to the Ottoman Empire. He asks are the reasons for the shrinking of the Ottoman Empire and the contraction of Turkey as follows? Globalization, imperial powers creating problems for Turkey and the coming of secularism. The conception of secularism is not that in Turkey, that is different. The desire to impose a conception of secularism which is opposed to religion, like the one in France, to Turkey.. Could Turkey have lost its former power through Islamic values being atrophied and set aside?
ADNAN OKTAR: The sole reason for Turkey losing its former power is Darwinism. That is because Darwinism appearing to be much more convincing to people under a scientific and philosophical guise, literally hypnotized people and led Ottoman intellectuals to adopt an atheist line. Ottoman intellectuals have lost their beliefs. Their poets and scientists.. Even people you would never think of -I am not giving names- even the most unexpected people, even the most leading figures of the state became Darwinists and materialists. They prayed, but in their hearts they were Darwinists and materialists. They went to the mosques and read the call to prayer as materialists. They have lost all their spiritual force. That is because they believed that Allah did not create and everything happened through coincidences. They believed that Allah did not create the universe and all living things and that it all happened by chance. Someone who believes that can have no strength or power. The Ottoman Empire has collapsed within itself. Otherwise had the Ottoman Empire remained strong, with strong religious beliefs, they wouldn't have yield to imperial powers. It would have yielded to none. You can defeat anyone if you are powerful enough, through knowledge and reason and piety. But if you lose your internal strength you will just vanish. There is no need even to attack you, you will just collapse of your own accord. The Ottoman Empire collapsed from the inside. And that was with the influence of Darwinism and materialism. There is no other reason.
TRANSLATION: Master he is asking about Israel's objectives here. You know that Israel wants to build a state from the Nile to the Euphrates. And it has to provoke a great nuclear war in the region to bring that about. It will weaken Muslims first, killing them as much as possible,  then having weakened them it will claim to have become a large state. I mean, it appears that it will claim and declare that it is governing the whole region. Thus by also bringing other nuclear powers in the world under its control, the Jews want to enjoy economic and military control and everything. That is one view. What is your view? Is that right, or is the truth rather different?
ADNAN OKTAR: This judgment of the Torah will of course be realized. There is also a reference to this in the Qur'an. There is also a reference to that in verse 55 of Surat an-Nur. The reference in the Torah is true. The whole region from the Nile to the Euphrates belongs to the people of Israel. In other words, it will come under the control of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and his followers. The people of Israel in the End Times are Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and his followers. That is a community of believers who genuinely believe in Allah, who believe in the original Torah, the original Injil and the true Qur'an. Consequently because Israel is subject to Moshiach, meaning Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) that will also be their dominion. That is because I have asked the rabbis; "Is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) superior, or the state of Israel?" "The state of Israel is subject to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)" they said. "It is devoted to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), the leader of the Union of Islam," they said. "The King Messiah, Moshiach, is the state itself," they said. "We will do whatever he says," they said. "However he interprets the Torah, that is what we will do," they said.
TRANSLATION: So will they also follow Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)?
ADNAN OKTAR: Of course that is it. What is said will happen. It will happen through Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). They will be free in the whole region. Israel, all the people of Israel, the children of the prophet Moses (pbuh) will all live in peace and ease and security in the region as they like. But under the leadership of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), the King Messiah, Moshiach. I have sent them a note again today, "Let 5,000 or 10,000 people come together and pray for the appearance of the Messiah, for the appearance of Moshiach." I said that before and they did it the other day. Tens of thousands of people came together in Israel and prayed to Allah for the immediate appearance of the King Messiah, Moshiach. That is because the foundation of the state of Israel is a sign of the coming of Moshiach, it is the sign of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). They and we are waiting for the same person. Just one, and he will govern the world. He will bring peace and eliminate bloodshed. Rasulullah (saas) says, "He will govern the Jews with the original of the Torah." That is what Jews are looking for. [Our Prophet (saas)says that] he will govern the Christians with the original of the Gospel and Muslims with the truths of the Qur'an. This is something that everyone will like. That is something everyone will accept. Israel will be ultimately free in the whole region and the walls will come down. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will rebuild the Masjeed of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). Allah has given that authority solely to him. It lies with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). That is also mentioned in the hadiths. Finding the Ark of the Covenant is also a blessing bestowed upon him and finding all the sacred relics is also a blessing lying with him. He will appear with the banner of Rasulullah (saas). The standard is here in Topkapı. He will wear his sword as a gesture. He will hold the banner of Rasulullah (saas) in his right hand. The earth and sky will shout out, insha'Allah. The Middle East will be regenerated with spirituality. Otherwise with lovelessness, fighting and intellectual prattle.. What good is it for Freemasonry? I mean Freemasonry does not have such a power. I do not know if one should not really say this or not but let me just say that their financial situation is really not that bright. They are not the people to do that. They are also awaiting Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). "We are waiting for Adonai," they say. " We are waiting for Adonai, our Master." According to their belief Adonai will come after hundreds of years, in the last times of the world. There are even masonic paintings depicting this; tens of thousands of masons all together in their masonic garbs, with Adonai in front of them in royal robes. They are waiting for Adonai. And the Knights Templar also say "We are awaiting Adonai."
