Tayyip Erdoğan

Tayyip Erdoğan

 Our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's statement that he opposes ideologies that regard humans as animals is highly important 

DİDEM ÜRER: Our prime minister has said that they are “a government opposed to ideologies that regard human beings as animals.”

ADNAN OKTAR: A round of applause for our prime minister. Well spoken, Tayyip Erdoğan. You are a brave man, so why not just say you oppose Darwin directly? Who are you afraid of? You are not a man to be afraid of anyone. He said it, but indirectly. The only word he did not say was Darwin. Excellent, masha’Allah. He is telling the truth. Once you say that, you will never fall from power. When you say; “I am a supporter of God. I am against Darwinism and materialism. I long for a Great Turkey. I want Islamic Unity,” then government is yours. For as long as you want, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 years. May God make your life productive. Masha’Allah. Excellent. His enthusiasm is also good. This is an excellent initiative. He has conquered the heart of the nation. Splendid. Masha’Allah, excellent.

DİDEM ÜRER: Shall I read what our prime minister said on the subject?


DİDEM ÜRER: “Some people have regarded man as a thinking animal, may God forbid. There have been movements that have compared man to a machine, a device, an object. As a party we are totally opposed to such a definition. For us, man is a reflection of God on earth. Human beings are flesh and bone. But we not regard man as an entity with material needs alone. It is important to build a base in which everyone can work and earn.”

ADNAN OKTAR: He spoke very well. But sometimes these people fail to understand. They say, “He was not referring to us.’ Tayyip Erdoğan should put an end to the matter once and for all. He should say that they deceived the nation for 100 years with Darwinist and materialist nonsense, but we will prevent any further such corruption with knowledge, purity and love. We are with him all the way. Speaking for myself, of course. Not for anyone else. But by God’s leave I am sufficient all by myself.

spacer Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan may be the greatest leader in the Islamic world in 2023

ADNAN OKTAR: Our Prime Minister is a talented man. He is very healthy. He is good at being prime minister. Abdullah Gül is also a most pleasant and sweet man. He is excellent for the role of president. He is mild and good natured, pleasant to everyone, affectionate and just about everyone likes him. Very few people do not like him. That is very significant. He must carry on as president. May God grant him good health. Our prime minister must also continue as prime minister. Things are going very well. He will do really well until 2023. He is in good form, and has no problems. Allah will preserve him because he desires democracy, because he desires liberty, because he desires progress and most important of all, because he desires Islamic Unity, Turkish-Islamic Union, and because he wants affection and compassion. He may be the greatest leader in the Islamic world in around 2023. His behavior is such that everyone can like him. Shouting and noise are unimportant, he should not worry about them. Some people may shout and scream, but subconsciously they still like him very much and respect him. For example, someone may have a great car but he still gets angry with it and says, “What do I need a great car for?” But deep inside he still likes it very much. He may have a fine house but be annoyed by the lighting. But he still likes it really. Our prime minister must not be troubles by such noise and shouting. Shouting and noise are also a good thing. It shows that people loudly demand democracy in Turkey. And also, a prime minister can make a mistake. If someone shouts and protests he can ask himself, ‘Have I really made a mistake?” and then pull himself together. Anyone can make a mistake, can’t they?

 Our prime minister is the greatest leader since Ataturk 

DİDEM ÜRER: In the alleged terror organization Ergenekon case, Prime Minister Erdoğan made the following statement about the detained members of Parliament; “Members of the CHP and the Workers’ Party are causing incitement regarding the detainees in Silivri Prison. There is no question of their being MP’s in a democratic state. They want to free people whom they cannot release by legal means by making them members of parliament instead. This country is a state of law. We will not debate its superiority.”

