Turkish-Islamic Union is a necessity for the salvation of Burma

Turkish-Islamic Union is a necessity for the salvation of Burma

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated July 21st, 2012 

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ADNAN OKTAR: That is amazing, for instance even if you go to Burma, you will see that Muslims are being devastated. There are hodjas, scholars there and when we say; "Master, what should we do?" He says; "the salvation of Burma is the whole issue."  My dear Master, you should say that the Union of Islam [is what is important]. Allah would cast a scourge on you in any other way.  [They are talking about] "The salvation of Palestine.." My brother, there will be no salvation for Palestine. You should be aiming the salvation of the whole Islamic world, the salvation of the whole world. It is a pity; you should feel compassion for the Christians as well, you should feel compassion for the Jews, for the irreligious as well, let us save them all. Let the world be brothers and sisters, let everyone live in peace. Let there be no pain and sorrow. They are presenting hatred as if it is related with religion. For instance; hatred towards Jews, hatred towards freemasons, hatred towards idolaters, hatred towards atheists, hatred towards Buddhists.. My brother if you do not feel compassion how will you be able to save them? That is not how the way of our Prophet (saas) was. He felt compassion, he felt mercy for them, he wanted their goodness. Therefore that is not the right method. There are some such cheap-minded Hodjas, in order to gain the appreciation of some ignorant masses they are employing such a policy of hatred. For instance if he hates freemasons they know that to be sacred so they regard him as valuable masters.  Well my brother, regarding hatred, you may dislike that person's idea, you can think that he is in error, but that is about his ideas. Why do you feel hatred towards his person? 


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