We reply to those who say there is no more communism

We reply to those who say there is no more communism

We reply to those who say there is no more communism.
  Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated June 16th, 2013

A communist rehearsal has been held. That communist rehearsal is very exciting for the protesters. For the first time in their lives they burned a police car. That is a turning point in their lives. They regard it as something important. They have beaten a police officer for the first time. They describe it with pride and honor. They are honored to have beaten a police officer. That is the education they receive. That is why counter-education is so vital.

(Viewer’s letter) 'Mr. Adnan Oktar, there is no more communism. This is the time of imperialism.’ Imperialism and communism are from the same family. Fascist thinking, communism, savage capitalism. 'Understand that we want liberty, not communism.’ I back those people who demand liberty right to the hilt. I am right alongside you when any harm comes to your freedom. Because freedom and peace are commanded by the Qur’an, a blessing given by God. What is paradise? Liberty. You fly in the air when you wish, you swim like a fish in the sea when you so wish. You sing when you wish and you can play whatever musical instrument you want, at the moment you wish. You are free. One can speak unbelievably fast. We can assume whatever face or body we wish. Liberty and peace are characteristics of the abode of paradise. Believers will always want liberty and peace. I am with those who want liberty right to the end. We are brothers. If a person strives on the subject of liberty, he is a follower of the Mahdi. What is the characteristic of the system of the Mahdi? Liberty and peace. What do you say? I want liberty, you say. Great, so you are a follower of the Mahdi.

Please show communist placards unfurled during the protests.

'We will say revolution to them – revolutionary youth.’
'A collective identity for the Kurdish people’ (separatist propaganda)
'Long live the revolution and socialism’ ‘The second war of liberation’
'Welcome to Red Square’ The Platform for the Struggle Union
'We will build socialism'
'Taksim leads to the commune'
'The revolution seems to have blinked. Chaos!’
'Communist revolutionary organization'
There are communist slogans and placards everywhere. Look at what they would impose on the state. They are making a statement of a declaration of communist revolution.

(Viewer’s letter) 'Would it not be a good thing if you brought those politicians together and made them make up?' They believe that in Turkey politics has to be based on conflict with a violent type of opposition. Because there is a European-style conception of politics. Otherwise, of course you can reconcile them and make them talk together. Normally they would all love one another. But they are like this because of this classic politics. Classic politics is like this from Thailand to Great Britain. They punch and hit one another. That is the style.

For one thing, our nation is very mild. It minds its own business and stays silent. The nation has not been damaged. The nation sat back quietly and watch events. But when there is a democratic foundation, the nation uses its democratic rights. It is the communists who were launching fireworks. It was illegal communist groups. If you are referring to these people, you are right. If you are referring to communist organizations, then you are right. Some people grabbed hold of guns and went to Taksim Square and fired at the police. Our people and nations watched it all silently, with amazement and horror. They saw the scale of the danger. They believed in the need for prudence. (Some protesters) appeared disguised as doctors, but later turned out to be thieves. They said someone was an old grandmother, but she turned out to be a member of an illegal organization. They said the police were provocateurs, but they were armed members of an illegal organization. Our nation have love and compassion. Religion, Islam, the system of the Mahdi always want love, affection, forgiveness and unification. The abode of paradise is also like that. It is full of love and peace and beauty.

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