Necessary precautions should be taken for the Muslims in Rakhine. Professional assassins are putting all these incidents down to Buddhists.

Necessary precautions should be taken for the Muslims in Rakhine. Professional assassins are putting all these incidents down to Buddhists.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live conversation on A9 TV dated October 27th
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DİDEM ÜRER: The persecution of our Muslim brothers in Rakhine is continuing and getting worse. The New York-based Human Rights Watch has issued an urgent warning to the government for precautionary measures to be taken. The organization has broadcasted satellite images of the damage resulting from ethnic conflicts continuing in the region. It says that 633 houses and 178 boathouses were burned in the space of 24 hours in a 35-hectare area in just one town. Since the Burmese government prevents humanitarian aid from reaching the region, some 105,000 people have had to leave their homes. The number of houses that have been burned has reached 2,800. And hundreds of our Muslim brothers have been martyred in just the last few days.
ADNAN OKTAR: Can no measures be brought against these people? What kind of people are they?
DİDEM ÜRER: Master, there is a junta there. And there are also Buddhist priests.
AYLİN KOCAMAN:  The Buddhist priests there are probably under the control of the junta. They are rather aggressive.
ADNAN OKTAR: Is there no embargo being applied or anything?
DİDEM ÜRER: One could normally be applied. Apart from this, the Rakhine Muslims fleeing from there want to seek refuge in Bangladesh, but Bangladesh says it is too poor and refuses to accept them. So they are left stranded along the rivers between Rakhine and Bangladesh. A great many people are on an island there. Peace officials say that other countries should help Bangladesh with the refugees, as Bangladesh says it is too poor to cope with the refugees.
ADNAN OKTAR: All right, let us help there.
DİDEM ÜRER: The United Nations could normally take steps.
ADNAN OKTAR: Prepare and present this to me with all its technicalities and let me see.. There is something very wrong here. How is it that these people are not afraid of anyone? Is that not very strange?
DİDEM ÜRER: Yes. They shut down the internet and the rest of the press. They are doing it in secret. They issue reports about 10 people being martyred. Yet one of our Rakhine Muslim brothers witnessing the events said just the other day that actually thousands of people are being martyred.
ADNAN OKTAR: Well then, let them bring me sprucely prepared technical information now.
DIDEM URER: Of course, right away Master.
ADNAN OKTAR: I mean information gathered on a map. I fail to understand how such a thing can be happening. These people should not be powerful enough to do that.
AYLİN KOCAMAN: As you know very well, the junta is very oppressive. They have been slaughtering Muslims there for many years. They usually say it is the Buddhist priests doing it, but there is a very strong probability that it is the junta's own people.
ADNAN OKTAR: Buddhists are very placid people. They are very tranquil. Buddhists do not shed blood. There is something odd here.
AYLİN KOCAMAN: Burmese Muslims have been fleeing from there to Thailand or Bangladesh ever since the early 2000s but the countries send them back. There has been persecution going on ever since that time.
ADNAN OKTAR: Allah knows the truth, they would all come to heel if Turkey were to send a brigade of troops there. I mean, what could be the harm of Turkey sending troops there?
DIDEM URER: Actually it would be very good.      
ADNAN OKTAR: They would all become soft as lambs if we sent just two regiments. There would be no question of them doing that any more. They would all look for burrows to hide in. No such thing would ever happen again.
DİDEM ÜRER: None of the Muslim countries in the region tend to admit the refugees.
ADNAN OKTAR: Look, they say, "There is no need for the Mahdi." Muslim countries refuse to admit persecuted, slaughtered, fleeing and martyred Muslims. This immorality is happening because Muslims have no leader at their head. This is flat out ignominy and nothing else. Even if they were to send a fleet packed with Turkish troops with all their equipment, even if they approach the region, there would be no reason for the troops even to disembark. Turkey could officially condemn those Islamic countries. If they want money, let us send them money. What need is there for this immorality? People are dying there. Is there any point in giving this a second thought? People are dying there and that  is a huge thing.
