Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Muslim Would be Modern

A Muslim Would be Modern

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated February 28th, 2012

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ADNAN OKTAR: "Master, religion, music and Islam; these cannot co-exist altogether," this one says. This rascal is giving a fetva. Now do you know why these people feel all distressed? That is because religion has thus entered all the living spaces they have, it entered all the districts. That is because they have isolated religion before. Now people listen to music and perform their prayers as well. They wear low necked clothes and perform their prayers. Then this means religion is everywhere. The man says, "I have trapped it". You did yet it seems for those people as if it had now escaped. It has leaked out and broken the molds. It is right in front of them everywhere they go. Then, according to their own twisted minds, they vigorously assume that they can stop it with that deficient knowledge of theirs.  That is because people will be performing their prayers in beaches, they will be performing their prayers in the bars, they will be performing their prayers in places of amusement. Religion will be everywhere and Allah's name will be mentioned everywhere. But the man doesn't want to hear these. What is the solution for that? Then he will claim that if there is religion none of these can exist. "If you are religious you would have to adjust your beard and  vest,  you would have to put on a turban, you would have to get in an old mosque and get in there quailing, as a loser, without daring to look at anyone's face, without daring to raise your head from the ground and will never come out of there. Without making a sound you will quietly perform your prayers and calmly turn back to your houses with your heads down, but your houses cannot be in any district. You should live in a convenient district, one in which you would not bother anyone's sight."
This is what some such minded people desire. If everything comes up like this, they say that is religion, that is Islam. "But if you wear modern clothes, if you wear low-cut, if you are cheerful, if you listen to disco music and also perform your prayers, mention the name of Allah, then I wouldn't want this," they say. What if you do not want it? Nothing.. We would not listen to you. We do not and what will you do now? There is nothing that you can do, you will just have to watch.
I have thus spoiled their plan. That is the reason why they are struggling desperately. Religion will be everywhere, every single place. It will be underground, on the ground, in the bars, in the clubs, in the beaches, religion will be everywhere one might think of. You think that religion, Allah, the Book cannot get into those places. They are everywhere anyway, yet you fail to see that, but we will make you see them in

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