Religious scholars in Islamic countries must encourage peace

Religious scholars in Islamic countries must encourage peace

From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on A9 TV on 27 May 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: There really is a terrible savagery in one part of Islamic countries. May God give them guidance. There is a huge lack of love. This is terrible. There is a pack of around 100 scholars in total in the Islamic world who are ruining Muslims. People follow them as they regard them as scholars. The other day there was this guy with cardboard on his head saying, “Kill and bomb and blow things up.” What kind of conception of religion and love is that? What need is there? It is totally unnecessary and horrible. They believe that killing is a holy deed, that bombing is a holy deed. My brother, that is so wrong. You must live by love and friendship. They stupidly make a hell on earth and inflict hell on people.

Syria is at an impasse at the moment. We have sent Assad at least 30 messages but he is still sticking by his pride. He says; “He did this because he was in a difficult position.” How can that be right? Do you live for your pride, or for God? Tell us. Let us pull Syria together. There are many Christians in Syria. All the communities, be they Jewish or Shiite, Muslim communities, should arrange a great friendship dinner, and then we can resolve the whole matter amicably. Syria should be used from top to bottom. Everyone must be friends and brothers and love one another.

That is why it is good to go to Christian communities and become acquainted with them. It is good to go to churches to meet them. America really consists of a nation of people who desire peace. Americans are full of love. I love the Americans. They are full of love. America being strong means tranquility for the world. Do you know why? Because they believe in God. Look, they even speak of God on dollar bills. It is always God, wherever you go. The reason for their prosperity is that love of God. Prosperity comes to those who love God. That is why there must be an alliance with everyone who seeks freedom and liberty. There must be an alliance with whoever loves God. We must stand alongside whoever favors democracy, whoever supports art, science, beauty and goodness.

And we must insist on peace. There are always these mafia-mentality types. The kind you see in mafia films. They talk in peaceful terms first, saying, “What wrong did I ever do you? Then they smash the man’s head in with a hammer. They beat him black and blue. Maniacal types like that. Peace and love is a concept, a belief, with no bounds or limitations. There is no question of this far but no further. For example, what does Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) say? “If someone strikes you on the right cheek, offer him the left.” But they have this revenge mentality. The idea that if only they would throw a bomb at me and then I can wipe them all out. When someone throws a bomb at you, you must say, “My brother, fear God. What are you doing? Have you no pity for Muslims?” One cannot reply with more bombs. These are stupid actions.

For example, the founding fathers of America took lessons from the Gospel. Excellent. They spoke of love and fear of God. Love of God is stressed really well in the Gospel, and in great detail. That is why I made a book out of the Gospel. For our Muslim brothers to make use of. It is very important they should make use of it. It is the same with the Torah. People are called on to love God with all their hearts. Look, with all your heart. What a fine thing to say. People say, “I love God.” But that is not enough. You must love Him with all your heart and being and concentration.


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