In 1962, with the military coup.. And that is still the case ever since 1962?..  The soldiers there are communists. Well my brother, look at this.. The PKK or these people, they are one and the same. What does America do? It intervenes on the slightest pretext when it thinks it necessary. They are slaughtering Muslims here. One could not bear it if Christians were involved. One would not expect them to do nothing if it involved Jews or atheists. It would be exactly the same thing even if those massacred were atheists. How could that be acceptable? That is nothing to sit and watch.. A fleet should be sent. They should purchase ships as much as they like, we do not want food and drink, let us buy a ships  or build them, or buy them from overseas. Turkey must issue an ultimatum. There can issue a joint ultimatum with Pakistan. That will mean them acquiring a great force. They will tell them to stop behaving so vilely, and that will be that. If Muslims do something wrong, then okay, there can be an intervention against them, too. If Muslims are making life difficult for them, they can be stopped, as well. That is not a problem. But killing people is a horrible thing. It is utterly wrong to martyr Muslims. What is it that you were saying?
DİDEM ÜRER: The Bangladeshi police blocked aid from Turkey's IHH and other human rights organizations yesterday. They were all detained. Normally since Bangladesh is a poor country as well, they stop the flow of the humanitarian aid passing through their country.  They later released the Turks, the aid team. The IHH then got the aid to Rakhine via another special route.
ADNAN OKTAR: Well done to the IHH. Well, what has that got to do with Bangladesh that they act so vilely?
DIDEM ÜRER:  Master, they too are very poor, they say.
ADNAN OKTAR: Well, if they want food, let us send it. What need is there for this disgrace? All they need to say is, "We cannot find enough food, we cannot find enough to eat. Send us food." And we will send it. Many people fall ill from being overweight; instead of eating four loaves a day, they could just eat two. That would be healthier for them, too. The food should be sent out. Let us give the money for that, or the food. Everyone can send out food there, we have the sacrificed meat and so.. That should be no problem at all..   
DİDEM ÜRER: They also say that China is supporting Burma.
ADNAN OKTAR: Well, that rather alters things. Communist China?
ADNAN OKTAR: Well, my brother, communist China also supports the PKK and Syria. Nobody sees what China is doing. China could be brought to heel even by solely Turkey stopping its exchange of goods and encouraging other countries to do the same. China would immediately enter an economic crisis. They would be terrified by such an action. For instance we have warned China previously and said "You are persecuting Turkish people there, you are persecuting our brothers from East Turkestan. And they really shirked the question and invited us. They invited the members of the Science Research Foundation to China, they also invited me but I didn't go.. And they called us numerous times asking "What do you think? Are you convinced now?" So that means it is important to make a protest.
DİDEM ÜRER: Well Master, as you would know even better, the government in Bangladesh is not a religious one either. They implement highly repressive policies against Muslim communities. The oppression was even stepped up as of the first months of 2010, with 4,000 members of religious communities being arrested in just 10 days in Bangladesh in 2010. And [their reluctance to help] is partly about that. And this picture is about the a policeman in Bangladesh persecuting a child.
ADNAN OKTAR: Let me see..
EBRU ALTAN: They are also against democratization. In general they detain all the dissidents instantly.
ADNAN OKTAR: Are they also communists? What is it there?
EBRU ALTAN: The morality of Islam is not implemented there, as they say.
AYLIN KOCAMAN: Most probably Master..
ADNAN OKTAR: Is that so? Well, let us make a wide-scaled analysis of the region.
DIDEM URER: That is a news report about Bangladesh from 2011.
ADNAN OKTAR: Okay. Then we need to perform wide-ranging investigations. Do these countries not have their embassies here?
DIDEM ÜRER: They should have..
ADNAN OKTAR: The government should be very well informed about this. The government probably has its experts on the subject. We must speak with them. Well, this is rather irritating. But it is presumably communist China that is involved behind the scenes. In that case, the subject of China needs to be raised. We must concentrate on whoever is pulling the strings. Then let us make a wide scaled researched on this point for tomorrow.
