Allah destroys the traps set against Muslims

Allah destroys the traps set against Muslims

Allah destroys the traps set against Muslims 

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on A9 TV on May 18th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: A Muslim must be joyful. When they say “Muslim”, they mean introvert and exhausted people who avoid everything that is nice, who don’t joke, who don't laugh, who cry all the time, who dress bad, who constantly live in misery just enough to keep body and soul together, who eat and dress tastelessly, who don't enjoy nice belongings, who don't enjoy nice furniture, who avoid beautiful houses, who stay away from art and science, who are aggressive, gossipy and envious. They say that this is wrong but at the same time they envy. They want to see such sluggish people. Our explanations have of course destroyed this mentality. There are many people who envy us. There are many who envy us. This is because they have not been able to do something with themselves. They have not been able to get a nice life or joy or any happiness at all. They don't have any joy inside them. Their houses are gloomy. The way they talk is gloomy. They eat but what they eat becomes a disease. You cannot hear a single word of joy from them. They look and see that there is joy, happiness, beauty and aesthetics here. They make a comparison. They compare paradise to hell in some sense. They look at their own lives and see hell. They look at us and see paradise. Then, they think about “how could I harm them?” They think that they could use whatever means they have to harm you. You are a pitiful creature under God’s control. You forget that. You cannot wish for something unless God does. You cannot do anything out of your own destiny. You are already done for. It is as if you are standing still inside a steel box. You can do only what God wants you to do. They think that they can do whatever the harm they’d like. You cannot. You cannot. God creates you merciless and remorseless like this especially so that the community can make use of you. How? Good deed. They will be cruel so that Muslims could do good deeds. They will set traps. God will destroy their traps. You know sometimes monkeys do something and a lion comes and chases them off. They set traps like monkeys. And Muslims destroy their plans with a lion’s grip by God’s leave. Every trap is created as destroyed. Hideous people like these think that they could set traps and do harms by their own means. However even a single letter they write, that letter was written by God when the Prophet Adam (pbuh) was being created out of mud. And that stupid thinks that he did that on his own. When there is a trap, God makes that trap. You stupid! God prepares that. And God also creates its destruction. God creates both of them. God creates the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and the Pharaoh at the same time. They are created together. White and black together. Negative and positive. Good and bad. For example when God creates the Pharaoh, He also creates the Prophet Moses (pbuh) against him. When Nimrod is created, the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) is also created. When Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is created, more than thirty antichrists are created against him. The antichrist and his helpers. He doesn't have one or two helpers. Every antichrist has a helper. The antichrist tries to harm Muslims in every way. They also have civilian people. The antichrist also finds supporters from among the official people. They can also use them. They can find them from anywhere. But they are always defeated. For example, Nimrod thought that he could throw the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) into the fire. He looked and saw that the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) has come to a good comfortable place. Almighty God says, “Fire, be coolness and peace for Abraham.” So fire doesn't affect him. Of course, we don't know the mechanism there now. How did Almighty God do it? We don't know that. But fire didn't have any effect on the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). In a way, God saved him from the fire in short. They thought that they threw him into the fire but the fire didn't burn the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). So he didn't enter into real fire. He came to a cool and comfortable place. It was a cool place. Again of course the Pharaoh has fire but it is cool and comfortable.

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