What Putin means by Shanghai Union is actually the Turkish-Islamic Union

What Putin means by Shanghai Union is actually the Turkish-Islamic Union

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated July 25th, 2012 
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ADNAN OKTAR:  What is meant by Shanghai Union is the Turkish-Islamic Union. Or else, we have no business with Shanghai, etc.. The real Shanghai Union, the real NATO, the real European Union is actually the Turkish Islamic Union. Consequently, if he says "yes, okay," then he would be saying "let us unite with the Islamic world."  Once they act with the Islamic world, the Turkish Islamic Union would thus be formed. Russia would thus become a member of it as well. But Putin is a brave man, masha'Allah. This is a conversation like we meant to have. May Allah be pleased with our Prime Minister. I have asked him to talk about this. I mean of course this is the extent to which one can say it openly.  He cannot say; "let us form the Turkish-Islamic Union, let us establish the Unity of Islam, so that you can be a member." In a wise, diplomatic language he refers to the Turkish-Islamic Union saying; "Let us in the Shanghai Union." This is what is meant here, masha'Allah. This is what diplomatic wisdom requires. But Putin is a brave young man. The way he walks and his gestures etc. are exactly in compliance with such a character, if you pay attention to the way he walks you'll see. Putin is a man that should be appreciated well; his honestly is nice, his affection towards Islam is nice. He is a man who loves Allah, he is a man from the side of Allah, he is a man advocating freedoms.. He would find the Turkish Islamic Union beautiful but of course that is not valid for bigotry. If these men attempt to turn it into a union of bigots the whole world would resist to that,  first of all we would resist to that. That is not acceptable. That is why if that happens with an enlightened, reasonal understanding of Islam, with a modern understanding of Islam, with a loving, fervent understanding of Islam that is full of compassion, Russia would very willingly join such a union, so would China. China is a nation that is open to love. For instance I have criticized them, I have talked about them and they were very kind. They immediately invited our friends to China. And they have gone to China in a big group as the guests of the Chinese state. We've looked into things and now they are waiting for our comments for days, they are calling us insistently from the embassy asking us what our comments are. Our comment is of course good in general.  It is good because they have looked into things and saw that the cities are really well-kept, the municipalities are well-kept. There is no such poverty. The way they eat and drink is all okay. Their clothing etc. is all good. There is noone in poverty, in wretchedness, there is no such community. But freedom, freedom is very important. We've asked them to do the utmost to increase the freedoms and the annulment of death sentence. That is very horrible my brother, people would be terrified by that. We of course put our trust in Allah but people might be horrified.For instance those busses of execution are outrageous, they are like a nightmare. You put your execution bus in front of the man's house, they get inside the neighbourhood and there are children around. This is an inconceivable ignominy. The hands and ears of the man are tied from behind, they drag him inside the bus. And they take out the man's corpse from the side door. How can there be such a violence, how can there be such ignominy? That does not befit China. Take them and imprison them if necessary. Noone would say anything about that. But even then the conditions in the prisons should be humane, they should be within the European standards. That is not something difficult. There is no need for severe punishments. They attempt to hang a young girl just because she did not pay her taxes. Look at this ignominy, look at this outrage. Just because she didn't pay her taxes. If she didn't pay her taxes you give her a penalty fine the most and that is it. You can confiscate her wealth. But to hang her over this is such an ignominy. Have you gone mad? And that is a young girl. But apart from this, Chinese people are amicable people in general. They do not have such aggressive manners. We would be very happy if they correct their such behaviour, insha'Allah. 
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