People have a disposition to make a hell on earth in the name of love of Allah.

People have a disposition to make a hell on earth in the name of love of Allah.

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ADNAN OKTAR: People have a disposition to make a hell on earth in the name of love of Allah. 'O Lord, I Love you," they say as they pour petrol over and try to burn themselves. Does Allah tell you to do that? You should make a paradise on earth, let this world be a beautiful place full of love. They have taught people to be rude, to scold one another, to shout and swear at one another, to insult and play games with one another. They even teach young girls and children, the majority of them, to behave badly. Children do not normally know such things, but they teach them, so now even children know them. Answering back, for instance.. Sulking, pulling faces, using different tactics. They make a hell on earth with their own hands. My brother, stop it and behave like a normal person. Smile and rejoice at Allah's blessings. We are friends and brothers and that is great. Why do you insist on playing games, setting traps? You must think positively and well of people. Isn't that so? Do things to please them. Do good things for them so they will do them back to you. Live easy. Allah says He will give us good lives in the Paradise. But they are making a hell on earth with their own hands. Fifty percent of the world's industry is set aside for making weapons to kill people, 50% in all countries. Bullets and guns for the army and the police, rockets, bombs to be launched from the air, napalm bombs..  They are working out how much nitro glycerin needs to be added to increase the devastating impact of napalm bombs. Cluster bombs. They say; "When these bombs explode they do not kill enough people, let us put clusters inside so that those clusters explode as well and really wreak all kinds of damage."  
And the others say; "Congratulations on this discovery. Here is an extra bonus on top of your salary."
My brother, instead of spending your time on cluster bombs and napalm bombs, go pour candies on children, or send them toys from the air instead of bombs. Pour food and chocolate on them. Isn't that right? Pour chocolate candies that would drop down softly spinning around themselves, so that they can eat it. Bring fruit in on lorries, instead of rockets. Fill your naval ships with food, instead of heavy weaponry. Satan has set people at one another's throats. But the system of the Mahdi will put an end to this scourge. It is a terrible thing to make weapons to kill people. Is that all you can find to do? Is that not a pity on the poor and wretched? With those bombs exploding you would be burning those people alive, blowing their heads off, ripping their arms and legs off. And this one then says; "Good shot! High five!" What are you happy about? You are killing people. That American pilot, did you see that the other day? He launched missiles from the air and sang songs of joy to accompany them. "Bull's eye!" The missiles they launch blow Muslims to smithereens. And they are weeping for joy. My brother, Afghanistan is already very poor. They have been impoverished for hundreds of years, the poor things. What more do you want from them? If you want to do good, then send them books and educate them. Give them food and drink. Build plants and factories. Isn't that right? They are devout believers. Do you think you can force them to renounce their beliefs by beating and insulting? "Why are they so fanatical?" they say. Well, you have left them in ignorance. You left them in the hands of the communists. The Russians run those poor ones of mine off their feet. Communists ruined them. They spent a long time in a state of captivity under them. Then they left and America sat on them instead. Leave them to be in peace, if you are worried about their ignorance, then educate them. Send teachers and open schools. They wouldn't object to that. Give them food. Do you think that you can get those people renounce their ideas by beating and insulting like this? By cutting off fingers and ears? They will just hate you even more. You must resolve matters with love. It is the Mahdi and Jesus the Messiah who will do that. The world will be in a constant state of pain and suffering so long as they resist. They should put an end to that resistance.
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