Women and men who do not believe in Allah carry the coldness of unfaithfulness on them

Women and men who do not believe in Allah carry the coldness of unfaithfulness on them
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 28th, 2012

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ADNAN OKTAR: This one says; "Master, in general very beautiful girls are a bit remote from religion. Why is that the case?" Well actually we have changed that, we really changed that. As a matter of fact many beautiful girls would be arrogant, many of them. They have airs and graces. Well, ultimately you have a short life here. If you are twenty years old now, with two 10 years you will be a forty years old aunt. You have two 10 years to live. So it is apparent that you are in need. There is nothing to be arrogant about, but that is how they act. But in my beloved ones here, there is also a radiant light. I look around, there really are not that many beautiful women in the world. I look at Facebook, I look at some websites to see if there are any beautiful women, but that is very very rare to see. Then I look at our friends around, they are all very healthy, very clean and very amazingly beautiful, but the real reason of their beauty, of the radiant light they have on their faces is their chastity. Had they been not chaste like this, they wouldn't have this beauty. May Allah forbid. They would have collapsed. Improbity ruins a woman. It would mess up her mind, her head, it would ruin her. That is the reason why our friends are this beautiful, masha'Allah. Furthermore a Muslim woman would be very very intelligent, very wise.
On top of this, irreligious woman would be bad-tempered. Many of them are bad-tempered, very disagreeable and grumpy. They would really be very troublesome and very hard to attend to. 
Actually had all young girls been devout, they would all be very beautiful, very sweet. Yet the man a devout woman likes would be devout as well. A religious woman would be revolted by irreligious man. Some people are not aware of this fact. Allah gives a feeling of instinctive disgust in their nature, they feel disgusted. They would regard them as filthy, they would really be revolted by them, they can't help it, they would just be disgusted by them. They would physically be disgusted. They would be disgusted from their looks, from their bodies, from everything about them. Allah gives them a feeling of disgust. Yet if he is her lawful one, a Muslim woman would be very intensely affected by a Muslim man, more than commonly known. She would be affected by him more than one could imagine, Allah gives them such a special power. Allah gives such a special power to Muslim men as well. That was true for our Prophet (saas) and it was true for all the prophets. An amazing, an astounding power would be bestowed on them. Allah would bestow an amazing appeal on them. This stems from their faith. Appeal and that electricity is stripped out from an unfaithful person by Allah. Yet because they cannot know that, they think that it is because of a food or a psychological problem or something else. Actually it is given to them by Allah as damnation.  That is given to them as a miracle. They wouldn't understand that coldness they feel. They look at their bodies and see that there is nothing wrong. They go have an examination and see that there is nothing wrong physically either, but they feel frigid inside. And that stems from her/his faithlessness, it is created by Allah specifically as a miracle.  
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