Those who carry out the persecution in Arakan are irreligious people and the deep state organization

Those who carry out the persecution in Arakan are irreligious people and the deep state organization

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated August 10th, 2012

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DIDEM URER: Master, Mrs. Emine Erdogan, the wife of our Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has brought humanitarian help to the Arakan region along with [our Foreign Affairs Minister] Mr. Davutoglu. They were welcomed there by the Muslims in tears. Our Muslim brothers and sisters there, saying; "Turks came, they are going to save us," told them that they were in extreme poverty and that many of them were martyred. Mr.Davutoglu embraced the people of Arakan and listened to their problems in length. Furthermore Mr. Davutoğlu visited the Buddhist camps as well and stated that both Buddhism and Islam demand peace.
Master, as an additional note, it is being claimed that after the visit of our Prime Minister's spouse Mrs. Emine Erdoğan and Mr. Davutoğlu is announced, the massacres carried out in Burma have increased even further. American The Salem News daily published a letter of the activists of Burma and stated that the Buddhists who heard the visit of the Turkish delegation went to the houses of those who cheer over this news and set many of them on fire.    
ADNAN OKTAR: Allah, such a rampant behavior is not typical for Buddhists. Those people -Allah knows the truth- should be irreligious. Buddhists would not do such things. In general Buddhists are very docile and introverted people. There should be something abnormal there. It means that they too have a deep state organization there. It means that there is a reign of a mafia inside the state. So the precautions should be taken against that. Or else it would not be right to attribute this to the Buddhists. Buddhists in general are very passive people, they do not have such rampart, aggressive manners, that has never been seen in the history either. Yet, it seems that the deep state structuring is ruining there as well. It means that a gang has possessed the command there.     
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