Fear of Allah brings intelligence, honesty and love

Fear of Allah brings intelligence, honesty and love

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated July 25th, 2012

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ADNAN OKTAR: Not believing in Allah, not feeling love for Allah is a gruesome system. Some people say; "wouldn't only feeling love for Allah be enough?" Well, my brother, look now the Christian priest only feel love for Allah, they do not fear Allah. And there is a formidable collapse.. For instance in Greece, the priests have gathered and prayed. Well, my brother, without feeling fear of Allah, you cannot get anywhere with love for Allah. Fear of Allah brings intelligence, without it your intelligence would be gone first of all. Fear of Allah brings honesty. With love of Allah, when something conflicts with one's own interest.. For instance let us say one saw someone lying on the floor, may Allah forbid, for instance being hit by a car he is lying there on the floor. This one feels love for Allah and might say; "My Lord, this one is entrusted to You, I am going now. You will take care of it, You are full of love, You will be doing whatever is necessary."   What would a person fearing Allah do? He would stop the car, knowing that he will get himself in trouble, put him to his car and take him.  That is because if an unclaimed person is on the floor in a comatoze state, the police would take you and arrest you when you take him to the hospital. They wouldn't let you go because it might have been you who hit that person with your car. If one has a high moral standing, he would take the risk of being imprisoned, he would risk everything. His car will be in a welter of blood and he will risk that as well. That is because if it were your own child there on the road, would you stop there or not? You would definitely stop. What about that one? He is a son of Adam. Are you not the son the prophet Adam as well? And he is your brother, how can you leave him on the ground? That would be murder. Shooting the man yourself or leaving him on the ground like that are exactly the same.
They saw the woman being beaten and -pardon my language- that grown man is standing there watching without doing anything. You cattle!.. They do so thinking what if something happens. So be it, the most that can happen is that you would be martyred. Or you would be injured and become a veteran for the good pleasure of Allah. What is the logic in watching that poor thing, that inoffensive woman being beaten to desolatingly in front of everyone's eyes? That is a grave immorality. Step in. Right? Call the police.. The attacker would hold back anyway, if you come onto him with a crowd. That is the reason why they find the guts to do all kinds of immorality. Inside a store they go and stab a woman. The man is sure that no one would dare to do anything. And the people around are watching! But you would go inside and say; "What is happening here?" Bend his arm and take that knife from his hand. If you come for him, he cannot do anything. That is because you are not his enemy. He would hold back from you. He is only angry with her. You step in and say; "Have fear of Allah!" Right? You advise him and say;  "Come to senses, seek refuge with Allah from the satan. Say 'Auzubillah Minashaitan Nirajeem Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim.' She is a servant of Allah as well, have you gone mad? " you would say. Insha'Allah.  


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