I brought a Templar over the other day. The best-known Templar in Germany spoke here. We know from our 800-year-old books that he will come from Istanbul, they say. They say that their 800 year old books say so. "And in the last days of the world, everyone will be brothers and peace will come to the world," they say. The masons say the same thing. And so do the Templars. That is why [I keep saying that] Muslims have just decayed among themselves out of lovelessness. And that happened through Darwinism, materialism and this is the essential issue. They have become soulless and loveless. In fact there are radiant people. Al-Assad's wife and children, for instance, are so sweet. Al-Assad is also a compliant fellow. I sometimes talk about him yet I feel compassion for him, I pity him. There is generally a joking aspect to my style of language, but he is someone I pity. He is not the kind of person to accept that persecution. The Syrian secret state organization has him by the throat. His wife and children are also prisoners. His wife is a lady, a very well brought up lady, and his children are very sweet. He should take them all of to Jordan. That is an ideal place for him. Lebanon would do, but Jordan is best. We can call in the ulema and scholars and resolve the matter amicably and have the matter solved once and for all insha'Allah.
TRANSLATION: Master, he has a question about this latest film libeling our Prophet (saas). He is asking about the reason why the film was made. "There were various cartoons before that, in Europe, in Denmark. Various things were done libeling our Prophet (saas). This film was made in America. Was America at all involved in its production? What was the objective behind it? There have been reactions in numerous Muslim countries. How do you interpret those reactions?"
ADNAN OKTAR: The American government, the Obama government, avoids such incidents. That is because such things are very dangerous for them. That means these are events within America itself. It means the order in America would be damaged. It means economic collapse and suffering everywhere. It is impossible for America to want that. Muslims would of course react against it because it is a terrible insult. But the model of the reaction is exactly the kind of thing they hate and expect from Muslims. People covered in hair and beard, with yellow teeth, sticks in their hands, with blood stained eyes and bloody clothes. In fact, had Muslims acted in a high quality manner, classy and lovable, had they protected Christians and Jews, had they acted as people of compassion, had they treated atheists and communists with affection and embraced them all, had they strove for the salvation of them all, they would never have the power to produce such cartoons and nobody would be affected by such cartoons. However when such cartoons appear, there are millions of people who say, "Yes, that is exactly true." Well, in fact this is serious. People have those caricatures already in their minds. That film is already in their minds and that man is only producing it as a movie. There is a huge hatred of Islam and Muslims among a great many Christians. That is because of the people we refer to as bigots being so loveless and lacking in compassion and mercy. Some of the scholars have made Muslims like that. They have taught them pride and arrogance. They have told them things like, "You are the greatest, you are the saved ones, it is you who will be saved. Everyone else is faithless and irreligious and beneath contempt." And the result has been a huge hatred of Christians and Jews, hatred of Shiites and Alawites and Bektashis, hatred of everyone outside their own sect and community. Even among Sunnis, Nakshibendis hate Kadiris. There is even our scholar known as Cübbeli Ahmet. He is currently in prison. This person says; "Among Nakshibendis, there is jealousy." He is afraid of his own friends. He is terrified something will happen to him. He is afraid that they will pull a trick on him. This terrible lack of love has been inspired by some of the scholar. This hatred should be done away with and that could only be done through the system of the Mahdi. People will not listen to anyone other than Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Disaster has struck and only Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) can put it right. The Prophet Jesus  Messiah (pbuh) [can bring salvation] in the Christian world and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) [can bring salvation] in the Muslim world. Yet some say that they will find their own path. If you could, would you be in such a wretched situation for this past 100 years? You have been in a wretched situation for the last 100 years. And that is getting still worse. They keep saying "No, a collective personality will save us." But you have been divided and swamped in the belief of a collective personality.. You become inimical to one another even in the same community. You have failed to be friends. Even if they are not enemies, they never meet and talk. They have no love, no affection. And there may be enmity among some of them. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the only one who can put right the damage caused by the ulema. Nobody else can. Some of the ulema, of course. Yes.
VAAD ATTAI: Thank you very much.
ADNAN OKTAR: May Allah be pleased with you. You have honored us. You've brought us honor. Seeing you has cheered our hearts. Our Arab brothers are very dear to us. The children of Rasulullah (saas). The people of Adnan, insha'Allah. The noble descent of our Prophet (saas).. I greet all our brothers, our Iraqi brothers. Insha'Allah, there will be a relief and beauty. I extend my greetings to Maliki, too. May his heart be at ease. Things will improve and get better. These things are only temporary. They must not be alarmed by such things. Goodness and ease will come to all places, insha'Allah. May Allah be pleased. Thank you.
VAAD ATTAI: Thank you very much insha'Allah.
2012-10-24 17:03:04 


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