Turkish-Islamic Union is the salvation for the Muslims in Burma, not NATO

Turkish-Islamic Union is the salvation for the Muslims in Burma, not NATO

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated July 25th, 2012

DIDEM URER: Master, the Hong Kong Ambassador of Burma has sent a letter to the authorities of the countries in the meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations held a few days ago.  In this letter, the Ambassador has belittled Muslims and claimed that these people are in fact not Burmese -in his own mind of course- said; "in contrast to handsome Burmese people with their soft, smooth skins, you see in their photographs that these people have dark brown skin." He thus drew attention to the dark color of Muslims' skins and physical attributes that are different than theirs.  Master, forming concentration camps for Muslims is being discussed in Burma at the moment.
ADNAN OKTAR: As far as I see this man has a severe "itching". Muslims need to draw attention to this by constantly warning NATO and the United Nations and by making this agenda everywhere. However I also draw attention to the abnormality here. Even though it is the Union of Islam that needs to take action, even though it is the Turkish-Islamic Union that needs to act on this, they are expecting help from NATO, from the United Nations.  Whereas even the existence of a Turkish-Islamic Union would fundamentally solve this matter, it would close the matter once and for all. That is why our brothers and sisters should continue to promote Turkish-Islamic Union, the Unity of Islam everywhere with patience and determination. This will take a while, this pain will go on for a while but they need to go on with insistence and determination. These will happen even if they do not go on. It will happen no matter what. But they will continue, this is how their destiny is and in the end there will be a beautiful outcome. Allah creates these disasters specifically so that people would ask for the Unity of Islam. Look at this man; saying that they have smooth skin, etc. He seems to be a peculiar, an abnormal person. Look at his style. Muslims are wronged there. Do these people there have a position to think about the color of their skins? They are living under the sun in the worst living conditions and they are living under oppression. They are being insulted every day, they are belittled every day. Would one's skin, one's bones, one's flesh be able to stand that? Eventually these are humans, they are not made up of stone and iron.
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