Music is a blessing Music is an immaculate beauty

Adnan Oktar Says

A9 TV; July 18th, 2013

  • There is music in the Heaven. God gives that in our hearts as a pleasant feeling. All our people have fun, they all dance, they all laugh and play music. Yet that is a mistake according to radicals. Music is a blessing; music is an immaculate beauty. It is an amazing beauty that polishes the human soul and refreshes the human heart. There is music everywhere even in birds, even in waterfalls.
  • Muslims will see the Palaces and all beautiful glorious places, all high quality places. Arts, science, aesthetics and quality all belong to Muslims and they will always be for Muslims, they will be only for Muslims in the Hereafter.
Adnan Oktar


  1. Well, Music with nature is fine and all other things are fine too in this article. But what about the Rivayats related to the prohibition of Musical Instruments? A good numbers of scholars take them as Sahih.. And how they are Radicals if there are number of scholars finding Musical Instruments as prohibited.?

    1. Hi Farrukh, Please can you tell me which were the Musical Instruments in this hadith and what kind of music was being played in these musical instruments? Did Prophet Muhammad (saas) prohibited all type of instruments and all kind of Music or some kind of Music which he (saas) observed in this hadith? Do we know what kind of music was playing in this hadith when Prophet (saas) closed his ears?

      Music which incites the love of Allah and His beautiful creations does not come under the category of haram. Almost every Hadith which talks against music also speaks against drinking (alcohol), doing zina with girls etc. So these Ahadith criticize that kind of music which can arouse sexual desires and can lead a person to drinking and zina etc.

      There are many events where music was played in the presence of the Prophet (saas) and he didn't forbid it. As the Prophet (saas) cannot allow a haram thing in his presence, so music is not haram. At some marriage occasions the Prophet (saas) ordered Sahaba to play some music and said that the difference between a marriage and zina is music.

      Before coming of Prophet (saas), Arab pagans used music for praising their false gods and false kings (leaders) only so this kind of music is declared haram. Music instruments are only tools like sword which can be used for killing innocents and also for Jihad and protection. One hadith says heaven in under sword and another hadith says break your sword at time of Fitnah. Is sword halal or haram? Usage of tool makes tool halal or haram. Same is the case of musical instruments.

      How they are Radical?

      They are radical because they are ignoring authentic Ahadith which allow music and use few unauthentic Ahdith which disallow music.

      Read this fatwa of Shiekh Alqaradawi.

      "it is clear that the religious texts that stand as a basis for those who maintain that singing is haram are either ambiguous or inauthentic. None of the hadiths attributed to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is valid as evidence on the judgment of prohibition. Moreover, all these hadiths are declared 'weak' by the followers of Ibn Hazm, Malik, Ibn Hanbal, and Ash-Shafi..i.

      In his book, Al-Ahkam, Al-Qadi Abu Bakr Ibn Al-..Arabi says, "None of the hadiths maintaining that singing is prohibited are considered authentic (by the scholars of the Science of Hadith Methodology)." The same view is maintained by Al-Ghazali and Ibn An-Nahwi in Al-..Umdah. Ibn Tahir says, "Not even a single letter from all these Hadiths was proved to be authentic."

      Ibn Hazm says, "All the hadiths narrated in this respect were invented and falsified.""

      Shiekh Alqaradawi Fatwa on Music and Singing


    2. Music And Islam – Subah Sehri Samaa Kay Sath 26 July 2013


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