Darwinism is the root cause of the coup and popular uprising in Egypt

Darwinism is the root cause of the coup and popular uprising in Egypt

Darwinism is the root cause of the coup and popular uprising in Egypt

Didem Ürer: In the wake of the military coup in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait have agreed to give the junta government 12 million dollars in financial aid.

Adnan Oktar: As a gift?

Didem Ürer: Yes.

Adnan Oktar: Masha’Allah. Look, the sad thing is that the money will soon be spent. Because Egypt is paralyzed. It has no industry, no tourism and no nothing. It is paralyzed. If there is no love and art in a place, if there is pain and suffering and despair, then there will be no industry there and no wealth. There will be nothing. You can send as much aid as you like. That is like giving blood to a dead man. You can give him 1000 liters but he will never come back to life. To bring him back to life you need the Mahdi, Jesus the Messiah and Islamic Unity. There is no other way.

Didem Ürer: Riyadh and Abu Ghabi took that decision in the wake of events in which at least 51 people were martyred. Analyses in the Middle Eastern and Western press suggests that the influence of Turkey and Qatar in Egypt has declined and that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are more important.

Adnan Oktar: Their analysis is that this is because they have the money, isn’t it? That is not right, it is important for people what they believe sincerely. The Egyptian people are very dear to me and very devout. They think religion is the way they are living. Religion means love, beauty, peace art and a paradise on earth. They are ruining themselves for no reason. Their teachers say what they want to hear. And they say what their teachers want to hear. They are in a total dead-end. In order to be a good religious scholar they should talk how  those people want. There is an impasse between the religious teachers and the people. They have fallen into a cycle of extremism.

America is also at a loss what to do. America’s conception of democracy is great. Its conception of modernity is great. Its conception of art is great. But the American economy has collapsed because Christianity has collapsed in the country. It has been weakened. America now constantly inflates Darwinism. That is why it is under the influence of what it has been doing. Uncontrollable masses have begun to emerge. There was nothing of this kind in the past. But now there are ferocious masses everywhere. They take to the streets with sticks and shout and make a loud noise. They do not use love any more to tell people what they want to say. They do not use kindness and respect to tell them things. I am not speaking of the whole mass of people, but most are like that. They try to convince people with sticks, baseball bats, guns, shouts and cries and bloodshed. A terrible savagery has enfolded the world. America is watching in bafflement. But as I always say, Darwinism is the root cause of this scourge. In order to escape that scourge, Darwinism and materialism have to be scientifically annihilated, Islamic unity needs to come about and the Mahdi and Jesus the Messiah need to appear.

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