The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) had a very modern palace built in his time

The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) had a very modern palace built in his time

The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) had a very

modern palace built in his time

From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on A9 TV on 22 June 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: “Could you explain about the modernity in the Qur’an?” What did the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) do? Look, some thousands of years ago, 4000 or 5000 years ago. He had a pool built inside the palace. But the palace was a glorious one. He decorated everywhere with statues. And walls covered in gold leaf. Gold leaf on top of wood. And fabrics dyed dark blue and emerald green and palace red. The drapes were silk and made of high quality linen. The most perfect timber was used. The wood was all covered in gold leaf, and there were fine statues. The most perfect marble was used on the floor and walls. The most select marbles. He had a pool built. Whoever looked at that pool, without exception, imagined it to be filled with deep water. But the pool was in fact made of crystal, of glass. The play of light created such an effect that whoever looked at it imagined it was full of water. Deep water. He invited Balqis, the queen of Sheba, as you know. She wore low-cut clothing. They worshiped the sun. Their clothes were low-cut but very well maintained. She wore a skirt when she came to the Prophet Solomon. The Prophet Solomon told her to enter the pool. “Enter the pool,” he said, the deep pool. What did she do? She pulled up her skirts. The Qur’an says that she raised her skirts. It says that she imagined that it was a deep pool full of water.” It says she raised her skirts. The Prophet Solomon played a fun trick, even though he knew she would raise her skirt. That is what he meant when he told her to enter the pool, insha’Allah. He played a trick on her. When she set foot on the pall she saw that she had not entered the water. But she had raised her skirt. The Prophet Solomon said he had played a trick on her. He said it was not a pool of water. He said it was made of crystal using a special technique.” The woman was amazed. Then he said, “Now I will have your throne brought for you.” A three-dimensional image of her throne immediately formed on the wall. What kind of technology was used? There is a much simpler and easier way of transporting images, but it has not been discovered now. Look, a very high quality three-dimensional image was transported. Using a very simple technique that is not known now. He had the image produced using that technique. Such things are today produced using very complex techniques. The woman said it was identical to her throne. The Prophet Solomon commanded that the image be changed a little. They altered it slightly. But the woman said it was identical. “Thanks be to God, I had already become a Muslim,” she said. You see the impact of art? The effect of a joke, conversation, pleasant words and love. The Prophet Solomon made the woman feel he loved her. He had a joke with her. He won her over. He showed her a glorious palace, and wonderful furniture. It looked magnificent. The woman said she had already become a Muslim. That is how to tell people about Islam. That is modernity.

“Salamun Alaikum” Alaikum Salam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. “Mr. Oktar, does our faith not tell us to cover up? But you speak of modernity, of girls and women with bikinis. Fatih Üzüm.” He has no Facebook account. It makes no difference. They can write in. There is no need for people to conceal their names. Now, let us start with the Mediterranean. You start by coming to Izmir, then go from there to Marmara, and then from Çanakkale to the Black Sea. Travel the whole length, all the beaches are full. Millions of our people enter the sea in swimwear. You discount them all at the stroke of a pen. You look at them from another perspective entirely. Yet these are all very dear to us. They are immaculate and radiant Muslims. With that mindset, you just hurt yourself. Because your own sister goes there, too. She enters the pool and goes to the beach. And so do you. There is no need to interfere in what anyone wears. No interference in full body coverings or the bikini. One must respond to ideas with other ideas.

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