Lack of Love

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 4 August 2012
Lack of Love
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A9 TV,  August 4th, 2012
For example, America lost in Vietnam due to lack of love. However, if she blended into the public and showed love. But she made the public angry by saying “We will control you with bombs. We will control you with bullets and guns” in an arrogant and pedantic manner. People do not like their pride to be broken. Then they took the side of the communists. Thus abasement and deflation have a very severe negative effect on people. It is a must to approach with love, compassion and humbleness.
Nothing is lost with love. Many things are lost due to lack of love, many things are gained due to love. The purpose of this world and its existence is love. When love is gone, the world is also lost; everything is lost. Allah forbid, only hell is left.
I will give an example to show why Hazrat Mahdi (as)’s duty is important. Now they say, “Bediuzzaman is the greatest guide and savior but he did not mention this because he wanted Imam Shafi (as) to get all the reward for this”. This is a very illogical and irrational form of distorting tongues. So this is a manner of speech that puts people in a gullible position.
Is the skin of a dead animal halal? According to Hanafi, “haram” but according to Hanbali “halal”.
Can we eat snakefish? According to Hanafi, “halal” but according to Hanbali “haram”.
Can we eat horse meat? According to Hanafi, “haram” but according to Hanbali “halal”.
Can we eat mussels? According to Hanafi, “haram” but according to Maliki “halal”.......
Reading Surat al-Fatiha at the second rakat is an “obligation” according to Maliki and “necessary” according to Hanafi.
Saying tasbih during sadjah and prostrating is “sunnah” according to Hanafi and “necessary” meaning “obligatory” according to Hanbali.
Reading surah after Surat al-Fatiha at the first two rakats is “necessary” according to Hanafi” and “lawful” according to Maliqi.
Would taking salam during prayer nullify the ablution? According to Hanafi “yes” but according to Maliki “no”…
There is an endless list like that. I only gave an example. When Hazrat Mahdi (as) comes, he eliminates this dilemma. He tells the straight truth.
Hazrat Mahdi (as) corrects this conflict; and these are such vital conflicts. Because look; one thing is “halal” according to one sect and “haram” according to another. Religion is one. How could one overlook this? It would be haram to overlook this. If you have the knowledge and overlook this, then you would do something haram and a very major sin , because you would change Allah’s command. Allah’s command is one. They may have conflicted with the imams of sects as an obligation because it came to him like that, but there is a conflict in the end. It is haram that the conflict continues. Almighty Allah says that those who tell lies in the name of Allah are cruel people.  So you are lying in the name of Allah. He may not be realizing that; it is an excuse.
When a person is opposed to Mahdism, that person is inside the system of the dajjal (anti-christ). The purpose of the dajjal is to eliminate religion and end Mahdism, stop Mahdism and prevent the return of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and the activities of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh).
(In response to a viewer question: “Would a non-Muslim who chooses Islam be a member of any sect or which sect should s/he be subject to? Can s/he choose on his or her own?”)
Since the sect of Hazrat Mahdi (as) is not out in the open now, and since Mahdism did not mend things, of course we will be subject to a sect. For example I am a Hanafi. So we are subject to the sect of Hanafi as a necessity.
(In response to viewer question, “Are the incidents in Syria mentioned in the Qur’an?”)
The incidents in Syria are mentioned in the hadiths in detail, as the portents of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) but with great details. How the mosque in Kufa will be destroyed, from where it will be destroyed; everything is explained right down to the finest detail. 
(In response to viewer question “Why did our Alevi brothers and sisters suffer all the time?”)
Bigots are always arrogant and vain like this. The ulema of the Ahl al-Sunnah are gentle and mild people. However, the bigots who use the Ahl al-Sunnah have the tendency to destroy everyone who disagrees with them. Lack of love causes these people to be like this. When there is love, there is none of these troubles.
(In response to viewer question “Why the Turkish Islamic Union? Is this not racist?”)
Then you would leave them without a head. They always left the Muslim world without a head. When there is a leader around, one needs to hold the leadership tight. We say, “There will be Islamic Union”. Who will be the leader? “It could be Egypt, it could be Pakistan, it could be Iran, it could be Turkey”. The man says to us “Put a name on it”. We say again, “No, it could be Pakistan, it could be Egypt, it could be Turkey”. There is no Islamic Union like this. The leader will appear. The leader, the natural leader has appeared. The Messenger of Allah (saas) told us the natural leader via inspiration. It is Turkey. It is the Turks. He says, “The Mahdi will appear in Istanbul”. Done. He says “He will open his flag first among the Turks”. Mahdi is where the holy relics are. Where are the holy relics? They are all here. Thus we call it the Turkish Islamic Union. The Muslim world will gather around the Turkish people who are the servants of the Muslims world. Otherwise, we are not saying “Turks are superior, we are superior genetically in terms of genes, look at our genetic structure and see our superiority”. There is a superiority of service. In terms of fear of Allah, Turkish people are actually a people that live Islam well. The whole world accepts this. But do they not have something missing? Yes they do. But the leader is the Turkish people. Other than this, we do not claim to be racially superior. We could not have. It would be wrong because Allah says “The only superiority is with fear of Allah”. The Messenger (saas) says “A Persian is not superior to an Arab and an Arab is not superior to a Persian”. Done. So there is no issue of race, but when it comes to leadership one needs to read the name out loud. It should be said clearly.
(In response to viewer question “None of the European Union countries like Turkey. America does not like Turkey also. These both support the Kurds and say that Turkey is right on this case.”)
True. We know that America wants a Kurdistan to be established and the Kurds are separated. But it does not want this for the benefit of the Kurds. Evangelicals believe that a big war needs to take place. They believe that there should be an Armageddon. Therefore, they have a belief that there will be a state there, that Israel will dominate the region completely, a big state that covers the cities in Southeast like Batman, Siirt and Diyarbakir, but there will be a Kurdish state; then communist Kurds will be eliminated and then Israel will come to the region and they will kill the Israeli people, so only one hundred and twenty thousand Jewish people will be left, and the others will be killed. Within this context, they want to misuse my dear Kurdish brothers and sisters. We will not let this. America does not like it because they are Darwinists and materialists. What happens when one is Darwinist and materialist? They say, “Turks are a transitional form”. They say, “They are a transitional form that did not complete its evolution”. They say that Turkish people are “Unevolved animals”. The European Union says the same thing. How could a person love another at first sight? Of course he could not.
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