Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will never shed any blood

Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will never shed any blood

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ADNAN OKTAR: Look, Christians still… There is this thing with Christians. They say, "Muslims dissemble [they are making taqiyya]. They are now making claims about peace, but give them the chance and they will attack us and kill us." Looking from that perspective… What do our Jewish brothers say? We want to bring peace to the world, the Torah teaches us peace, they say. We believe that. We do not believe that Jews will inflict terror on the world and drown it in blood. Now if someone says, as they actually do say, that they will appear to favor peace but as soon as they come to power they will slaughter all Muslims, so do not believe them," then if we believe that we will be blocking the road to peace, won't we? We do not believe that, my brother. We do not believe that Jews dissemble [make taqiyya]. The same goes for Christians. Christians say, "We have no such intentions. When the Prophet Jesus comes, we will follow him whatever he does." And if we say, "They are dissembling [they are making taqiyya]. They will kill us all," because some of them regard Muslims as pagans… But we do not believe that, because Christians are loving people and will not slaughter anyone. No true Christian would ever do such a thing. No true Christian and no true Jew would ever do such a thing. I believe that. My brother, are you ignorant of Islam? Open the Qur'an. We can marry Christians. Allah tells us to marry them. He says you can marry them, and they can be your wives. My brother, how can you be inimical toward the woman you marry? How can you want to kill her? You see in films how a man behaves perfectly normally but then slices his wife into pieces, in those horror films. They harbor those fantasies in their minds. You cannot marry someone, bring her into your home and then say, "Right, I am now going to kill you. I was dissembling [making taqiyya] all the time." My brother, Allah tells you to marry her and she will be your wife in this world and your companion in the hereafter, insha'Allah. She hopes to be your wife, says Almighty Allah, so marry her. When you marry her, she will be the mother of your children, and your beloved, you will go to bed and get up together, you will live together. How can you kill her? This is a crazy belief. A crazy, paranoid schizophrenic suspicion. They say they follow me, but they want to kill and slaughter. If they have a problem in their heads, they should say so. This must be treated. Why should a Muslim want to kill and slaughter? What good is blood to a Muslim? Moreover, there will be Islamic Unity with Christians. We will establish this side by side, arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder with Christians. We will do everything together. So how is that possible? If we are worried about people, we must also be scared of Christians. Because we will reign with them together. Should we say "we will establish that reign together, and then they will kill us all"? We must think the best of people and love them; there can be no world peace if we look at things with a crazy fear, like paranoids and schizophrenics. That would be very wrong. In that event, nobody would believe anyone. People will not believe the Prophet Jesus, either. Then they would say, "The Prophet Jesus will come with good intentions, but he will slaughter everyone." Is that possible? Our Prophet (saas) has said what the Mahdi will do. "He will shed no blood," he says. So he will shed no blood, it as simple as that. Whatever Allah says in the Qur'an will happen. You must believe in what Allah says.
Let me explain this with hadiths and verses. The Mahdi cannot step outside the commands of the Prophet (saas). "He [Hazrat Mahdi] will allow no blood to be shed, and nobody's nose will even be made to bleed." The Prophet (saas) says that. Since that is what he says, if he does the opposite he will have nothing to do with being a Muslim. What they are saying is like saying that the Mahdi will appear one day and say, "There is no such thing as prayer." May Allah forbid. Or, "Allah does not exist," may He forbid. "But I am the Mahdi." What these people say is exactly like that. My brother, if he says that, then he has no religion or faith. If he says, "You must shed blood," then he has no religion or faith. If you really believe that the Mahdi can one day say that Allah does not exist, then you can believe these as well. If you do not believe that he can deny Allah, then you will not believe in the nonsensical claim. For example, I trust the Jews all the way. I trust Christians all the way. I do not believe there is anything wicked or bloodthirsty about them. I really believe they want peace. They have no such beliefs. Psychopaths may do such things, but that is another matter.
Christians are also people of love and affection. That can be seen in the Gospel. Jesus the Messiah says, "If they strike you on the right cheek, then turn the other cheek." Why should I fear such people? What a glorious prophet, what a fine and loving person! What a blessed prophet! He always sought mercy and compassion. He did not discriminate between people. Prostitutes came to him, and he treated them with affection. They went everywhere together. Our bigots would never go near them; they would just try to humiliate them. Jesus the Messiah treated prostitutes with love and affection; he became their brother, and they subsequently married his companions. But at that time they were engaged in prostitution. But once branded by the bigots, that is the end of it. They will never accept them. And that is the end of it, no matter what they do afterward, even if they fly in the air. That is no good. For instance Jews… At primary and middle school and high school I did not realize that Jews were highly peace-loving. I learned that later on. But the Torah is entirely a book of peace, a book of love. It wants everyone to be brothers and full of love. We must learn from the Torah, and I shall be teaching from the Torah from now on. The Psalms… they contain the most lovely words. Allah says the loveliest things. Allah says you must love Him with all your heart. That is a lovely thing to say. I shall teach from the Gospel in the same way, and from the Torah. From the true commandments in them. Some parts have been altered. The Qur'an discards them. But the Qur'an tells us to obey the true commandments. Allah says in the Qur'an, that if you make a claim, then prove it with the Qur'an. He tells the Prophet (saas) that. So the Torah has not changed. The Torah in the time of the Prophet (saas) was the same as the Torah today.
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