Palestine and Israel can only live in love and peace with the Unity of Islam and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

Palestine and Israel can only live in love and peace with the Unity of Islam and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).
The system of the Mahdi will put an end to the pain Palestine suffers and also to the pain Israel suffers
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated November 15th, 2012 

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PRESENTER: [Reading from a news article] Israel is continuing to strike at Gaza. At least 11 people have died in the attacks over the last two days, and 49 people have been injured, 12 seriously. Israel rained bombs down on 30 targets in the evening, and attack boats shelled various parts of the Gaza shoreline. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said the army was ready to expand its operations in Gaza and that the attacks would continue. America issued a statement on the subject this morning and said it backed Israel's right to defend itself. Rocket attacks took place against the south of Israel this morning and three Israelis lost their lives.
ADNAN OKTAR: I fail to understand what Palestine is up to. What is the point, my brother? Rocket attacks; what is your objective? Well, let us say that you launched rockets and killed 50 people, what does that gain you? And where are you firing them at? Your target is unclear, the people aimed are unclear, your aim is unclear, yet with sloppy rockets you are firing at Israel constantly. They land on women and children, and then they (the Israelis) say they have the right to defend themselves, so this time this one launches at that one and so on. These pains will all go on until Mohammed the Mahdi appears. We look at the people we speak to in Palestine and see that they do not talk about Islamic Unity and the Mahdi. Of course, a lot of people do talk about them, but a lot of them do not. They see war as if it is a game, as if it is a child's game.. Like children regard war as a game when they are little, pretending to shoot at their friends and that kind of thing. These people have built their own rockets at their own will and they are firing them at Israel. Some of them land in empty areas, while others come down on top of children or enter people's homes. If you ask them what they are doing, and they say it is 'jihad.' What kind of jihad is that? Jihad is waged through love and peace and brotherhood. What needs to be done? What is needed is the Islamic Unity. It is to unite all Muslims. Israel will then attain that happiness awaited for the last 3,000 years, and peace, tranquility and security will be built in the whole region. Trade, art and science will all grow to their fullest extent. Democracy will be fully installed and the external threat will be totally eradicated. People will live a peaceful beautiful life in peace in love and brotherhood. What Israel must do is to constantly ask Allah for Moshiach, for the coming of the King Messiah. What Palestine must do is to constantly ask Allah for the appearance of the Mahdi and to strive for Islamic Unity. Furthermore these rocket attacks and the like are totally irrational and unwise. These people stay at standby for a while, for instance five months pass by, and then suddenly decide to fire rockets at Israel and fire off 300 rockets. Where do you fire those rockets? At whom? What is your aim? These rockets fall on the homes of innocent Israeli civilians. Where does that get you? They then retaliate and hundreds or thousands of people are martyred, homes are bulldozed and children are injured or martyred. I fail to understand why they carry out such plans and why they want it. Who sets these things in motion in Palestine? And who goes along and regards these things as logical? I want to understand this. Have you never heard of peace, my brother? You have no military strength there anyway. You have no state, no air force, no land force, no naval force, you are literally prisoners there. You've had war with them and then have fallen into the position of a prisoner of war and have signed a peace agreement, and you say "I will not attack you and you must not attack me." Then what do you do? You go on the attack. That gives them the right to defend themselves. Instead, if you approach things in a spirit of peace and brotherhood, if you pray together with the Jews for the coming of Moshiach, for the coming of the Mahdi, if you turn the region into an abode of peace, then you will no longer be a prisoner there. Those lands will actually be yours, and there will be no more need for those borders. There will be no more need for those walls. You can tear them all down and live in peace as brothers. That would be so delightful. Nobody would say a word against you. No country would be against you. Nobody would say they are in the right if they attack you. But as things stand, you are providing legitimate grounds in the public eye, from the American perspective, and in many people's eyes. They say they (the Israelis) are defending themselves. Of course, that self-defense needs to be within legitimate bounds, and that balance must be maintained and protected. We do not know to what extent they are maintaining that balance, but it is very important for no attacks to be made. When there is a rocket attack they have an obligation to stop that rocket attack. You are killing people and firing weapons; now what would you do if there was a man there aiming a gun at you? You have to stop that weapon. So the other side will then start bombing you. There is no need for this. Turkey and the Islamic world must get involved in this point. There could be an Islamic Peace Force, for instance. They should intervene right at the start of such bombing or any rocket attack so that the others would not be left in a position to defend themselves and retaliate. One side is the sons of Ishmael and the other is the sons of Jacob; the descendants of the prophets are fighting one another. Muslims must get involved in this point and prevent the fighting. That can happen with the Mahdi, with Moshiach, as they are one and the same person. It is very difficult to observe justice here, because they make their rocket attacks, but the attack is made not against those launching the rockets, but against people who had nothing to do with it, against innocent children. The people firing the rockets imagine they are attacking a military target, but they are hitting civilian homes. My brother, there is no need to attack military targets or civilians. And there is no need for the others to retaliate. This can be easily and totally resolved with the Mahdi, Moshiach. These are very beautiful, boundless historic lands, one more beautiful than the other. So become brothers, and break bread together. Allah says that you can eat food prepared by one another, in the context of the People of the Book. So slaughter a sheep and prepare kebabs, and then go and work in the vineyards and orange groves and olive groves together. Live together as brothers, for the lands are boundless and belong to you. How beautiful that is.. But it is apparent that there will be no peace and ease without Moshiach, without the Mahdi. They are going down a completely different path when there is a definitive solution available.
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