There is a struggle between Muslims and atheists in the world, but that needs to be an intellectual one, not one waged by shedding blood and martyring Muslims. And Muslims are standing back. People are carrying out tests all over the world. They look to see if we are ready or not. As if to test what we will say and what our reaction will be. They see that Muslims are fragmented. They see that division is complete. For example, they slaughter Muslims in one place, while those in other places take no interest. And the first ones take no interest when the others are being annihilated. And a system called Islamophobia which is instigated by the bigots. That is because bigots are rather filthy people, they stink, they are blood shedders.. . What is the point? Approach them brotherly, with affection, with compassion. Buddhists are very mild and gentle people. What is the point of driving them crazy? Some of them even wear masks to stop them from swallowing flies by accident. They even avoid that, they are even scared to kill a tiny insect. They are very different people.
AYLIN KOCAMAN: Master, you've said that Buddhists would not do such a thing. Actually, Buddhists are very much oppressed as well. They are also in the refugee camps harboring people fleeing from the country.
ADNAN OKTAR: Well, it is clearly seen that Islamic Unity is essential, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is essential. Buddhists are very inoffensive people, they are putting it all down to Buddhists. But would a Buddhist ever kill? Buddhists would never persecute anyone. That is not in their nature. These guys are professional killers, communists. They know no Allah, Book or faith. They start massacres when the Chinese government sets them at it.
DİDEM ÜRER: China also severely oppresses the Buddhists in Tibet, so they will not break away, so they will remain under their control. And since they regard the Buddhists as a threat, they are also oppressing them in Burma, together with Muslims. And it is said that they act adherently because of this reason.
ADNAN OKTAR: Muslims should actually watch over Buddhists. They should collaborate with them and treat them with affection. Buddhists are very mild and gentle and love other people very much. All right, they may be on a wrong path, hold a false belief, but theirs was in origin a true faith. Buddhism is a corrupted form of a true faith. Note how their clothes resemble those of pilgrims on the hajj. They prostrate themselves and use prayer beads. They constantly make recitations. It resembles Islam in many ways. They have their pilgrims, too, just like our Islamic conception. Theirs is a religion that has become severely corrupted over the course of time. That is why it would be very useful for Muslims to forge an alliance with Buddhists on all subjects. They must be affectionate towards them and pray for them, for their well-being. They are applying a policy of mutual recrimination against them, and that is wrong. Didem, I am listening to you..
DİDEM ÜRER: Insha'Allah. Again according to information from Rakhine; Muslim villages are not provided with electricity. Muslims are not allowed to use mobile phones, and those who do can be sentenced to six months' imprisonment. Men flee to the mountains to avoid being caught while women jump into the sea and try to escape by swimming to avoid being raped. Muslims issue statements saying, "Aren't there any other Muslims apart from us? If there were, they would have felt our pain." And the persecuted Rakhine Muslims are not regarded as citizens. And since they are not regarded as belonging to anywhere, it is easy to martyr them. Work is taking place on a new Chinese pipeline in the Rakhine regions where Muslims live. There is a question of China wanting to use the ports in the region. They may be trying to prepare such a foundation by annihilating people there.
ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, that means that China is trying to make room for expansion there. China must respond to these things. Let us write to the Chinese Embassy and ask. "Is it you pulling the strings?" let us ask. That is really infuriating. If China is really following such a sly policy, then that is disgraceful, and very ugly. So they should not deceive us. Many businessmen go to China from Turkey, we have a huge volume of trade with them. Turkish businessmen are instrumental, not just in sales to Turkey, but also to many other countries. If this is the case, then China would receive a very different response. It should explain itself. And if that is not the case, then China needs to intervene anyway. Claiming that they they are peaceful and want the best for people, then the Chinese Army should intervene. This disgrace is unacceptable. I was already going to have a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador. He said that we should have a sit down. Let us take this point in our agenda and ask about this issue. Insha'Allah.
DIDEM URER: Insha'Allah. 
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