Mr. Adnan Oktar commented on the recent occurrences in Egypt

Mr. Adnan Oktar commented on the recent occurrences in Egypt

Mr. Adnan Oktar commented on the recent occurrences in Egypt

From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on A9 TV on 2 July 2013

Didem Ürer: Master, Mursi is  delivering a speech at the moment. He said he’s worked with all his might for the past one year. He said they had made mistakes too and he’s seen them. He is complaining about the deep government and those who are seeking to cause turmoil.

Adnan Oktar: My dear brother, why don’t you focus on art, beauty, aesthetics? My Morsi brother. Let the young people listen to music. Make entire Egypt very clean, very beautiful. Let joy surround Egypt. Don’t scold ladies without headscarves. Show them love. Don’t scold ladies with modern clothes. Show them love. Let the Christians worship in anyway they want. Hug the Christians in front of everyone. Show them love and compassion. Show love and compassion to Jews. Go and hug them in front of everyone. Talk about the beauties of freedom of expression. Treat the communists the same way, just tell everyone ‘these [communists] are my brothers and sisters too’ and hug the communists too. Say ‘they are the servants of God, too’. Embrace everyone. Make Egypt very well lit, very clean, build nice statues there, let there be paintings, art, music everywhere. The streets of Egypt must be filled with the sound of nice Arabic music. Let it be warm and embracing for everyone. Of course perform your prayer 5 times a day. Let the people be very devout, open new mosques, one after another. If the people fasting have financial problems, give them money, anything they need, help them. God gave you such a great opportunity, you have the power in your country. The government is yours. What would you need to force the ideology of radicals on people? My dear brother, if you embrace people with love, with an art-loving, beauty-embracing spirit, then the religious people and nonreligious people alike would live very comfortably. You are entrusted with nonreligious people and you are like saying to them ‘you have to live a life like I do’. How could they do that? Embrace all. Seeing them free would make you happy, too. [In a scene where] Christians are free, communists are free, atheists are free, everyone is living happily, Muslims would be happy too. But if you oppress them, Muslims would be uncomfortable with that. If for example he [the said people] is suffering, how could you feel at peace after seeing that? Treat them nicely, maybe they’ll be Muslims too, maybe they’ll be Mohammedians, too, one day. Be compassionate to them. Isn’t it right? Don’t show radicalism as Islam. Be very modern, let there be nice, beautiful, refined young girls, loving people. For example if very sophisticated, elegant, classy young ladies were the spokespeople of that party, together with good-looking, charming young men, if Morsi was accompanied by them wherever he went, it would look amazing and very warm and the military would be very happy with such a scene too. The military is at a loss too, what with the deep government and everything. And then the thugs come into power and then the executioners of the deep government start running the country and they execute the religious people. They execute the non-religious too, and the communists as well. They carry on with their execution-happy ways. The Mahdi system is very easy so don’t resist the Mahdi system. Morsi. You are a devout Muslim, I would kiss your hands with respect. I don’t claim to know any better, I am just any other brother of yours. I would kiss your hands with respect, but do as I say. InsaAllah.

Didem Urer: At the moment he is saying he wants to build a modern state. He praises democracy. He says for the past year no government agency was able to work properly so he couldn’t exactly do what he wanted to do. He says I might have made mistakes but trying to overthrow me by force is not the way to do it. I will continue to take responsibility. I want to do the bidding of all Egyptians. But I won’t allow any bloodshed.

Adnan Oktar: He should truly achieve a modern Egypt, he should focus on science, art and aesthetics. He can do that. He should hold hands with a Christian and a Jew and then hold them up high. He should show everyone that he is their protector. He should promise that the will bring art and beauty to entire Egypt. He should promise utmost democracy and freedom and then do it. Freedom helps religion. Religion prospers with freedom. Pressure only fuels fascism and communism. Eliminate pressure, let there be peace. Also clean Egypt. Let Egypt be very clean. Work with young people.