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, our prime minister, Tayyip Erdoğan, defied a global psychopathic terror organization, in the name of God, with the courage that comes from faith, with a courage that nobody has had since the time of Ataturk. And by God’s leave, he has won. They want him to free Turkey from such a scourge while they still continue to attack him. That is very wrong. How many prime ministers ran up against this scourge, this outfit? They all submitted and were crushed and suffered. Erbakan was aware of it, but that holy man could do nothing about it. His hands were tied. He knew that he was up against a terror organization. Demirel also knew he was up against a terrifying organization. They shot at him, too. But he could not make a peep, he could not say a word. The late Turgut Özal was aware of this savage, ruthless and treacherous organization. But he could not even refer to it by name. Nobody could say anything. But then Erdoğan arrived, in a really heroic manner. Like Battal Ghazi [an Anatolian warrior], he stirred the whole thing up. Previous coalition governments were perfectly well aware of it. But they could not do anything about it. All Turkey trembled in fear of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. The organization was so perfidious it was unseen like satan. I mean, it is here, right under your nose, but you are not aware of it. That scourge was organized in Azerbaijan, Syria, Iraq and everywhere. Not only in Turkey. The prime minister destroyed an organization that was running the entire region. That’s why, solely because of that, no matter what he does, for that reason alone I say that he is the greatest leader since Ataturk. This started being heard after I said it first.

AYLİN KOCAMAN: You said it first.

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course. The economy can sink, but he has resolved the most crucial issue. But there is also no question of that, as the economy is also going really well. He also revived the economy and industry. Everywhere was in a state of collapse. Turkey is wealthy while everywhere else is in economic crisis. [He revived Turkey] within his own means, of course. I am saying this in comparison. Because wealth is relative, as you know. As a nation we are therefore morally indebted to Tayyip Erdoğan for this heroism. We have a debt of loyalty and must watch out for him. The story he will divide Turkey and all that kind of thing is nonsense. The Turkish state is very strong and these things should not be taken seriously. Because Turkey is a giant, and will not be troubled by fleas. There could be 2000 or 3000 fleas, but fleas are not going to trouble a camel. That is why we should avoid saying things that might discourage Erdoğan. Though he is stubborn and will not be discouraged. Tayyip Erdoğan is good and obstinate. He is very proud. If you ask me how I know, I do know. God manifests that attribute of his very well. He took his stubborn conception of politics from Erbakan. Erbakan was blessed and very obstinate. Once he got a bee in his bonnet, by God’s leave, he would stick at it until he got results. He was very sweet in that respect. A normal person would give up. He would get tired and give up. The Cyprus action happened because of Erbakan’s hard work. Ecevit was very soft-hearted. He was very timid. He was not strong enough to decide on war. He was very sensitive. Such a decision was impossible. The action was organized by Erbakan together with the General Staff. Erbakan told them to go in, and they did. Simple as that. The late Ecevit was easily influenced. But Erbakan was not like that. He was very brave. He did not worry about the press or anything. But he was unable to oppose the alleged terror organization that strongly in the coalition government. He did the rational thing and glossed matters over. They told him, “There is this secret organization in the state.” But he just said, “What are you talking about?” He glossed over it. He was right. They would have crushed. That sadistic organization was determined to crush the state. The state’s judges need to be supported against the threats made to them. The nation needs to watch over them. It must watch over the police and the prosecutors and judges. Our judges are actually very brave, they will not pay too much attention to them. They will not be affected by shouting and screaming. But there does seem to be pressure on them. That must not be allowed. Because if the judicial system is frightened and intimidated there will be no judicial system. And if that goes, Turkey will fall, may Allah forbid. The judicial system must stand bolt upright. But of course we must also be on our guard against injustice in the judicial system. There can be no question of having a weak judicial system but nobody interfering with it. You need systems to control the judicial system. I have said this before. You need judges to control the judicial system, don’t you? Supervisory judges. A judge is not God, may Allah forbid. A judge must be able to control everything. Frivolous cases must not be allowed. But proceedings must be brought if a judge makes a blatant error. No proceedings can be brought now. That must be changed. There should be a delegation of 10 judges so you can say, “Look, this judge has made this blatant error here.” Then the 10 judges will be able to say, “That is right. Let proceedings be opened.” But cases must not be brought solely to wear judges down, of course. The delegation of judges must determine that. It is not hard to tell. But the current structure also rejects those that are well-based in fact, as well. There is a blatant error made, but proceedings cannot be brought. That needs to change. People cannot state their case. They cannot say what they want to in their defense or on other matters. They have come up with this idea of secret witnesses. They can bring people in off the streets. Secret witnesses. You pay them money and they talk. “You must go and evidence but your name and identity will not be made public.” You produce three such witnesses and get them to talk. Then you sentence someone to 20 years in prison. While they walk around free. That is no good. People need to have the ability to object to such things. But that is just my opinion. Apart from that it is very wrong to try and intimidate a judge. We need to be careful about that.


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