Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) explained the incidents in Egypt very comprehensively

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) explained the incidents in Egypt very comprehensively

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) explained the incidents in Egypt very comprehensively
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated July 07th, 2013

He doesn’t say that things will be trivial or small. Bediuzzaman explains this and says that ‘The Prophet (pbuh) would only relate important things’.  He says that ‘Small things wouldn’t be important enough to be told of by the Prophet (pbuh)’.

However, since these things happening in Egypt are important things, he gave detailed information about it. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) says in his hadiths that foreigners would also be involved, and that it would be really complicated and tough. We are living in the End Times and our Lord is showing us history according to the destiny He created. One would think that they are ousting Morsi unexpectedly. Actually, Morsi was ousted before he was even born. They say El-Baradei  is removed from duty as the prime minister. He was removed long before he was born;  destiny never changes. The number of people gathering, what they will chant, who will speak, who will do what, they are all preordained in destiny down to its slightest details. Look from above, there are so many people on the streets protesting it is like they are grains of sand. All the places they are protesting in, they were prepared beforehand by God. Some for a certain area, the others are for a different area, it is all set and determined.

Why does God divide them into two? For the test, for life to move. Otherwise if God willed, He could have created all Egyptians as Ikhwan supporters. Do you think it is impossible for the other 30 million to be Ikhwan supporters when there are 30 million already like that? God doesn’t do that. He makes sure that some of them have different thoughts. God makes them oppose each other. God makes them like each other sometimes, and detest each other at other times.  God says: ‘You were enemies before, and God unified your hearts’. When they are enemies, they don’t seek to reconcile. God says to Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) in a verse: ‘Even if you had spent everything on the Earth, you could not have unified their hearts’. So no matter what you spend, no matter what you do, you wouldn’t be able to make them friends; only God can do that. God possesses the power alone.

The administrators, the scholars in Egypt should look at things from a point of view of the Qur’an. If they look at it from a political perspective, they would be stuck. If they look at it with a purely political perspective, faith wouldn’t be a part of it, and then God wouldn’t like it. They should act in the way God would like because God creates everything; He is the one that is going to fix it. The administrators, the scholars, they should always be in contact with God, think deeply and choose the wisest course of action. What is the wisest course of action? Love. In the End  Times, the most important weapon is love. It is always love but especially in the End Times, love is the most important weapon. They should persist in love. They should never allow an atmosphere of hatred  to creep in.  Secondly, they should be very loyal to the Qur'an. If you say that God’s Book is insufficient, you are declaring a war against God. God says it is enough, and you say it is not God says He explained everything, and you say He didn’t. You say it is only half. You are challenging the Book of God (surely God is beyond that).

If you challenge the Book of God, you are challenging God, (surely God is beyond that), and then how can you claim you are innocent and you didn’t know? They should try to see the secret knowledge  in this. All those people can be reasoned with. Their hearts are in the control of God, too. For instance, that commander, he could be easily reasoned with; you could also easily reason with El-Baradei. The American ambassador, you can easily reason with him. However, if you approach them with rage, with something other than the spirit of the Qur’an, people would just get stubborn and you wouldn’t be able to reason with them. They would only want to fight and shed blood, then. They would want to cause. So they should trust God’s Book. They should accept that God’s Book is sufficient. If they say that God’s Book is insufficient, God would take that as an insult, as a challenge. So the Ikhwan should believe that the Qur'an is sufficient. This is the most important matter: Ikhwan supporters, Salafi supporters should believe in the sufficiency of the Qur'an.

And also they should be very sincere, and very loving. If they do that, they’ll be saved from their troubles. But if they don’t, they’ll continue to be troubled until Hazrat Mahdi (as) comes. Let me tell you that. For months, for years, this ordeal could continue. Because the Mahdi will teach them love, sincerity and the sufficiency of the Qur'an but if they do it on their own, they’ll save themselves from their troubles, insha’ Allah.

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