And USA shouldn’t look forward to overthrowing Morsi. USA, shouldn’t look forward to overthrowing Morsi. Otherwise hatred for USA would arise. It wouldn’t be wise for USA. USA shouldn’t hand over Egypt to murderers. This is not something the army can do. The people wouldn’t be happy with that. Morsi should be given some more time. At least 6 more months. And Morsi should strictly keep his promises. USA would just hurt itself if they do it, let me tell you that much. And it wouldn’t become USA to do something like that. If they attempt to team up with the Egyptian army and overthrow Morsi, which I know that they are teaming up with the Egyptian army, I know that they are very close and I know that the Egyptian commander in chief is following the instructions of USA. Don’t try to deny. I have strong evidence. I can show evidence if necessary. USA would lose a lot if they do it, they would completely mess up the Middle East. And people would completely hate USA if they do that. They should stay out of it. But if Morsi cannot do it in 6 months, we can find a solution. There could be elections. But at the moment, if they try to replace him like this, as if it is a good example of changing the government, then there is no democracy. USA would ruin the entire Middle East. This would burn USA and Europe, too. This is an ugly method and cannot be accepted. You cannot replace a government by shouting and yelling and throwing a tantrum. You change governments only with votes. How can you say that whoever shouts the most gets to run the country? Ok then what if anti-Morsi people come into power and then pro-Morsi people do the same thing? Like a game of overthrowing the government. They keep overthrowing each other. Like table tennis. Thrown in different directions all the time. Obviously not acceptable. First of all, Egypt should be secular. Communists should be shown respect. Non-religious people should be shown respect. Christians and Jews should be shown respect, by Morsi. And Morsi should guarantee that all these people will be respected. The governments should be changed with elections, not by causing a scene. Early elections are ok, however the governments should change with elections. And the governments should always safeguard the rights of the losing parties. For example there is a social democrat party, the incumbent party should do whatever the social democrats consider important. For instance what do the communists want? They want social justice. Do it. Don’t let it hanging. Maximum freedom will help religion so much, will help Islam so much.

Direm Ürer: Master, Morsi says that ‘I am addressing every color in Egypt, Muslims, Christians everyone’.

Adnan Oktar: Very good, this is the way it should be.

Didem Ürer: He says for the first time in Egypt’s history they had a democratic election and that they should appreciate it. He says ‘if we are dragged into fights and bloodshed, we could get into a never-ending downward spiral. So we have to be patient. Injustice had hurt us all. I want all the injustice to come to an end in Egypt. And he says that ‘I will try to do what my responsibility requires me to do’.

Adnan Oktar: Yes. And the army shouldn’t be too willing as well. The commander in chief. He is a faint-hearted man, he immediately says ‘let’s take over, whatever’. My brother, can you imagine what it would lead to? And then the people would rebel against you too, you would burn yourself, too. You would ruin the whole Middle East. USA is shooting itself in the foot, this is wrong. They have to be patient. We have been explaining it for days, seems like Morsi has been listening, insa’God. We should contact [US officials] over internet so that they don’t pressure the Egyptian army to do this. USA should not be a part of such ugly things. Obama is a sensible, reasonable man. He shouldn’t be a part of the atrocities of the US deep government. How would you even think this is a feasible solution, getting the army in charge? What would the army know about running a country? Leave them alone. This is the first time there is a civilian government. Of course there could be mistakes, they could stumble, this is the first time, they are novices. Give them some time. First of all, freedom of women is the most crucial thing for a government. Morsi should show his dedication to freedom of women. For example he should be surrounded by ladies without headscarves, with modern clothes, let there be joyful and happy around him. Let there be nice young men as well and with that he can give a nice message to the public. If women are free somewhere, no one would have any objections to that. However if women are being oppressed, that would disturb everyone. A system that crushes women is bound to be destroyed, let me tell you that. And a system that frees women is bound to flourish. He should show his love and respect to women and he should make everyone understand that he feels that women are superior. Because in many parts of the Islamic world, women are considered half human beings. He should put an end to that disaster. He should start with that. There are very nice, beautiful Egyptian  ladies without headscarves. He should be pictured mostly with them. Let there be nice beautiful ladies with headscarves too. Let there be beautiful ladies with hijab too. But they should be elegant, beautiful and genial. But most ladies should be without headscarves and then there should be ladies with modern clothes. And there should be young men as well. If he has pictures taken with them and give it to media, it would help his image greatly both in Europe and everywhere else. Let the Egyptian streets be filled with joy. The radicals think that if they do that that would be their end. No one would say anything to your radicalism. Do whatever you want to do in your home. The government wouldn’t interfere with you. As long as you don’t hurt anyone, as long as you don’t disturb anyone. You can be as much radical as you want. But if your force your radicalism on people, if you hurt people, the government would need to take action, because you are hurting people.

Didem Ürer:  Morsi explained the decisions taken. He said that the government shall be changed and a new coalition government shall be set up. It is reported that his attempt for a new government would lighten the mood. And he said that in this coalition different parties would take place as well, just like you said.

Adnan Oktar: All right. Coalition is also acceptable. The whole issue is freedom of women. When radicals see a woman, they are like a monkey that just saw an explosion, jumping up and down, throwing themselves on the ground; radicals go crazy like that. I have been telling this for years. For four years I’ve been telling on television that we need to educate the youth, every day I’m saying that we need to educate a youth who is against communism, fascism, Darwinism, materialism. For example Morsi could launch a great program to educate the youth against Darwinism and materialism. He could have done that but he did not. He has the national education system in his hands. We need to tell this by emphasizing the facts of science and focusing on science. You need to do this by consistently emphasizing your admiration for science.

