Why do you use the term "Turkish-Islamic Union" instead of "Islamic Union"?

Why do you use the term "Turkish-Islamic Union" instead of "Islamic Union"?

Turkish Islamic Union
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 4th, 2012

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ADNAN OKTAR: "I do have a question, I would appreciate if you could pass it to Master. Why do you use the term "Turkish-Islamic Union" instead of "Islamic Union"? Is it not accounted as racism?" Then you would be leaving them headless. They have always left Muslim world leaderless. I mean if a leader steps forward he needs to hold that leadership tight. If we were to say; "There will be the Unity of Islam." Then let us see who the leader will be? It might be Egypt, it might be Pakistan, it might be Iran, it might be Turkey. The man would say; "well then give it a name." But now, we'd just say; "It might be Pakistan, it might be Egypt, it might be Turkey or it might also be Indonesia." Such a Union of Islam would not happen. A leader should step forward. That leader has already stepped forward; it is a natural leader. The Messenger of Allah (saas) has foretold us about that natural leader through revelation. It is Turkey. Turks are the natural leader. He [Our prophet (saas)] says; "Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear in Istanbul," and that is the end of the discussion. "He will unfurl his flag first among Turks," says our Prophet. What does this mean? Our Prophet (saas) openly, explicitly refers to Turks. "Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be wherever the holy relics are." Where are the holy relics? They are all here, they are right beside us. That is why we are referring to it as the "Turkish-Islamic Union". So the nation that will be serving to this end, will be the Turkish nation. That is the servant of the whole Islamic world. The Islamic World will gather around the Turkish nation, that is the whole point. Or else we are not saying; "Turks are superior. We are genetically superior, we are a superior race, have a look at our genetic structure you will see our superiority." The superiority here lies in service.  Yet in respect of piety, Turkish nation is actually a nation that lives Islam beautifully. The whole world accepts this fact. But do they not have any flaws? They do.  But the leader is the Turkish nation. Other than that we do not have any claim of superiority and we would never have such a claim.  Anyone claiming that would be in error. If anyone says that he would be making a mistake. That is because the Messenger of Allah (saas) says; "superiority in the Sight of Allah is only gained through piety. Persians do not have any superiority over the Arabs and Arabs do not have superiority over the Persians." That is very clear.  "Persians do not have superiority over the Arab, Arabs do not have superiority over the Persians. Superiority is only gained through piety," he says. The standard is defined here. That means there is no discussion of race here. Yet about the leadership, the name of the leader should be clearly pronounced. That is it, that is the point that we are trying to explain. 
Kurds, Turks, Laz, Circassian, our nation is mixed anyway. There are people from all nationalities. We, as Muslims are in unity under the name of Islam. And we call that "Turkish", we call those people living in the Republic of Turkey "Turks". For those who say that they are "Turks" it means that they are Muslims. Muslims who love each other, all our citizens we are living in this country enjoying freedom altogether as brothers. Our Kurdish brothers were under severe pressure. That is why there might have been hatred nurtured in some of them. Some of them are under the influence of communist propaganda. And some of them have become the weasels of the PKK. And through the use of ideas, it is possible to bring them to heel as well. It is possible to bring them to the right path through the use of ideas, science, culture, art, love and compassion. It wouldn't be possible any other way. Muslims have only one topic and that is the Union of Islam. Consequently there is no problem to be called the Kurdish Problem. The Baas regime has crushed our Kurdish brothers, the alleged Ergenekon terror organization crushed them, Saddam has crushed them in Iraq. Allah is saving them. They will all live in peace in the compassionate, loving climate of Turkey. All the Kurds, those living in Syria, those in Iraq, those in Iran, they are all our brothers, they are all very dear to us. They will live their lives in festiveness in the vastness of this geography, away from that violence, away from that oppression. They are not comfortable in Iran either, they are under oppression in Iran as well. But they will be at ease everywhere insha'Allah.
"Master, it appears as if the reason why the Turkish Islamic Union is being misunderstood by some circles is that they imagine it as union formed solely by the Turkish and Islamic countries.  Since that term was used by various circles before, they think that it is a marginal expression. Master, in order to prevent this misconception, do you think it would be okay if we use the term Islamic Union under the leadership of Turkey?" No, there is no need for that.  When you talk about the Turkish Islamic Union, you would have to make an explanation even if you refer to it as a Union under the leadership of Turkey or as Turkish Islamic Union or even if you refer to it as the Unity of Islam. It is enough to explain the true nature of such a union. That is because the Turkic states form the greatest part of this geography and the most crowded population. It is going to be a union under the leadership of Turkey but with the support of the Turkic states it would be a movement pioneered by a nation. It is a movement with their servitude. That has been mentioned in the hadiths as well. There is nothing surprising about this. 
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