Jesus (pbuh) is a Manifestation of Allah

Our Christian brothers should say 'Jesus Messiah (pbuh) is a Manifestation of Allah'.
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated July 24th, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: "Dear Master Adnan," says Yalçın, the believer of Messiah. "I would like to tell you that the Jesus Messiah is the Lord and the Savior." May Allah forbid, you should be talking about Allah, say that Allah is the Lord. "We do not believe in three Allah, we believe in the Oneness of Allah." That is nice, that is good. "I will give you the example of the sun. Let us say the light, warmth and the color of the sun; these make three. These are not separate entities, but three different reflections of the same sun. For instance you would be a father at home, a master to your followers in the studio, and a son to your parents. Now Master Adnan, would that make you three different individuals? This is what the Jesus Messiah is; this is what the creed of trinity is. Come on then, if you know something better, refute my thesis and I will then become a Muslim tonight. Yalçın, the believer of Messiah."

Well okay, let me refute and insha'Allah you will come to believe. Well, brother Yalçın, why is there the need for such a complicity? Say that Allah is One. And say that we are the manifestations of Allah. The manifestations of Allah.. Say; "Allah manifests in plants, Allah manifests in humans, He manifests in the sun, He manifests in everything, yet there is only one Allah," and then the matter will be closed. However if you say; "the Messiah is the Lord," what would a person understand from that when he hears this? You mean to talk about the manifestations. You try to say the manifestations. But the way you talk is not like you mean manifestations. You say "the Jesus Messiah is the Lord and the Savior." Instead say that the Jesus Messiah is a Manifestation of Allah. Say that we are the Manifestations of Allah as well. Then it will be okay. But if you say that he is the Lord, that would be interpreted as if you are talking about Allah Himself. Right? Instead of saying that, say that Allah is One, then that will be right, how nice that is. Masha'Allah. This is what you already are saying and that is really nice. We also say that Allah is One and we all believe in the same Allah. Now if we were to say – may Allah forbid- "the Prophet Mohammad (saas) is the Lord and the Savior" could that ever be okay? He is the servant of Allah. Abduhu wa Rasuluhu.. He is the servant and the messenger of Allah. Why is there the need for confusing people, for encouraging them to belief in polytheism and leading them to polytheism? Or you use a manner of speech to make them believe that they are idolaters? Why is there the need for that? From what I see, here you mean the Manifestations of Allah. But with the manner of speech you used above you are talking about something beyond manifestation, you are using a manner of speech relating to polytheism. Instead of using such a confusing manner of speech- you look like someone who knows Turkish really well- speak clearly and say that he [the Prophet Jesus (pbuh)] is a manifestation of Allah. What kind of decrement would that make on the importance of the Prophet Jesus Messiah? What kind of decrement would that make on you or on your faith? Again; Allah is One, again; the Prophet Jesus Messiah is the messenger of Allah, he is the prophet of all of us. Right? Seeing him as a Manifestation of Allah. Well, okay, he really is a Manifestation of Allah, everything is. We also are the manifestations of Allah.

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