Without the fear of Allah, irreligiousness would rule over the world.

Without the fear of Allah, irreligiousness would rule over the world.

Except from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated July 22nd, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: They want that there would be no fear of Allah, they just want the love for Allah. With only love for Allah, there would not be the environment in which they would live the love for Allah. When there is no fear of Allah, irreligiousness would rule over the world. The fear of Allah lies at the root of love, compassion, mercy, goodness, beauty and reason. Without the fear of Allah people might be capable of incredible cruelty. They might simply say "I love Allah," and go do anything that could be abnormal. But the fear of Allah is the foundation of good morality and good manners. If a person fears Allah he wouldn't lie, if he fears Allah, he would be careful about the lawful and unlawful things [regarding to religion]. If one fears Allah he would be loyal, faithful and he wouldn't be indifferent. For a person who does not fear Allah, there would be no meaning to loyalty. He would say; "I love Allah," and do nothing. He would constantly be asking things from Allah, but wouldn't want to give anything for Allah.  Allah doesn't need anything anyway, but such a person would be reluctant to give anything from himself. He wouldn't want to give his possessions, he wouldn't want to spend his possessions. He just wants Allah to give him wealth. He would not distribute his wealth. One would distribute his wealth only with the fear of Allah. The fear of Allah is the starting point of wisdom and reason. I mean without the fear of Allah one's reason would be diminished, it would be gone, That is why the fear of Allah is a great blessing. Because some people fail to understand this subtlety they think superficially and childishly. If you say; "Why is there the need for the fear of Allah, I want to love Allah with my childish heart, I want to love Him like a child," you would be behaving just like some children do. You would act childishly. For instance [let us think about] showing loyalty and fidelity for an old person. It is very hard to look after an old person. Only with love for Allah, one might not be willing to look after such a person, he might find it difficult. But with the fear of Allah he would be self-sacrificing, he would spend his money and even give his life if necessary. For instance with the love of Allah, one might not be willing to give his life solely by saying he loves Allah, but he would with the fear of Allah. Without the fear of hell, without the fear of Allah the whole order of the world would be disrupted, the whole structure would be corrupted. Let us talk about the importance of fear of Allah extensively, let us talk about it separately as a lesson. Because they misunderstand this, may Allah forbid, they find it to be a bit primitive; may Allah forbid, they think about it as if it is something like being afraid of being beaten, etc. That is not the case. There is profundity in the fear of Allah. That is the fear of love, that is a different kind of fear. I mean it is not like the feeling of scare and fright a gun or a bomb would make people feel. But let us explicate this in details both with verses of the Qur'an and with evidence from life and explain what would happen when there is no fear of Allah, insha'Allah. 
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