Didem Ürer: God knows that all of your messages were communicated. He said that we could have general elections in six days and we will ask everyone’s opinion about the constitution and launch a dialogue table. Now he is emphasizing that they will value everyone’s opinions and ideas, and he is also warning about not shedding any blood through the use of military forces. And he is using a determined manner of speech against those seeking for military action.

Adnan Oktar:  Well done. America should use her influence here. It is very easy for Mr. Obama. America should not let such a stupid action take place. They gave the army some money, that’s nice okay. But the army is not given money to cause mischief and trouble. The military should state its loyalty to democracy. The military should be insistent to solve these issues within the boundaries of democracy. But because they did not educate the youth and they have become Darwinist and materialist in Egypt not we have this troublesome situation flooding in. In Egypt a majority of young people are Darwinists and materialists. It is unbelievable. It is no comparison to Turkey. Darwinism is extremely widespread because we are not there. Morsi shall bring the youth into the forefront starting from today. What radicals say is not important. They would destroy you. They are crazy. If you go and follow the bigots, they would go down and take you with them. Morsi should cut loose from them and side himself with modern young people. He should aim for a modern Egypt. But he should not be afraid of radicals because the orthodox faiths shall not be harmed. No one should intervene in orthodox faiths. I am very compassionate towards the orthodox faiths. But we will not let oppression against women. And if they do it towards their close ones, may God save them, what could I say? But they say that I will kill this lizard and so on, for example these are ugly things to say. We can talk against this day and night. But if they say I believe in this, then he could believe in that. What can I say? We cannot force him to change his mind. 

Rightist newspapers are pointing the American Ambassador, who is a she, as a target. This is also very bigoted. Giving a lady a difficult time is a very low act. What could that lady do? If she has orders coming from the US then she will follow them obviously. What does that have to do with her? When you can’t do something about it, you are slandering women. Go and directly deal with the US government. Right? Is it rational to behave rudely to a lady who came there as a guest? This is wrong. She needs to be approached with compassion. America also should not have a lapse of reason; thinking when they overthrow him there will be relief. It’s not going to happen. Radicalism would develop even more let me tell you. You would make radicals stronger and the people would be crushed. And the other side would not have any benefits. They would also clash with the military.

Didem Ürer:  Morsi said “I am sending a message of love to all people of Egypt.”

Adnan Oktar: Very good. He should talk about love and compassion a lot. He should mention modernism a lot and democracy should be on his lips all the time. But especially he should emphasize freedom of women really well. People must hear about this: freedom of women. And he should show this physically. There are very elegant, beautiful young women in Egypt. They shall select the most beautiful and modern of them and take pictures with Morsi. Women who wear the hijab and the headscarf, women who don’t wear them, women with modern clothes, all of them. If such a picture were to be published by the press, it would be great. They should take pictures like that again and again. Pictures with Christian fathers in the church. He should take pictures with Jews in synagogues. He should give these pictures to the press one after the other. It is easy after that. And he should also act with the spirit of Mahdi. He should also talk about the Mahdi. And what are they afraid of? Waiting for the Mahdi.  Look you don’t have to say that he has come. You are saying, “I am waiting for him.” There is a blessing in this. This is an unnecessary fear: “If we talk about the Mahdi, such such will happen” Nothing will happen. You are not saying Mahdi is this person. You are not saying I saw him. You are not saying he is here now. You are only saying “I am waiting for him.” You can say that. It’s okay. Both the non-religious and religious people would like the arrival of the Mahdi. The non-religious people would not be uncomfortable with the Mahdi because he is a salvation for him as well. The Mahdi is a person of love. Why would he be uncomfortable? The people should appreciate modern democracy. A majority of the young people in Egypt has a mentality that the government should change through conflict and incidents like this. Come on! They would overthrow you one week after you came into power. You would not be able to remain in power. Do it if you can. The military also could not remain in power. The people do not want to be ruled by the military all the time. The military will not be able to do it, anyway. Then they would attack the soldiers. Egypt would be ruined. They must be a little patient. Also it would help if he could cooperate with the opposition as long as the opposition is not extremist and keep it reasonable. A coalition government together with them would be very nice. But if he does what we say, there would be no need for a coalition. He is a bit late. We have been telling for months. When it came on knocking on his door, then he began doing what I’m telling him. I have been telling him for months. But he did not do it. When trouble comes they are doing what I say.


  1. Egypt crisis: The comments of Adnan Okhtar, Harun Yahya in the context to the Egyptian crisis is very nice, what he suggests is a very good option, every muslim leader must follow these instrictions, but mursi failed to understand them properly.


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