Art and beauty and all things that make people happy must be the main priority in Egypt

Art and beauty and all things that make people happy must be the main priority in Egypt

Art and beauty and all things that make people happy must be the main priority in Egypt

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated July 05th, 2013

Adnan Oktar: Banning art and beauty and everything that imparts joy, and the dominion of everything that troubles people. For example, the waters do not flow, the surroundings are not maintained, people have dirty faces, they are apathetic and despairing, it is very hard to find an attractive person, or any greenery or parkland. Looking at the city is depressing. It is depressing to hear what people say, to look at the tanks. But if there were really attractive young girls and men. If there were a joyous and clean appearance, if there were fine promises for the future, if they were told that everywhere would be made green, and clean and attractive, that the water would flow again, that peace will come and that all ideas and opinions will be respected, then that pain and tension in people’s hearts will disappear. And when it does, people will feel love and ease. People need to love their leaders. And in order to love them, they need to have evidence to obtain that love. For example, one compliments the person one loves so that person will love one even more. One wins them over and buys them little gifts and looks nice for them. Isn’t that right? One makes one’s home and surroundings look nice. One provides nice things to eat. And then love happens.

Since that is what a person does, people will love their leaders more when this happens in society. In this way, troubles in society, pain and hopelessness, will disappear. The urge to burn and destroy will disappear. Since rage has disappeared, that spirit of rebellion in society, the sadistic spirit, the desire to kill and slaughter, will also disappear. So what I am saying is true.

Yes, Ms. Didem

Didem Urer: Yes insha’Allah. The Ismailia court of appeal last week told the chief prosecutor’s office that the case of the imprisoned leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood charged with acting and establishing links with Hamas in the 25 January revolution should be heard.

Adnan Oktar: It is not hard for these people to fabricate crimes in events of this kind. This is easy for them. Many accusations have been made against Morsi, from treason on down. What happened to Adnan Menderes (the Turkish prime minister hanged in the wake of a coup in 1961)? Then, a handful of people will come together and give evidence, saying ‘he told me to do this or that, he gave me money to commit treason.’ The state will set that up. If the secret state wants to crush someone it does not take long to organize it. They even do it very foolishly and incompetently, but they do it. It can easily be seen.

They imagine these matters are very complex. But they are not complex at all. One can calm even the most enraged person down with love and kindness. If a community is angry and irritable, it can be calmed down very well. But one cannot calm it down by shouting, shameful acts, threats and extremism. Society will become even more tense. You will make the community ill. Even your own supporters will fall sick. And scourges will come to your door as a result. It would be very wrong to try and engage in cheap heroism. Encouraging scourges to the bitter end and then engaging in cheap heroism. If you want to be a hero, then being subjected to injustice even though you try to do your best, then that will make you a great man.

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