Big Evolution Debate II

Symposium under the title ''Big Evolution Debate'' was organized in Paris - 28.10.2012

Dr Oktar Babuna (from Harun Yahya organization) and Dominique Tassot
Symposium under the title "Big Evolution Debate" was organized in Paris on 28th October 2012. Astrophysicist Nidhal Guessoum and philosopher Jean Staune supported Darwinism, while Dr Oktar Babuna (from Harun Yahya organization) and Dominique Tassot, scientist, provided some scientific information for fallacies of Darwinism. The event has been great victory on behalf of the Creationists.

Pierre Rabishong, Professor of bioengineering and neurology, took sides with Dr. Babuna in objecting to Darwinism while Marc Godinot, Professor of paleontology was defending evolution theory.

The scientists participating the debate from Turkey responded to all claims of Darwinists by presenting scientific proofs.

Fossil Exhibition by Harun Yahya organization was also available during the event. Dr. Oktar Babuna refuted the claims of Darwinists by presenting some millions years old fossils to the audience. Paleontologist Prof. Marc Godinot was extremely surprised and speechless, and he could not have any objections for the fossil evidences provided.

Dr. Oktar Babuna presented the crocodile fossil to the audience and said; “If the living beings were evolved, I would held a crocodile fossil different in shape in comparison to the present crocodiles. However, when we review this fossil, we see that an evolution process is out of question and these reptiles today are just the same as they were some millions years ago

Dr. Babuna also explained that no evolution process was occurred in various species of living beings by presenting the fossilized skulls of a bear and a wolf and fossils of scorpion, sea star, turtle, fish, crab, dragonfly, sea horse and three types of leaves.

Paleontologist Godinot did not argue against the fossil specimens, which were presented.
The evolutionists among the audience almost rose to their feet in excitement when Dr. Babuna refuted the Darwinists’ fake claims on Tiktaalik roseae and Ida fossils as the so-called ancestors of human beings.

The debate took place in a dynamic atmosphere but with a respectful and democratic style.
During the debate, Christian and Muslim scientists sat side by side till the end of the debate striving against these fake claims of Darwinists by presenting scientific proofs.

After the debate, Christians among the audience approached the scientists who defended the Creation and stated that they waited a lifetime for such people refuting these fake claims of the evolutionists by putting scientific facts forward.


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