The prophets had a sure and certain faith

The prophets had a sure and certain faith

The prophets had a sure and certain faith
From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on A9 TV on 29 May 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: The prophets are like that. How excellent, masha’Allah. Our Prophet (pbuh) had a sure faith in the divine truth. He was as sure of God as of himself. A man came with a sword. Arab swords shine very bright. Our Prophet was busy with something under a tree; “O Muhammad, who will save you from me now?” he asks. He has risen his sword up in the air. And our Prophet was on the ground. The Prophet’s neck was ready, may Allah forbid. Our Prophet just said, “God will protect me” and carried on with what he was doing. Look at that faith. The man was stunned. He had cone to martyr him. They had hired him to kill him. The man was paralyzed, he could not bring his arm down. He was stunned by that faith. “You are truly a prophet,” he then said, masha’Allah. His strength and everything was paralyzed in the face of that faith. Other people would have been terrified and tried to spring up or do something. But our Prophet spoke very calmly and said, “God will protect me.” The divine truth.

The Prophet Moses (pbuh) was uncertain at first, but then his faith became certain. His people said, “Woe on us, we are caught,” when they came to the edge of the sea. But he very calmly said, “Never. My Lord is with me.” They had come to the edge of the Red Sea. Pharaoh’s army was behind them, the most powerful army in the world at that time. They all had swords and spears against  a handful of Muslim believers.  The sea. A raging sea. It seemed as if there was no way out. They would either throw themselves into the sea and be drowned, or else the army would slay them. But he said, “Never. My Lord is with me.” And the sea immediately opened up. We are told the waves were like mountains. Who knows, maybe 8 or 10 meters. The Muslims quickly crossed to the other side. He struck the sea with his staff and prayed, “O Lord, part the sea for us.” And they crossed to the other side. As the last people crossed, Pharaoh’s army excitedly entered in. The wisdom of God; they should normally have been on their guard, just in case. They had boats, they could have brought them and crossed to the other side. They could have caught them in any event. They could have caught them with half an hour’s delay. Because their chariots were very fast. But they plunged in after them, and just as they got to the middle, Almighty God says that waves like mountains swallowed them up. Pharaoh said he now believed in the Lords of the Prophet Moses and of Aaron. But God said “right now?”, since he had denied Him before. He was at the brink of death, but there was no salvation. Almighty God said He would save him, because he had begged Almighty God “Save me.” But he had made this for numbers of times. He had also said that in the plague of locusts and the plague of fleas and the plague of blood. He said the same thing in them all. He said the same thing and imagined he could be saved. He said the same thing every time and was saved. Almighty God said, “All right, I will save you. But I will save only your body.” Since he did not believe in the hereafter or the soul. “I will save your body only,” said Almighty God. God does not say I will not save you. He says “Save me” and God say “I will”. God left his dead body by the side of the sea. But He took his soul. And Pharaoh, Nimrud, is one of the main figures of hell.


  1. All the prophets had a very firm belief in God, today this is the problem, we all do not have faith in the god, and this is the problem.


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