We have ensured that high society and a great portion of modern people get acquainted with religion

We have ensured that high society and a great portion of modern people get acquainted with religion
Excerpt from Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 5th, 2012 

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ADNAN OKTAR: Our special way of working, this special movement of ours has caused serious changes both in Turkey and in the whole world. We've made it possible for the socialite to get to know religion. They didn't know, there was no connection between them. The communities of mosques used to remain among themselves. Such ghettos were formed and there was a system they have formed among themselves. But as the result of our efforts, ladies wearing low neck clothes also started to perform their prayers, they have established a connection with Islam, the ladies wearing mini-skirts started to live Islam sincerely. Modern youngsters started to live Islam. There had been a serious revival all over the world. Especially our crushing Darwinism and materialism, the defeat of Darwinism has provided an amazing ease for youngsters who used to have difficulty in preaching religion. Previously they were not able to preach religion because they were defeated right from the start at the point of Darwinism. They only could conceal their piety. But later on, when we crashed Darwinism, their path is opened all the way. After that our explaining facts leading to faith scientifically, our proving them with documents and photographs enabled them explain the Qur'an very comfortably and then an amazing enthusiasm has come upon them. We also have had a great impact on the progress of devout people in Israel, on the progress of piety in there. That is because Darwinism used to prevail there as well, no one said anything about Darwinism. We have distributed our book that defeats Darwinism in Hebrew language, we have held meetings. And now in Israel youngsters started to turn towards religion as well. However if the wrong kind of conservatism, the wrong kind of fundamentalism is applied, religion would not widespread. A lady wearing low neck cloths would only learn about religion from a lady wearing low neck cloths, she would only accept her explanations. A beautiful and attractive lady would listen to a beautiful and attractive lady. It would be difficult for her to listen to a shapeless person who stinks and who is covered with unwanted facial hair, she wouldn't listen to her. That is because she would say; "this is already a sunken person with her cultural level, with her appearance and her state of mind. Such a person can only have expectations from the Hereafter. So there is nothing that she could do in this world."  But a beautiful woman could listen to everything a beautiful woman has to say.  That is why you have had a great impact. For instance I look at the connections in Facebook, I look at the groups, there are ten thousands, hundred thousands.. You have amazingly reached out to circles that some conservative circles could never reach. You have formed a great connection and a great circle of friends. The reason for this is because you are modern, high quality, elite and cultured, you think freely and you approach endearingly and above all, of course, it is because you are very devout, you are genuinely faithful. That is why you've been able to reach out to circles that some of our conservative brothers and sisters, some conservatively devout people would not even dream of. They cannot even think about them. I mean these people would never be object to such people yet you've reached them. That is a great success and that also holds true globally. For instance in the past, very rarely Christians became Muslims, now we do not pronounce it out loud but there are a lot of ultra-modern Christians becoming Muslims. We do not talk about that. And there is also something else that is astonishing; there are many Jews among their youth that become Muslims at the moment. Yet if you were not modern, if you did not display such quality, if you have had that classical conservative, classical bluenose appearance such a thing wouldn't have happened like it had never happened before.
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